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Custom Design Carpets – Some Inexpensive Options

Have you ever had trouble finding an inexpensive area rug option for that odd-shaped room? Or looking for a less expensive rug option for a child’s bedroom?  What about just trying to find a low-cost rug period! There ARE economical area rug options AND the quickest way to transform a room is to add a new area rug!

Here are several options to make rug buying not so hard on your wallet!

  1. Find a rug remnant from your local carpet store.

    Many stores will have carpet remnants left from installation jobs, or someone bought or ordered the wrong color.  A carpet store might even buy remnants packages that various mills and offer them at good pricing. If the piece is not your size, it can be cut to the rug size for your room and bound.  Or if you are handy you can save the cost of binding and finish the edges yourself. Here is a link to Bond Products Instabind and a video that shows how to apply the rug binding.  This is a great post about someone who took a carpet remnant and made a hall rug runner.

  2.   If you are looking for a rug that is in style and won’t go out of style, a natural area rug would be perfect.

    And the best natural floor covering for area rugs is Seagrass! It cleans up well, looks great with all decor and fabrics, and is the least expensive of all the natural fibers.  Two of the mills that make great Seagrass rugs are Fibreworks and Design Materials.  Look through these websites.  You can ask any retailer or the staff at Rug Rats for free samples.

  3. Make an Area Rug with Carpet Samples.

    This takes some handy work, but the payoff is great. Patchwork designs are very appealing.  Most carpet stores have dropped carpet samples from $1.00 per piece to 3 for $1.00.  Or look through Craig’s List.  The samples can be seamed together with any type of seaming tape found at Lowe’s or Home Depot to even using Duck tape. [nggallery id=88 template=caption]

  4.  DIY Area Rug

    There are hundreds of ideas to make your own area rug if you are handy.  Check out our Pinterest board on tutorials and ideas for inexpensive DIY area rugs.

  5.  Alternative Area Rug Sources

    Thrift Stores, Auctions, Craig’s List, Classified ads, and even the dry cleaners. Rugs found at these places can be cut down or sewn together depending on what size you need.

Send us a note if you have a rug dilemma.  We would be happy to help you!

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