Church Personalized Welcome Mats

Church Personalized Door Mats Will Welcome Your Worshipers

Custom church personalized welcome mats might not be the first item you think of when you are planning the design of your church. However, they are one simple way to make a lasting impact on everyone who enters your establishment.

Every church has a big job to make a powerful difference in the hearts and minds of the people that attend. Custom door mats can help even the smallest church feel like the largest and most professional house of worship in the world. This is the type of experience that all of your worshipers deserve.

Living Word Church Entrance Rug

Living Word Church Entrance Rug

Our church custom welcome mats can be custom designed to reflect your church’s name, logo, and colors. They are printed using our high-quality printers that are extremely powerful and reproduce images at 10 times the resolution of any other printer on the market. With this powerful printer, your church’s images will always be sharp and clear.

We also pay strict attention to detail to ensure that it is an excellent product. Our logo rugs can be used indoors or outdoors and can be designed to match the size, shape, and materials that you request. We will make sure that your church is always represented well with our church logo mats.

The Best Part is Church Custom Door Mats Will Welcome Everyone to Your Church

Full Gospel Church Entrance Rug

Custom Church Welcome Mats

As a place of worship, every church should be welcoming to everyone who enters. The first thing your visitors see when entering your church is the entranceway. This is one chance to make a great impression which is why many churches have volunteers greeting people as they enter.

Custom logo mats are another way to add to this welcoming experience. Visitors are welcomed by your church’s name and logo and know that they are entering into a clean and welcoming environment. This increases trust right from the beginning. They will know that you take pride in the appearance of your church.

Church Personalized Welcome Mats Make Worshipers Comfortable

Zions Cause Church Rug

Zions Cause Church Personalized Logo Mat

The best churches make every effort they can to make people feel comfortable. This is why they are always so welcoming and go above and beyond letting new people and guests know what they should expect. Church custom floor mats are a great way to put people at ease. They send a message about the church and what it represents. When people are more comfortable they are able to let their guard down and open their hearts to the message.

Church Custom Floor Mats Help Increase Tidings
Bible Baptist Church Custom Logo Mat

Bible Baptist Church Personalized Doormat

As a powerful branding tool, custom church rugs can also help with raising money. They are memorable to your visitors making sure they remember your church when they are ready to give. They also show that you are spending the donated money in a way that properly represents the church and benefits the members. Everyone wants to see where their money is going and know that it is doing good. Church custom rugs send this subtle message. Church members will think about your church’s logo and not even know why.

Custom Church Logo Rug

Custom Church Logo Rug

We ship our custom church logo rugs nationwide and to any church no matter the faith. Our artwork renderings and digital proofs are always completely free so there is little risk in seeing a custom design of your church’s mat. If you have any questions about our products or services we always respond to every inquiry within at least 24 hours of receipt. We encourage you to contact us today.

Church Custom Welcome Mats Will Keep Your Church Clean

St Theresa Church Logo Mat

St Theresa Church Logo Mat

Did you know that 80% of all dirt and dust will enter your church right through the front door? When you have multiple services on a day you probably do not have the volunteers who have time to clean this dirt between every service.

A custom logo mat will help to prevent this dirt and debris from being tracked into your church reducing the need for cleaning. It provides visitors a convenient place to wipe their feet. This reduces the amount of dirt and dust tracked into the church throughout the day.

Church Logo Mats Protect Your Floor

Bethel Church Rug

Custom Church Floor Mat

Another benefit of custom church rugs is the protection that they provide to your vulnerable floor. A church’s entryway is frequently damaged because of the high level of traffic it experiences. Your floor could be carpet, tile, laminate, or wood but with a high level of traffic, it is at risk to be damaged.

Custom church logo rugs act as a barrier between your visitor’s shoes and the floor. This protects the floor from wear and tear and makes it more durable over the long term. Your floor will not be directly exposed to dirt, water, debris, or the hard pounding of your visitor’s shoes. This one-time investment in a custom mat will save your church money in unnecessary repairs.

Church Logo Mats Help with Accident Prevention

Grace Heartland Church Entrance Rug

Grace Heartland Church Entrance Rug

No one wants anyone to be hurt in their church. However, did you know that 8 million people are seen in emergency rooms every year because of slips and falls? Just by having a custom floor mat at your entrance, you can reduce this risk. Visitors have a location to wipe and dry their feet as they enter your church.

This also prevents them from tracking water into the church that other visitors could end up slipping on and hurting themselves. Custom church rugs can keep your visitors safe.

Custom Rugs for Your Church

Faith Chapel Church Logo Mat

Faith Chapel Church Logo Mat

Custom church mats are a great addition to any church. They serve the functional purpose of protecting your church and visitors while also creating a welcoming and comfortable environment.

A great-looking logo mat can be a welcoming ambassador for your church’s message. Our custom logo mats are printed on the highest quality digital printers available making them the best rugs available. We are happy to provide free renderings of your artwork and respond to your inquiries within 24 hours.

Please contact us today and we are happy to get started on creating a high-quality custom logo rug for your church.


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