Stair Rods

Rug Rats is proud to feature fine brass stair rods and Decorative Stair Rods, by Zoroufy Stair Rods

We offer decorative stair rods in a wide variety of finishes and finial styles from Zoroufy stair rods. Take home all the quality and design that continues to make Zoroufy the largest stair rod manufacturer in the world.

Visit Zoroufy to see the variety of stair rod sets they offer. Let us know your runner width, and we can send pricing. Stair rods can be custom cut to any size and shipped directly to you from Zoroufy.

A History of Stair  

Stair Rods – Jewelry of the Stair

A common sight throughout the Victorian Era and into the 1930’s, stair rods were a functional part of home décor and another flourish in the exquisite detail associated with homes built during that time period.

Before the days of non-slip pad and tack strip, stair rods were used to hold stair runners in place. They allowed homeowners to periodically move their runner to evenly distribute wear over carpet. Stair rods also allowed removal of runners for cleaning before the convenience of vacuum cleaners.

With the advent of wall to wall carpeting, America saw a temporary trend away from the beautiful wood floors and complementing area rugs and runners so popular during the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Recent decades have seen a return to hard surfaces and with it, a renewed demand for stair runners and stair rods.

While modern installation methods no longer require the use of stair rods to hold a runner in place, homeowners still prefer the beautiful finishing touch they bring to a staircase. Often referred to as the jewelry of the stair, stair rods provide a rich accent, highlighting a runner and enhancing design of a staircase. Stair rod manufacturers like Zoroufy offer innovative designs and finishes to accent a range of homes from traditional to ultramodern.