Petroliana and Vintage Gas Station Logo Rugs

You love antique cars. Every time there’s an antique car show, you’re there!
Another way to show your love of automobiles is to decorate a room with memorabilia. Whenever you need to relax and unwind, you can retire to your petroliana themed room and harken back to yesteryear!
If you’re looking for some ways to decorate with items like vintage gas station logo rugs, we have you covered! Keep reading for some great tips and tricks to incorporate your love of antique cars into your home decor.

What Kinds of Vintage Logos Qualify as Petroliana?

A vintage gas station brand is anything older than a decade or so. Most people think about the 1950s and 1960s when they think about vintage automobiles.
There’s a fine line between vintage, retro, and antique. Look for items with gas station logos that you like which appear a couple of decades-old or that manufacturers designed to look that way.

Where Can You Find Memorabilia like Vintage Gas Station Logo Rugs?

These days, renovating vintage gas stations has come into vogue. So, finding replica memorabilia from beloved brands like Standard, Sinclair, Phillips 66, Shell, and Texaco is much easier to find than it was a few years ago. Here are a few ideas for places to look for petroliana items.

You’ve Got Inspiration, Now Hit the Gas!

Once you have an idea of which room you want to redecorate and you know where to find all the right items to decorate with, all you need is to put it all together! Start with the walls and window treatments and bring things in from your largest pieces to the smallest.
After your new antique car themed room is set up and ready to go, it’s time to relax. Sit back in your comfy chair and stretch your legs across the beautiful vintage gas station logo rugs while you drift back to a simpler time where life moved at a slower pace.

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