Louis de Poortere Hamilton Stair Runner

Louis de Poortere Hamilton Stair Runner

Create a special Stair Runner to match your decor

Step runners give life to stairs and extend your design choices

How to measure for a stair runner:

Count the number of steps. When ordering a stair runner from a bolt, you can figure 3 feet for every 2 steps, then add 1 foot for pattern match A good rule for runner sizes: leave 3″-4″ of floor showing on either side of the step for a good stair runner width.  Another way to measure is multiply the number of steps times 20″, then add 7″ for the last riser.  Divide this by 12″ and round off to the higher measurement. For landings, add the total length and total width PLUS a pattern repeat. Pattern repeats can be found on the back of most stair runner samples.

Stair runners and carpeting can be confusing! If you need any help or have a question, please contact us. We would be happy to help you!   The following is a sample of custom stair runners we’ve made for customers.

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Here at Rug Rats we take pride in the professional customized stair runners that we create!  We can create a stair runner from any type material, whether it is a 12 ft wide carpet with unique borders or binding, to adding nail heads to the edging, or even a custom inlaid pattern.  Contract Rug Rats with your specific stair runner requirements.