DigiPrint Logo Rugs are great for High Traffic – Indoor Applications

First impressions are everything when selling your business and making a statement to your customers. Whether you want to add a special touch to your health care, school, military, hotel, store, or any other type of business, a custom DigiPrint Logo Rugs is sure to make a lasting impression.

DigitPrint HD Logo Mats are professional, high-definition, and long-lasting mats to place at your company’s entrance and welcome customers into your space. The vast number of options for customizing DigiPrint HD Logo Mats is essential to giving customers a positive impression.

Need help determining if DigiPrint HD Logo Mats are right for your business? Below is everything you should know about DigiPrint HD Logo Mats and how to contact expert services like Rug Rats to receive a custom DigiPrint Logo Mat.

DigiPrint HD Logo Mat Features

DigiPrint HD Logo Mats have numerous features that can liven up your business space and make an impression on customers. Below are some of the many excellent features you can expect from a custom DigiPrint HD Logo Mat.

  • Cutting-edge digital printing in beautiful high-def.
  • 10x better resolution compared to other Logo Mat products.
  • Well over one hundred options for color shades.
  • Featuring StainStopper™ technology.
  • Steam clean and vacuum cleaner friendly for easy maintenance.
  • Sensitive to fine detail thanks to dense carpet design.

Looking for an exact tone of color? Pantone color matching is offered for our customers with an additional service fee.

The Best Ways to Use DigiPrint HD Logo Mats

DigiPrint HD Logo Mats can add a lovely touch to your business and make customers feel welcome. However, you might be curious about the best ways to use DigiPrint HD Logo Mats for your business. DigiPrint HD Logo Mats can be placed in different entryways and doors in your business, including the front entrance, lobby, or front desk.

Your options aren’t limited to these spaces–you can place your DigiPrint HD Logo Mats anywhere you want to show off your company logo or unique design.

How to Clean Your DigiPrint HD Logo Mat

Cleaning DigiPrint HD Logo Mats is simpler than you might think. Your DigiPrint HD Logo Mat can be cleaned by vacuuming or steaming. For more thorough cleaning, ensure that you vacuum as often as possible in high-traffic areas–ideally every day. In lower traffic areas, vacuum regularly but less frequently. Extract or hose off your DigiPrint HD Logo Mat to eliminate excess soil or debris. Hang your DigiPrint HD Logo Mat to dry it before placing the item back where it was.

Design Details of DigiPrint HD Logo Mats

DigiPrint HD Logo Mats have various design specifications that make them extra unique and appealing for your business. Below are some main design specifications to keep in mind when selecting the perfect DigiPrint HD Logo Mat for your business.

  • DigiPrint HD Logo Mats are produced through a layering process of colors matched to a standard pallet of 150 colors.
  • Mats require a minimum text height of 1” for serif and ½” for sans-serif fonts.
  • DigiPrint HD Logo Mats might adjust text requirements depending on unique fonts or thin letter forms.
  • Mats are best designed with darker or neutral background colors, as light backgrounds will likely show dirt or stains after some time. Avoid using tints, transparencies, or screens when designing DigiPrint HD Logo Mats.

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