floorimpressions01Floor Impressions Logo Mats

Your unique brand or artwork is shown on a rigid nitrile rubber surface on Floor Impressions logo mats, which can handle even the most intricate gradients or works of art.

1. Logos of photographic quality.
2. Includes 150 standard color selections.
3. The diamond surface pattern offers superior traction.
4. Resistant against UV, chemicals, and oils.
5. Simple to clean: sweep or hose off.

All the rubber mats in the Floor Impressions line include a digital imprint. With a digital imprint, far more detail is possible, and brilliant, bright colors are simple to produce. A price may be charged to match PMS colors.


Cleaning Floor Impressions logo mats requires neutral pH detergent and hose rinsing. To dry, mats should be put flat or hung.

Floor Impressions Logo Rug

Floor Impressions Mats are great for point-of-purchase advertising. rolex fake watches

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