Custom Rug Gallery

A custom rug can dramatically and instantly change the look and feel of a room, even if you make no other changes to it. At Rug Rats, we’re all about giving you exactly what you want and making it extra special. You don’t have to settle for the extremely limited selection of pre-made rugs that most retail stores and websites offer.  Check out our Custom Rug Gallery.

Using the numerous examples of our custom rugs for inspiration, you can tell us exactly what color(s), materials, style, and size you want. We can even offer you custom shapes for your custom design rugs. Few other companies customize rugs to the degree we do.

Custom Design

Our custom rugs are very competitively priced, so you’re sure to find a good option that will fit your particular budget. Adding custom design rugs to your home is one of the most economical ways you can do a room makeover. Just contact us and let us know what you want, and give us your budget.

You may want a custom rug that blends into the background but pulls together all the other elements in the room. On the other hand, you may want to make an immediate bold statement with your custom rug. You may have just inherited a piece of antique furniture from your grandparent and want a custom rug to set that off.

Look over the extensive array of custom rugs in the custom rug galleries below to get ideas and inspiration for your special area rug!


Art Deco Rugs

Listed on this page are some custom Art Deco and Art Nouveau Rugs we have & custom-made.

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Art Rugs

Custom Art Inspired Rugs from your Favorite Art, Matisse, Picasso, Kandinsky – or your own art, can be a custom rug.

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Border Rugs

Custom Bordered Rugs add a simple elegance to any room! We specialize in creative borders for rugs!

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Custom Mission Rugs
Mid Century Modern custom rug inspired by Otto Prutscler Fabric design

Custom prairie style rugs and Frank Lloyd Wright custom rugs inspired by the great architects of Mid-Century Modern Design.

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Children’s Rugs

Our whimsical children’s custom-made rugs will bring a smile to your child’s face!

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Contemporary Rugs

Custom Contemporary Rugs are inspired by decorative arts and art-inspired themes.

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Flower Rugs
Flower Rugs

From your fabric or wallpaper swatches, we can recreate a beautiful floral custom rug design!

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Matisse Rugs
Matisse Rugs

These custom rugs were been inspired by Matisse’s “Cut-Outs”, his work in the last years of his life.

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Hand Tufted Rugs

Our superbly crafted custom area rugs/carpets are hand-tufted from the finest wools. Custom hand-dyed colors are also available.

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Wool Area Rugs

Wool area rugs are stunning, long-lasting, and an all-natural option for area rugs and carpets. Free Samples.

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Over 30 Years of Making Custom Welcome Mats

We have highly experienced custom rug makers. With over thirty years of working in this field, we are quite confident we can answer any questions you may have. We’ll be happy to talk with you about your particular style and needs and offer suggestions that you may not have thought of on your own.

Beyond the style of the rug, we can also consult with you on the functionality of different types of rug materials. for example, if you want to put a custom rug in your children’s playroom, that will likely require a sturdier material than a home office that receives less wear and tear. We can also advise you on the best type of rug materials to use on stairs, entryways, enclosed porches, and sunrooms. We know what works and what doesn’t work!
Custom Ferrari Logo Rug

Many of our customers are so satisfied with our service that they end up coming back to us over and over again. This is a fact that we are very proud of, and we continue to work hard to make our customer service even better. We are also delighted when we hear that one of our previous customers has highly recommended our products and services.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your “wild idea” either. After thirty years, we’ve heard some truly original ideas. It’s always fun to help a customer make their vision become a reality with a unique custom rug.

Custom Logo Rugs

If you’re looking for a custom rug for outside the home, we can help there too. We provide custom logo rugs for businesses, churches, schools, military offices, child care centers, government buildings, and special occasions such as trade show events! If you want to make an impression, we can even add your logo, mascot, emblem, or custom artwork to your custom rug. Just let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll find a way to accommodate you!

Nothing makes a more lasting impression on your visitors than a unique custom rug as they walk into your building!

Have you recently remodeled your place and want a custom rug to match? You can send us a sample of your new paint, new curtain material, new furniture fabric, or new tile and we can match any color or pattern you want to highlight in your custom rug. You can also send us a picture of a new piece of furniture you have added so we can make suggestions on the style of custom rug that would best complement your new addition. If you just want to update your room with a custom rug, you can send us a photo so we can get a better idea of your style and needs so can help you make a selection.

Please note that besides our custom design rugs, we also offer a whole variety of custom mats. These include custom mats for the home and office. We also offer commercial mats and can feature your logo or custom artwork on your mats. Are you a civic-minded business? Perhaps you’d like a personalized door mat or a custom door mat with your local high school mascot on it? How about an artwork that expresses pride in the town you serve? You could also inject a bit of humor into your custom rug or custom mat. If you’re a dentist’s office, you may have patients who are a bit nervous about getting their teeth worked on.

If you’re a church, perhaps you have a positive symbol of hope you’d like to greet your parishioners with as they enter the church. All custom artwork is applied with powerful high-definition printers so the quality of the image is exceptional and will last.

Our custom rugs make incredibly thoughtful gifts. Is your spouse a huge fan of a particular sports team? You could get him or her a custom-made rug for their workshop or office with the logo of that team emblazoned on it. Is your child just wild about penguins? You could get a custom-designed rug with penguins to place next to their bed. Perhaps your mother loves angels and has this motif throughout her house. You could surprise her on her next birthday with a beautiful custom rug with a beautiful angel. We could even make a rug in the shape of an angel!

At Rug Rats, the possibilities for custom rug gifts are endless since we are able to customize every feature of the rug from the texture to the color to the image to the border you pick out.
Please take a look at our custom rug galleries below and then give us a call or send us an email so we can start the conversation. We are happy to provide you with a free quote once we have a good idea of the type of custom rug or custom mat you want. We strive for a quick turnaround time because we realize that once you know what you want, you’ll be excited to get it as soon as possible. Look forward to hearing from you!  Contact us Today!