Show School Pride With College Logo Rugs

Have you considered buying college logo rugs? College is a magical time in a person’s life. As a result, people feel fond of their college experience. Most noteworthy students are branching out on their own and deciding who and what they want to be. College helps mold the future leaders of our country. That is why we feel so connected to our schools and teams.


Duquesne-Mens-Basketrball-LoungeThis is why our Rug Rats college logo rugs are so popular. Once you see your own college personalized door mat, it is difficult to resist wanting one. These logo rugs are a very creative way to support your school and impress your friends. Since your rug can reflect your college’s specific colors, name, and mascot, it is a great way to honor your favorite school.

Rug Rats prints logo rugs using the latest printing technology to ensure your college images are represented sharply. Your mascot and colors will pop with HD quality. Consequently, here are some of the best ways to use college logo rugs.

College Logo Rugs- For Your Dorm

You do not need to wait until college is over to get a custom rug. These custom logo rugs are a great accessory to any dorm room. As a result, you will be the envy of everyone living in the dorms. There is also no better present for a college student living on campus. It is a gift that can last a lifetime.
College logo rugs are also amazing additions to a fraternity or sorority house. They are simple yet powerful. They reflect your school spirit and keep your house clean, no matter who walks through your door. Here are some of our most popular college rugs:

College Logo Rugs- Perfect Around Campus

College custom door mats do not need to be limited to living areas. Every building around campus can benefit from a rug. Since they are so engaging they increase branding and spirit throughout the school. They are great investments. Finally, they are surprisingly affordable. Consider adding a branded college logo rug to the:

Student Union College Logo Rugs

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Logo Rug

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Logo Rug

Cafeteria College Logo Rugs

Hampden Sydney College Logo Rug for The Tiger Inn

Hampden Sydney College Logo Rug for The Tiger Inn

Library College Logo Rugs

Saints School Entrance Mats

Saints School Logo Floor Mat

Administrative Building College Logo Rugs

Iroquois West Middle School Logo Rug

Iroquois West Middle School Logo Rug

Professor Offices Logo Rugs

Lecture Halls Logo Rugs

Classrooms College Logo Rugs

Sports Facilities College Logo Rugs

University of Arizona Logo Rug

University of Arizona Logo Rug

College Logo Rugs- In your Locker Room 

Longwood University Custom Fkoor Mat

Longwood University Locker Room Logo Rug

Any college sports program can look as good as the pros. A logo rug in your locker room transforms your space and helps to recruit. There is almost nothing else so affordable that can make such an impact. The best athletes want the best facilities. Small touches like locker room logo rugs go a long way in impressing recruits.

Hampden Sydney New

Hampden Sydney Basketball Locker Room Logo Rug

Discover why so many programs trust Rug Rats to take their facilities to the next level. We ship custom rugs to colleges nationwide. Finally, our rugs will always meet your specific design and material requirements. Here are some examples of our extremely popular locker room rugs.

College Logo Rugs- Support your Alma Mater

No matter where you now live in the country you can always support your alma mater. A college logo rug tells the world where you came from. They are also a great gift for that special person in your life. They are also perfect for:


WestPoint Football Field Logo Rug

WestPoint Football Field Logo Rug


We print images at the highest HD level quality. As a result, names and mascots are clear and crisp. Being the envy of all your former classmates is another benefit.

Get College Logo Rugs from Rug Rats

A Rug Rats college logo rug is the perfect addition to your campus, office, or home. You do not even need to be a student or alumnus. Just being a fan of a school is enough to benefit from a rug. Show the world your spirit and interests in a fun and interesting way.

Rug Rats lets you choose our design for the perfect custom rug.  As a result, we can offer a rug for every college, large or small. Due to this, your options are only limited by your imagination.

Every rug is of the highest quality and extremely durable because we take pride in our products. If you do not have artwork ready or available, we will help with your design free of charge. We are also always here to answer any and every question you have. Consequently, every inquiry is answered within 24 hours.

Support your school as they go, fight, win! Contact us today and order your very own college logo rug.