You only have one chance to make a first impression.  Custom logo mats give you the opportunity to make a lasting impression on your customers, clients, members, employees, students, military personnel & soldiers’, whether they’re entering your office or organization or leaving. You’ve got a lot invested in your company name, logo, and brand;  market research shows that 64% of your on-site traffic will notice your custom logo mat.

Business Logo Rugs

Custom Logo Mats create a great visual, on-site ad for your company

  • At entrances – Make a professional and unforgettable impact with clients and site visitors by putting eye-catching personalized welcome mats inside and outside entrance doors. Use custom floor mats outside your entryways to lure visitors into stopping and coming inside. Custom logo mats are confirmed to improve sales and reinforce your company name and brand.
  • In high-visibility areas inside –Place your custom floor mats in front of elevators, stairways and reception desks, and in hallways.
  • At staff entrances and in break areas – Create employee pride using an inspirational slogan or safe practice message on floor mats by doorways, time clocks, and coffee makers.
  • In front of copy machines, behind cash registers, and any place employees stand a great deal. Staff will enjoy the comfort and ease furnished by a high-quality logo floor mat, which will help enhance productivity and morale.
    Business Logo Mats

Custom Logo Mats are more than just a pretty rug!

Custom welcome mats do not merely look wonderful, but they also preserve that “Class A” overall look of your facility. The designing of custom logo mats for any organization or business can be quite an enjoyable and creative endeavor. Regardless of whether you would like the custom logo mat to merely use an organization name, address, or a custom design, a custom logo mat can produce a statement.

Logo Rug Designs

Logo Rug Designs

  • Minimize Slips and Falls

In any place where there’s rain, water, oil, or slick flooring, place custom floor mats to help prevent injuries. Selecting logo mats with anti-slip backs is essential; they won’t slide around on a wet or slick floor.

  • Increase Employee Comfort

Custom logo rugs are a great way to boost the comfort and safety of your employees who stand for long periods.

  • Keep Flooring Dry

Custom floor mats placed just inside and/or outside your entrance will help prevent getting water tracked through your store or workplace during rain and any repairs that may be needed as a result of wet flooring.

  • Keep Flooring Clean

Custom logo mats are ideal for keeping floors clean. When mats are placed on top of flooring and carpet, you’ll save on cleaning costs.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Use

Stores, restaurants, and other businesses with indoor and outdoor areas, including patios, are perfect places for a type of custom outdoor logo mat called Waterhog Inlay Logo Mats. The use of the Waterhog Inlay is almost limitless. Waterhog Inlay logo mats provide you with a cutting-edge entry mat using your logo design by cutting various color carpets and organizing them in an inlay method to create your graphic design or logo.

Waterhog Inlay mats are excellent at accumulating dirt because of their well-organized design and store an incredible 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. These sturdy logo mats function efficiently at entryways, business counters, employee stations, in front of coolers, or in any high-traffic area. Waterhog Inlay Mats are great to use in any wet or dry area and are very easy to clean.

Also, check out the premium logo mat called Piazza.  These rugs can be made into extra large rugs from smaller logo rugs and may be used as indoor or outdoor custom logo mats.

  • Shameless Self-Promotion

Of course, you could use regular custom door mats to keep your floors dry, neat, and safe, but why stop there? Personalize your mats to make an incredibly positive first impression of your company, product, or organization. With a Rug Rats custom logo mat, you’ve chosen an eye-catching strategy to market your brand name, tagline, or perhaps a welcome message.

  • Custom welcome mats provide a professional look.
  • Custom door mats are easy to maintain.
  • Custom logo mats have a multitude of indoor and outdoor uses.
    US Military Logo Rugs

    Other Uses for Personalized Welcome Mats

  • Custom logo mats can also be used for special occasions such as weddings, wedding runners, or a bridge and groom gift.
  • Custom logo mats work great for trade shows. Custom logo mats offer quick advertising and marketing visibility for your company’s services or items in a trade show setting.
  • Custom rugs can also be an inexpensive flooring option for a child’s room. Pull ideas from a decorating theme or choose from one of the many children’s rugs we offer.
  • We at Rug Rats specialize in creating Custom Military Logo Mats for all branches of the United States Armed Forces. Transform your Quarters, Base, Post, Battalion, Recruitment, or Military Office with our comprehensive line of custom military logo rugs.
  • Church custom logo mats for any kind of religious organization.
    We understand how important it may be to keep your place of worship looking attractive. It’s important to keep your floors dry, along with maintaining parishioners and employees protected. We’ve created numerous church logo rugs that have served their needs since 1987.
  • Display your School logo or School Group in the design and style it is deserving of with a custom school logo rug. Rug Rats specializes in creating custom-made school logo rugs for any kind of School Business, School Sports Team, School Reception & Entry. Display your school Spirit using a custom school floor mat!
  • High-quality University and college logo rugs and mats for devoted fans who are proud of their college. Display your enthusiasm. Support your University Team with a college logo mat.Business Custom Door Mats

Create a lasting impression! View our Custom Logo Rugs Gallery to see our full selection of custom mat options, please contact us.  Or check out our Logo Rug Design Search Tool.  We have over one million designs to choose from to just get an idea for your custom logo mat.

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