Rug Rats designs and furnishes custom outdoor rugs and outdoor welcome mats for commercial locations and residential areas. We can add text, unique logos, pieces of art, and anything else you desire into a custom rug. Hence, customization is most definitely available when you work with our customer care team.

You’ve come to the right place, no matter your custom rug needs. Please keep reading to learn more about our outdoor floor mats, our styles, and the benefits of having a durable custom outdoor rug for your home or business.

Outdoor Welcome Mats

Custom Golf Outdoor Floor Mat

Custom Golf Outdoor Floor Mat

Outdoor welcome mats provide business owners an excellent way to usher customers into their physical locations. Outdoor door mats combine marketing elements with functionality, as mats with logos printed or inlaid on them aim to advertise the business and offer customers a slip-resistant surface to enter upon.

Rug Rats carries a selection of custom outdoor rugs designed to meet each customer’s needs. Every mat in our catalog is customizable, and by sending us a copy of your company logo or other desired artwork, we can produce a proof of concept for you to review. Once you’ve approved the design, our team will deliver your personalized outdoor mat to your business in two weeks (or less in most cases).

Our custom outdoor rugs can be customized to display your company logo, brand name, school, military branch, church, a particular interest, etc. We carry durable outdoor welcome mats and indoor area rugs, so regardless of where you want to display your company logo, we have a solution for you.

Once you decide on an outdoor rug style, our team will prepare and apply your design according to your specifications. Rug Rats offers outstanding customer care and very competitive prices so that we can guarantee total customer satisfaction with every order we process.

Custom Outdoor Rug Styles

Rug Rats strives to provide solutions that meet every customer’s needs. As such, we carry three unique rug styles to offer the highest quality and versatility on the market.

Please look at our rug types to discover what will work best for your applications. We can adjust each rug’s size to fit the dimensions of the area where you intend it to lay.

Piazza Indoor & Outdoor Rugs

Borghese Outdoor Front Door Mat

Borghese Outdoor Floor Mat

Piazza rugs are both luxurious and long-lasting and serve as an indoor and outdoor matting solutions. These rugs are elegantly tailored and utilize a palette of 21 designer colors you can use to advertise your brand and match your existing color scheme. No matter how harsh your environment is, logos and displays on Piazza rugs won’t wear off.

These rugs are ideal for front entrances, lobbies, airports, athletic clubs, homes, stadiums, hospitality organizations, corporate offices, and vestibules.

Each Piazza Indoor & Outdoor Rug comes with:

  • Virtually stainproof solution-dyed finer
  • Broadloom or matting material
  • ADA compliance
  • Non-skid backing made from recycled rubber
  • 3-year colorfast warranty
  • 5-year wear warranty

SuperScrape Impressions Mats
Pilates Outdoor Welcome Mat

SuperScrape Impressions Outdoor Mats are highly durable and fully customizable. You can use them to display logos, artwork, messages, and more. As with all of our rug styles, SuperScrape Impressions mats can be used indoors or outdoors for added versatility.

This rug type is designed for high-traffic areas because, in addition to its strength, it prevents slips and falls thanks to its non-skid material. SuperScrape Impressions mats are also easy to clean and resistant to wear, so there’s no need to worry when you see a dirty rug. They’re designed to collect the majority of dirt and mud being tracked into your place of business so that your floors stay cleaner longer.

Customers can choose from a variety of sizes and color options so that every product made perfectly fits the needs of the business it serves.

In addition, SuperScrape Impressions mats are specifically designed to resist wear caused by sunlight, chemical contact, debris, and oil.

Waterhog Logo Mats

Waterhog Custom Outdoor Floor Mat

Waterhog Custom Outdoor Floor Mat

Waterhog mats are designed using HD printing technology to improve their appearance and endurance. This option comes with 56 distinct color options so that customers can match the color schemes of their companies.

Waterhog floor mats can be used indoors or outdoors. In addition to displaying brilliant logos and text, they’re instrumental in keeping mud, dirt, and moisture off your floors. Their durability makes them an excellent option for high-traffic areas. Because they’re easy to clean, they can reduce the hassles of maintaining floor spaces. A simple vacuuming job typically removes most of the debris collected; hosing off Waterhog mats for heavy soiling will do away with anything left behind. Plus, they’re designed to absorb 1.5 gallons of water per square yard of fabric and dry quickly when hung.

These mats are ideal for banks, offices, sporting areas, and any other location with heavy foot traffic.

Benefits of Custom Outdoor Rugs

Investing in a high-quality indoor or outdoor rug presents business owners with various benefits. If you’re considering designing a rug for your location, discover several advantages of using custom-made doormats for your business.

Our rugs and mats can help:

  • Protect floors from stains, scratches, moisture, and soil
  • Add a slip-resistant element of safety
  • Display your logo
  • Match your company’s unique color scheme
  • Simplify cleaning tasks
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Dampen sound in high-traffic areas
  • Add a level of professionalism to your area

If you need clarification on which style will meet the needs of your business, worry not. Our team is willing to assist you throughout each step of the decision-making process. Contact Rug Rats Fine Carpets & Rugs today for expert advice, design assistance, and more. We’re dedicated to providing each customer we serve with rugs and floor mats they’ll proudly display wherever they lay.


Once you decide that a personalized outdoor area rug is the rug product for your company, Rug Rats can assist you in preparing and applying your logo design.
We offer you outstanding customer care and very competitive prices to guarantee total satisfaction with every custom order.

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