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We will send you a quote back within 24 hours or less. If you specify your physical address, we will also send samples of your logo rug colors. You’ll be very impressed at just how budget-friendly and cost-effective a hand-crafted, custom-made logo area rug could be!

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At Rug Rats, there is something for everyone. Our logos come in different fabrics, textures, designs and colors. When you come to us, we ask you to describe what you are looking for and then work toward helping you actualize that idea. We understand that your custom rugs are a reflection of your business or an important addition to your home décor, and this is why we pull all stops to get it right. Our team has worked with tens of thousands of customers over the years and know how to pull off chic, cutting-edge custom rugs. Rugs Rats prides itself in selling great customized rugs for all types of homes, offices and anything in between. We have been around for a little over 3 decades now, and our goal is to gift you that set of custom rugs you have always dreamt of. Our staffers are highly trained, experienced and professional in their work, so you have a guarantee that they know what they are doing. Our business is fully online, so you will be able to access our services from anywhere in the country.