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At Rug Rats Fine Carpets and Rugs, we specialize in creating custom rugs and logo mats for clients throughout the United States. Our custom rugs are handcrafted and completely customized to your home, business, church, school, or military needs.

Chapmans Restaurant

Here you will find some of our most popular logo mats

Car Logo Rugs (16)

Children's Rugs (63)

Military Logo Rugs (38)

Music Themed Rugs (7)

Real Estate Logo Rugs (9)

Specialty Rugs (14)

Vintage Gas Station Logo Rugs (7)

Sothebys Logo Rug

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Use our logo rug search tool to search for a design. Or edit one the existing military, real estate, children's, vintage, and car logo rugs in our product catalog. We will also accommodate your special at no extra cost if you send us your logo rug design.

Contact Rug Rats at any time. Send us an email regarding any question about rug customization, and we'll get back to you ASAP. Free quotes and rug proofs are available for all our custom rugs.


If you are buying carpet or bound rugs go to Rug Rats. Although I have not met Sandy in person, she treated me like a good friend through the entire process. She asked about the room, the amount of traffic through there and about my family. In all she ordered me 25 samples and then encouraged me to literally buy the least expensive one. It was extraordinary to work with someone who put my needs before any profit. After making my choice (2 weeks before Christmas) it was too close to Christmas to be able to use her regular installer. She gave me names and made many phone calls herself until she found an installer that she knew would be able to install the carpet well.
It looks amazing!

Toni McCracken

Thanks Sandy. I received it this morning. IT’S PERFECT. I got it unrolled and placed in my “workshop” area. It fits like a glove. The color is perfect…has that western feel that I was wanting. It really is perfect. I’ll shoot you guys some pics once I get my workshop setup. Thanks again for all the help.

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John Woodruff

Van’s Custom Leather

We received the rugs today. They look awesome and we are so, so happy. Thank you again! I am so happy I stumbled upon your website. I had been looking here and there for a few months off and on. I will definitely recommend your company to other schools. Thank you!!

Debbie Emans Walker

Elementary Reading Specialist

I just wanted to let you know that we received the carpet, and are pleased with the final product. Thank you for all your help. Have an nice day!

Gregory Lane

Marketing Manager Rolyn Companies, Inc.

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