Yet Another Gift Idea: A Custom Personalized Mat

Law Office Custom Welcome Mat

The Right Custom Personalized Mat Is the One You Envision for Your Space

Restaurant Custom Mats

There are lots of stores selling a custom personalized mat, but in reality, there is nothing custom about these pieces. They are regurgitated ideas that have been around for decades and can be found in just about any home or business around the country. That is not such a bad idea either, but wouldn’t you want to go with something you have conjured and brought to life yourself? The ideal mat needs to reflect aspects of your personality, hobbies, and panache.

 Transform your entrances with the right custom floor mats

Hampton Inn Custom Personalized Mat

Your doorways see lots of traffic, and a custom personalized mat is a great way to take advantage of that. The door is a focal point, so you need to go all out to create an impression on those who come through it.  You will have to be very careful with your colors and patterns here because what people see outside your quarters needs to be complemented by the optics of your indoors. Don’t forget to go with materials that can absorb lots of dirt and grime, as this prevents your visitors from ruining your pristine interiors!

Usher in Your Visitors in Style with A Little Help from Your Custom Door Mat

Custom Logo Mat for State of Florida

Whether you are an individual or a business, you want your visitors to feel comfortable in their new surroundings, and a personalized welcome mat is a way to go about it. These mats typically contain a polite message showcasing your pleasure at seeing people drop by. Go for colors that evoke happy sensations such as blue, which is viewed as trustworthy and cool. It is also the color of the open sky, which is warm and inviting. Red is a good choice too as it is the color of power. However, some shades of red can be intimidating, so you need to find a balance.

Custom Welcome Mats Are All the Rage
Beauty Salon Custom Personalized Mat

It is the epoch of custom door mats. Homeowners and business enterprises are realizing the value of owning their spaces; they want to be recognized for the effort they put into actually owning what belongs to them. You want people to be able to get a sneak peek into your personality. If you are a business, customization is even more important because it helps you pull clear of the chasing pack.

Take It A Notch Higher with Custom Logo Mats
Custom Brewery Logo Rug

Businesses need to carve a niche in the market, and custom logo mats can help with that. Having your business logo and insignia embedded into your mats essentially gives you free advertising. Those walking in can take a quick look and etch the visuals into their minds. It takes very little time or effort to have this done because most businesses already have some type of logo. Where possible, make it colorful and throw in a powerful motto or mission statement.  You are also free to get a little liberal with the fringe areas of the rug outside the logo and go for any colors that work for you.

Trick Out Your Office Rugs Too
Law Office Custom Personalized Mat

Customers and prospects are going to spend plenty of time in or around your office, so you need to work on your office rugs too. Make sure that they have a presence that reflects positively on the image of the business. You need to be able to make it elegant without being too ‘professional’ and chic without coming across as too casual. The idea is to make it cozy and welcoming but still look like a place of business.

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