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Top 8 Best Rugs for Military Offices or Barracks

National Guard Logo Rug

Nothing dresses up a military office or barracks like a professionally designed military rug emboldened with the logo of one of our proud military branches. Military vets love to display these rugs in their homes too so they make excellent gifts. They make great gifts for active military men and women too. It lets them know how proud you are of their service and it gives them bragging rights to all guests.

Below, you’ll find photos and a short description of our 8 best military rugs for military offices and homes. Please note that we can customize these rugs too, such as adding a name. We can also start from scratch with a totally customized military rug featuring a different logo, artwork, slogan, name, rank, or personal message.

Top 8 Best Rugs for Military Offices or Barracks

Army Strong Logo Rug

Rug Rats uses high definition printing on all our military rugs and the Army Strong Logo really pops on this one! After a long hard day, sink your toes into this carpet. Treated with StainStopper, as are all our military rugs, this Army Strong rug resists accidental spills and makes it easy to remove mud and dirt.

Fly Navy Logo Rug

The striking blue and gold that Navy seamen are known for is proudly highlighted in this Fly Navy rug. With StainStopper applied to these rugs, all you need to do to clean up is run a vacuum cleaner over them. Looking for a gift for your Navy family member? Watch their face flip out on this one.

National Guard Logo Rug

Style and class dominate in this colorful and eye catching National Guard Logo Rug. This black bordered rug with gray adds a lot to any National Guardsman’s office, living room or bedroom. Available in a multitude of sizes, you can get this great rug for any space you want to display it in. The bright National Guard logo and the American flag on the corner jumps out from the more muted black and gray background. Keeping this rug clean and stain free is easy thanks to the StainStopper all the rugs are treated with. These rugs are able to be steam cleaned or vacuumed to stay clean and fresh looking.

 Semper Pi Logo Rug

Semper Fi Wall Rug

Semper Fi Wall Rug


Semper Fi, or “Always Faithful”is the Marine’s motto and it is displayed proudly on this bright red rug with yellow accents. The stand out coloring of this Marine rug makes it pop no matter what room you choose to put it in. Available in a variety of sizes, you can choose to display this proud motto in your office, in your bedroom, as a runner down the hall or even turn it into a wall hanging if you wanted. Plush and comfortable to stand on and super easy to clean with a regular vacuum or a steam cleaner.

 US Army Seal Round Rug

The items on the Army Seal all have significant meaning and this rug displays them all proudly on this yellow trimmed round rug that resembles a large seal itself. Available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 ft round circles, this Army Seal Rug can be a part of the room you place it in or become the dominating focal point. Keep your Army Seal rug clean easily with the StainStopper that all these rugs have been treated with. It’ll stay looking like new with a few easy steps of care.
While this is usually a round rug, we can also place the US Army Seal on a any color  background, if you prefer a rectangular rug.  Check out other US Army Rugs

US Coast Guard Logo Rug

A solid deep blue is the backdrop to the nautical Coast Guard Rug. The yellow trimmed circle in the center stands out against the blue and displays the Coast Guard’s logo proudly. Available in many sizes to fit the right area you want to display it in and ready to show off to all who come in your office or space you have it in. Design your whole office around the gorgeous high resolution colors in the rug using complementary wood finishes and accessories for a truly awe-inspiring look.  Gorgeous in an office or a living room. Semper Paratus!

US Marines Round Logo Rug

The Marine logo comes to life on this eye catching and boldly colored round rug. Reds, blacks, golds and whites are the colors and they jump out wherever you decide to put this striking rug. You can get this US Marines Round Logo Rug in 3, 4, 5 or 6 foot rounds for any space you have in mind. A truly appealing way to show your devotion to the US Marines. The beautiful HD digital printing makes the logo crisp and clear with brilliant color that demands to be noticed. Easily cleaned with a regular vacuum to stay looking amazing.  This is a good example of how crisp the printing of our lettering is on all our rugs.


 US Naval Seal Logo Rug

This rug is the perfect thing for a Naval Officer’ Florida Room or office to show off the Navy Logo. Gorgeous bright colors using HD digital printings that are 10 times the resolution of the previous products. This means brighter, bolder colors and sharper images that will make these rugs something to be proud of and show off. Available in a variety of sizes to fit any room or space. One of these nice rugs would be a beautiful gift for the Naval Officer in your life.

We can custom make any military logo, add special text, and put any color you want.


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