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Why Your Dental Office Needs a Logo Entry Rug

Dental Office Logo Entry Rugs: Take Your Dental Practice to the Next Level

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Why are dental office logo entry rugs so important?

According to the American Dental Association, in 2015 there were approximately 195,722 dentists working in the United States. This is a tremendous amount of competition.  Consider this,  only 52.3% of adults visit a dentist every six months and 1 in 5 (21.3%) adults have not visited a dentist in the last few years.

Family Dental Logo Rug

Despite this enormous competition, the average gross billings per dentist are about $646,330 for a general practitioner and $910,060 for a specialist. This is big business and it means branding your dental business.  Make sure that you project a professional image, and putting your patients at ease in a comfortable environment is extremely important.

Surfside R
Surfside Dental Office Logo Rug

Luckily these are all things that can be accomplished with dental custom door mats. Dental office rugs take a very practical object and make them an important resource in the positioning of your dental practice.

Dental Office Entry Logo Rugs – Make Your Office Welcoming

Dental reception rugs create a welcoming environment that can be reflected in the pictures used to promote your dental practice. This is very important. Almost 10% of Americans avoid the dentist due to fear. 20% of Americans experience enough anxiety from the dentist that they will only go when absolutely necessary.

Briliant Smiles
Brilliant Smiles Dental Office Logo Rug

One way to make people fear your office less, and turn this 30% of Americans into regular patients, is to make your office a welcoming place. This starts long before a patient ever sets foot through your door. Your office must look welcoming in the pictures on your advertisements and website. Custom dental rugs help to achieve this because they are a professional addition to your overall decor.

Grove Anenue Family Dentistry Logo Rug

Our commercial floor mats make an excellent impression because of their high-quality construction and detail. Our extremely powerful digital printers can reproduce images at 10 times the resolution of any other product available. Every image is sharp and clear. We make sure that every custom rug gets personal attention.

Welcome to R
Welcome To Dental Office Logo Rug

These are completely custom-designed to reflect the logo, colors, and name of your dental practice in the most professional and welcoming manner possible.

Dental Office Logo Rugs- Keep Branding Consistent

The reality is that most dentists are a lot better at dentistry than they are at a business. They might not understand the importance of consistent branding. However, every item that represents your practice should match and be consistent. This includes your website, flyers, advertisements, envelopes, stationery, postcards, and everything else the public sees.

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Dental Office Center Logo Rug

Custom welcome mats take this branding to the next level. They separate you from the competition and show how unique your practice is ensuring that you are remembered. In the retail environment, the current research shows that consistent brands are 20% more profitable than brands that are erratic.

Our personalized floor mats can be used inside your practice or even placed outside. We ship nationwide and have products that can be designed to meet your requested shape, color, size, and material.

Dental Office Logo Rug

We always provide free design renderings and quotes and reply to every inquiry within 24 hours. We understand that customer service is very important to your dental practice and it is just as important in our custom rug business.

Dental Office Rugs- Keep Your Office Clean

As a dental practice, it is extremely important that your office remains clean at all times. You might not know this but 80% of all dirt and dust enters a building right through the front door.

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miller Dental Office Logo Rug

Dental office logo rugs serve a very practical purpose by creating a barrier to this dirt. This means that your administrative staff does not need to take time away from their regular responsibilities to clean the lobby throughout the day. They can focus on the duties that increase customer service and make your practice money. Your dental logo mats can be cleaned by your janitorial service or employees after hours.

Dental Logo Rugs- Protect Your Office Floor

Our custom mats do a great job of protecting your floor. It does not matter if your floor is made of laminate, tile, carpet, or wood it can suffer damage due to high traffic. Our rugs reduce the damage and make the floor more durable saving you expensive repairs. They also protect the floor from dirt, water, and other types of debris.

Your investment in a quality rug not only improves the look of your office it protects your floor from long-term damage. Steve Spencer, facilities specialist at State Farm Insurance in Bloomington, Ill. says that “the ideal walk-off program that will minimize tracked-in debris, prevent slips, trips, and falls, and still provide a visually appealing entryway.”

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Patterson Dental Office Logo Rug

Dental Office Rugs- Prevent Accidents

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), there are about 8 million people seen in emergency rooms every year due to slips and falls. If you live in an area where there is a high level of rain or snow the risk is increased.

The last thing that your dental practice needs are to be exposed to this type of liability. A great way to reduce this risk is with custom dental rugs. Your patients have a place to wipe their feet making them less slippery and preventing them from tracking wetness or other debris throughout your office. Our custom mats look so great that their slip and fall prevention capabilities are one of the most overlooked benefits.

Dental Logo Rugs for Your Office

Our dental office rugs are a tremendous investment because of the versatility that they provide. The dental industry is extremely competitive and you need every advantage that you can get. When you can turn a functional product into an ambassador for your practice that is an opportunity you cannot pass up.

Pediatric R
Pediatric Dental Office Custom Logo Rug

Custom dental rugs are a cost-effective way to make your office more welcoming, brand your practice, maintain a clean environment, protect your floor, and prevent slips and falls.

You will not find a higher quality product on the market. We use the highest quality digital printers or pick a hand-inlaid custom rug. Our design renderings are completely free so there is little risk in requesting one.

Please contact us today and we can get started designing the perfect dental office rug for your practice.


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