Display your School, School Team, or School Organization in the style it deserves with School Logo Rugs!

When a community takes pride in its schools, the kids feel it, and they excel. There’s no more effective way to show school pride than beautifully designed school logo welcome mats.

School Custom Mats

Rug Rats specializes in providing high-resolution school custom logo rugs for elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Send us your logo and your ideas and we can also design custom school welcome mats for trade schools and colleges!

Custom Logo Rugs

When kids get off the school bus and go inside that first day of school, the first impression they get sets the tone for the rest of the school year. Suppose they encounter school pride in the form of custom school logo rugs as they enter their new domain. In that case, they’ll have a more positive frame of mind for learning and participating in extracurricular activities.
School Custom Mats

Likewise, parents that enter their child’s school are more likely to get a favorable impression when they see custom school door mats as they enter the building for parent-teacher conferences and PTA meetings.

School Logo Rugs
Welcome Entrance Mats

Winthrop University - The Morgan-Holcombe Alumni Center at the Stewart House

Winthrop University – The Morgan-Holcombe Alumni Center at the Stewart House

Our entrance mats for schools are very popular, but we also offer custom school mats for other school locations. For example, we can put your school mascot on a mat for the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms or at the entrance to the gymnasium. We can put a powerful slogan on a rug for the school cafeteria that can serve as a daily affirmation to all students.

Locker Room Logo Carpet

Locker Room Logo Carpet

Tell the students repeatedly that they can do anything they want! Drill it into their heads as they see this mat every single day. School bands and clubs sometimes request a unique rug to give their members a sense of purpose and belonging. School libraries are another good place to put custom school mats. You can encourage your kids in their quest for knowledge and perhaps nicely remind them to be quiet and considerate while in the library.


Custom Floor Mats

For younger kids, a patchwork of bright colors is always a good choice to stimulate those young imaginations and put the kids in a cheery mood for learning. Some teachers put custom school mats in the corner of their classroom to designate the area for a special purpose, such as quiet reading or arts and crafts. You can even turn these custom school mats into an educational tool by adding letters of the alphabet, numeric equations, animals, or a map of the country or world. Kids love to be able to stand or sit on a map. Some kids learn geography better this way than from books!

Fairfax High School

Fiarfax High School

For older kids, custom school logo rugs make a great addition to any business that wants to cater to these kids and or their parents or teachers. So, for example, trophy shops, teacher supply stores, local clothing shops that cater to teens, ice cream parlors, comic book stores, and local diners can perk up attendance by adding custom school logo rugs. You’ll also notice that most high schools that win awards have eye-popping entrance mats that make a grand statement as one enters their school.
Independence High School Logo Rug

Rug Rats uses a printer that is more than ten times the resolution of most other school logo rugs. This provides extremely sharp edges to the graphics that make the logo pop. We also use rug materials that are made to withstand the heavy foot traffic that schools get. This means your investment will last a very long time, and the logo will remain crystal clear for the long life of the rug. We also ensure that the edges of our rugs lie flat and stay flat so they do not trip the kids as they walk and run over them.

Lady Admirals Logo Rug

Lady Admirals Softball Locker Room Logo Rug Gulfport MS.

Our school logo welcome mats protect against injury! When wet or icy outside, kids don’t realize they need to wipe their feet, or they’ll be slippery. A long and wide welcome mat inside the entrance will help dry their feet and grab the dirt and mud before they reach the slippery floor. This means fewer slip and fall accidents for the kids and fewer accidents for teachers and parents! Your custodial staff will appreciate the fact that less dirt will be tracked into the school as well.
Isle of Wright School Logo Rug
You probably think that our high-quality rugs must be expensive. They’re very budget-friendly, and you will likely be surprised at how much we can offer you for an economical price.

Fernandina Beach High School Logo Rug

Fernandina Beach High School Logo Rug

Contact us and tell us about your school logo rugs. We love to design handcrafted custom rugs for schools that will endure a long time and become the hallmark of a school.

You can also email us pictures of the places in your school where you’d like to put custom school mats. Keep in mind, too, that we can even design custom-shaped rugs! Let us know what you need, and let your imagination run wild!

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We will send you a quote back within 24 hours or less.  We also offer a free computer rug rendering of your rug. What are you waiting for?  You’ll be impressed at how budget-friendly and cost-effective a hand-crafted, custom logo mat could be!