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Veterinarian Custom Door Mats All You Need to Know

Veterinarian Custom Door Mats For People and Pets

As a veterinarian, you have a very important job in caring for special pets in people’s lives. When a pet owner makes a decision to choose a vet it is very similar to choosing a doctor for a child. They want to make the right decision. They also have a lot of choices.

Matthews Animal Clinic Logo Rug scaled
Matthews Animal Clinic Logo Rug

In fact, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are 105,358 veterinarians in the US alone. And with a growth rate of about 9% a year, the field continues to grow. You must separate your practice from the competition.

One way this can happen is with our veterinarian’s custom door mats. Our logo rugs create a great image for your offices and set you apart from other vets who have not made the investment in animal hospital custom floor mats. Let’s talk for a minute about what makes these rugs so popular.

Gussied Up Pet Boutique In Atlanta Georgia.
Gussied Up Pet Boutique In Atlanta Georgia

Quality Veterinarian Custom Door Mats

Our custom rugs include a design that represents your name, colors, logo, and brand. Our logo rugs are printed on the highest quality digital printers available. These printers have the capability to reproduce any image at more than 10 times the resolution of an average printer. This creates crisp and clear images with vivid details. We give individual attention to every detail in the process of creating personalized doormats. We ensure that every logo rug is a unique work of art.

marathon Animal Hospital
Marathon Animal Hospital Custom Welcome Mat

Our animal hospital logo rugs are used indoors and outdoors and are strong enough to withstand daily use by furry friends who come to your practice. They are completely custom so you can choose a style, shape, material, and size that fits your needs. This really allows you to pick a personalized doormat that is creative and memorable.

Veterinarian Custom Door Mats – Welcome Your Customers

Our logo rugs are very welcoming to people and pets. These custom welcome mats make an excellent first impression. You greet every client with your specific colors and logo while providing a convenient area to wipe their paws and feet. Our custom rugs increase your professionalism and develop trust with your clients.

Custom Round Rug With Logo for ARF
ARF Animals Rescuing People Round Logo Rug

Every person wants to receive medical care in a positive and professional atmosphere, they also want the same for their pets. Our animal hospital logo rugs demonstrate the pride you have in your office.

Veterinarian Custom Door Mats- Brand Your Services

Remember those 105,358 other veterinarians? Every single one of them is competing for your clients. You want to be the brand that people think about when they are in the market for a vet. This happens when you project a consistent brand. The research is very clear. Erratic brands earn about 20% less profit than brands that are consistent. When the public sees anything related to your business it should have the same look and feel. This includes websites, coupons, stationery, and even furnishings. Our veterinarian custom area rugs elevate this branding to a whole new level. They make your business easier to remember.

Indian Prairie Animal Hospital scaled
North Town Vet Hospital Custom Welcome Mat

No matter where your office is located we ship nationwide. We also provide free renderings of artwork. There is never any risk to contacting us. We always respond within 24 hours or less

Veterinarian Custom Door Mats Keep Your Office Clean

80% of dust and debris will come in through the front door. Think about how many people and animals are coming through your doors every day. A custom area rug not only looks professional, it also prevents debris from entering your office.

River Oaks
River Oaks Custom Veterinarian Floor Mat

There is a place to wipe shoes and paws. Your staff is saved from sweeping and mopping during the day. They have more time to do their regular duties and they will definitely be happier.

Veterinarian Custom Door Mats- Protect Your Floor

Every animal hospital floor gets abused. There are people and animals walking around on them all day long. Our customized floor mats are excellent at protecting floors. A damaged floor creates an expense that you just don’t need.

Valley Vet
Valley Vet Custom Floor Mat

Our custom rugs provide a barrier between shoes and paws and your floor. This helps floors to last longer. Your floor is not exposed to water, debris, shoes, or claws. An investment in a custom floor mat saves you the large expense of floor repair.

Veterinarian Custom Door Mats- Prevent Accidents

8 million people are seen in emergency rooms every year after slipping and falling. Slip and falls are a liability for any business owner. These risks increase inclement weather, especially when you have animals in your office spreading around dirt and debris. A custom entrance mat prevents these incidents.

Vet Clinin
Vet Clinic Custom Welcome Mat

There is a place for pets and people to dry and wipe their feet and paws when they enter your office. They can ensure traction is never compromised and they also won’t track in moisture or water. Our custom rugs don’t only look great; they also keep people safe.

Veterinarian Custom Door Mats for Your Business

It is hard to list all of the benefits that our custom floor mats provide.

Our custom rugs are very functional and also a powerful resource for branding and communicating with customers.

Our custom rugs are welcoming ambassadors turning an ordinary floor into a branded billboard.

Remember, every logo rug we create is printed on the most powerful digital printer available. You do not need to be an artist to produce a great rug. If you send us your logo or concept we can provide you with a free design rendering. So what are you waiting for? Please contact us today!


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The author Sandy Henderson is owner of Rug Rats Fine Carpet and Rugs, a small town business with a national presence. Sandy was drawn to materials and design and wanted to explore how we can take charge of the beauty and happiness of our own homes. She earned a degree in Clothing and Textiles, from historic Longwood College (founded over two hundred years ago as a teachers’ college in Farmville, Virginia). Sandy now draws on her 36 years in the custom rug business to help clients all over the US with their custom & logo rug decisions.