How do I order a custom logo mat? Can you make a custom size and shape?

Send us an email with your size and logo design. If you would like a custom shape, let us know. Also include other particulars, such as colors, added text, rug orientation, etc. We will send you a rug proof for approval before your order. This is done only through email.

How much is the cost of shipping custom logo mats, and how are they shipped?

Most rugs are shipped by UPS or FedEx Ground.  Shipping depends on how many rugs you order and your address. You can request a shipping quote on our Contact Us page.

Do you have a catalog?

We do not offer a catalog. We offer a large variety of rug styles that it would be to hard to show everything in a catalog.  We can create almost any type of rug for your needs.  Please email us your rug/mat questions.

How do I get pricing on a custom logo mat?

Send us an email with your size and what type of logo mat you would like, indoor or outdoor.  We will send pricing.  Also, there is a discount for ordering two or more rugs of the same size and design.

Who is Rug Rats?

Rug Rats is a female-owned flooring company located in Virginia Beach, Va. We have been making custom rugs since 1987.  Visit our About Us Page.

What is the best way to get in touch with Rug Rats?

For the fastest response, please email us.  We respond very quickly, sometimes within an hour or sooner.  We provide all rug quotes by email only.  We cannot answer all the calls because of the volume and telemarketers.  If you leave a message, we will get back to you at our first opportunity, but you will receive a quicker response by email

Questions about Custom Logo Mats

Do you have a warranty on these custom logo mats?

Yes, depending on the logo rug style you chose and which warranty.  Send an email, and we will send the warranty and specifications.

Can I return a custom logo mat?

If you receive a mat with a problem with the printing or it was damaged in shipping, please email us, and we will give you instructions to return it or make you a new mat. Custom logos or custom-made rugs are not returnable. They were custom-made just for you and are not a stock item. You must approve the rug proof. We always recommend getting a sample if available.

How do I order a custom logo rug/mat?

Send us an email with your logo mat size and your artwork.  We will send back pricing and rug proof. Once the rug proof is approved, we send you an invoice with a link to make payment.  Custom logo mats usually ship in 10 days to 2 weeks.

How do I select which mat would fit my needs?

Where do you want to use the mat? indoor or outdoor? The cost will be a factor. What colors did you want to use? These answers go into figuring out what will work for you. Please send us an email with your questions.

How long does it usually take to get a logo mat?

It depends on the custom mat style. We have mats that we can ship in 10 days and some that take 2-3 weeks to complete.

How do I clean my Custom Logo Mat?

You can use a standard vacuum cleaner.  We also recommend spot cleaning with a carpet spot-cleaning product. You can also steam clean your rug. We like to use Capture Dry Spot Cleaning, which we have used for many years in our rug workroom.  Another good product is Host Dry Cleaning.  Most of the outdoor rug styles can be hosed off.

Will my custom mat pose a tripping hazard?

These rugs have Nitrile rubber backing, ensuring a smooth, safe placement.  These mats also have a rubber reducer edging that keeps them flat.  Wheelchairs, carts with wheels, walkers, etc., roll smoothly over these mats.

What is the best mat for handling snow and water?

.Heavy snow, excess water, and slush are handled with a two-mat system. Use one of the Waterhog Rug Styles for outside. This type of mat catches water between the mat holes as a first step. Use one of our nylon printed mats for secondary wiping on the interior. These finish the job by trapping the remaining water, snow, and dirt in the mat and away from your floors.

What artwork is needed to get started?

Send us an email with your logo in digital format. Preferred format files are vectors such .ai or .eps.  We also can use a high-resolution jpg or pdf.  Please see our art requirements.