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Custom Sized Rugs the The Fifth Wall

 There is no better way to tie a room’s creative elements together than with a custom size rug!

Custom Rug Inspired by Matisse

Custom Rug Inspired by Matisse

Every room is a stage to display your personality and creativity. In fact, top designers often select the area rug first using it as their palette to make subsequent decisions on fabrics and furniture.

Flooring can also disguise a room’s design flaws. Bold patterns make a small room appear larger. Neutral or small patterns can add rhythm. Whatever your vision, rugs, and carpeting are essential components to consider. Choosing the right custom-size rug will transform your floor into the fifth wall!

Wool Sisal Area Rugs

Wool Sisal Area Rugs

Take it a step further by placing matching custom-size rugs throughout your entire home, and your floors will become a gallery.


Area rugs define the space of a room.

1.  Aligning custom area rugs with items such as fireplaces, unique angles, and bay windows highlights a room’s design features. Take note of the lines in your room to ensure a proper fit for a custom rug.

Custom Rug follows outline of Fireplace

Custom Rug follows the outline of Fireplace

2. Leave 12-15 inches between the custom rug’s edge and the wall if you wish to cover most of the floor. For living rooms, determine whether heavier furniture will sit on the rug.

3. Avoid placing a group of pieces around smaller rugs. This creates a postage stamp effect.

Area Rug is to small under the dining table. Creates a postage stamp effect and draws the eye in

The area Rug is too small under the dining table. Creates a postage stamp effect and draws the eye in. A bigger rug would frame the table and make the room look bigger

3. Rugs in the dining room should frame the table. Leaving a standard 36 inches from the edge of the table allows enough room to pull out the chairs easily.
4.  Avoid cold feet in the bedroom by measuring enough rug to step out of either side of the bed.
5.  In all rooms, make sure that the corner of your custom area rug does not end up in a doorway.

Custom Rug with angled corner

Custom Rug with angled corner

Life’s Rich Pattern –  Floral, geometric, checked area rugs, the list goes on

Custom Textured Field Border Rug

Custom Textured Field Border Rug

1. Bordered or patterned custom rugs provide endless opportunities to personalize your room. The key to choosing a patterned carpet is being mindful of the room’s existing colors.
2. When matching custom area rugs to walls and furnishings, select one common color to create a proportionate look.
3. If you are overwhelmed by the choices in patterns, look to your favorite things. Do you have a scarf, dress, painting, or piece of china that you love? Choose patterns and colors that you naturally gravitate to.
4. Stay clear of bold patterns in cluttered interiors. This will only augment the disorder.

To see how custom rugs can make a one-of-a-kind area, visit our custom size rug page.


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