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Rug Rats, we understand how important first impressions are to your business. That’s why we are proud to provide the most professional business logo rugs on the market. We use a special high-definition printing process that provides ten times more image resolution than most rug and mat printers provide. These crystal clear images will give your customers an immediate positive impression of your business.

Re/Max Logo Rug
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Business Custom Personalized Door Mats Customization

Business Logo Rugs

Our personalized business logo mats are fully customizable. We can print any image you provide and or we can prepare original artwork for you. We can also help you select other elements, such as decorative borders or slogans, that will accentuate your logo or drive home your message even more. Further, we can cut your rug into any custom shape, including the shape of your logo. We can also cut it to fit any irregularly shaped space.

Custom Business Door Mats

Our outdoor custom door mats are designed to withstand high traffic volume and continue to maintain the sharpness of your high-resolution logo and other design features. Our outdoor business mats are highly durable and will not fade in the sun, nor will they deteriorate in rain, ice, or snow. Additionally, they are designed to absorb water and grab dirt from the soles of shoes that would otherwise be tracked into your business.

Borghese Entrance Mat

Borghese Entrance Mat

Location, Location, Location!

What are the top three rules for any successful business? Location, location, location, of course! You can place your business logo rugs in high-traffic locations, and anywhere you want to make a positive impression about your business. Here are some suggestions:
– Entryways- In front of the reception desk- Waiting rooms- Near the elevator- Conference rooms- Product showrooms- High traffic hallways- Lecture halls- Community rooms- Any place you want to define a space (such as a children’s play area in a waiting room)

Business Custom Door Mats

Attractive and Functional Business Logo Mats

Our eye-catching business logo rugs also have a practical side. They help prevent slip-and-fall accidents for your customers and your employees. They also significantly reduce the mud and debris that would otherwise be tracked in outdoors. This reduces the staff time needed for cleaning and prevents scuff marks and costly permanent damage to your flooring.

Custom Floor Mats For All Industries

Business Logo Mats
In helping you design a professional custom rug for your specific business, we understand that every industry has a different tone. A lawyer’s or financial planner’s office needs to instill instant confidence. A dentist’s office must create an atmosphere to calm patients’ nerves. An architect’s office needs to convey a strong sense of design. A hobby store may want a colorful, whimsical design. A jewelry store may prefer a rug that “sparkles!” A home and garden store may want to give potential customers the idea of fun DIY projects. Just let us know the atmosphere or message you want to create, and we can help you achieve that instantly!

Attention To Detail for your Custom Business Rugs

Business Personalized Logo Rugs
With our business logo mats, we pay attention to every detail. For example, we ensure the rubber borders are thin enough to make it easy for wheelchairs to roll over them easily and for people to walk over them without tripping. We also consider how your business logo rugs will complement your existing decor. We always ensure the colors in your logo match those in your mats.

Logo Rugs On the Go

Long and Foster Real Estate Logo Rug

While most of the business logo rugs we create are placed permanently at a business, some customers find them the perfect way to stand out at trade shows and other on-the-road events! Nothing draws the eye in like a professionally designed logo rug. Our business rugs will also give your visitors a cushion for their weary legs and feet, making them want to linger longer. Some real estate agents place their logo rugs at their open houses for branding and consistency purposes.

Increase Your Walk-In Traffic with Custom Welcome Mats

Retail businesses spend thousands of dollars on newspaper and local advertisements to increase business. However, many underestimate the power of walk-in traffic! By placing a strategically designed business logo rug outside your doorway, you’ll instantly increase your walk-in traffic! Suppose you have a restaurant and put a picture of one of the most mouth-watering menu items on your mat. You’ll have hungry customers walking right in! A beauty shop could feature a variety of stylish haircuts with the message, “Come In For a Free Hair Style Evaluation!” A veterinarian’s office could feature loyal puppy dogs and frisky kitty cats with the message, “Welcome All Furbabies and Their Humans.”

Veterinarian logo Rug

Let Us Hear From You
We invite you to browse our extensive galleries of business logo rugs to view samples of our work. You can also use our Logo Rug Design Search Tool to generate additional ideas. You can even email us an image of your business so we can make more detailed suggestions. We’ve been in this business for over thirty years, and one of our favorite parts of the job has always been ensuring our customers get exactly what they want, even if they don’t know exactly what that is at first! Happy rug shopping!

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