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The Reasons Why We Love Bank Logo Rugs


The Many Benefits of Bank Logo Rugs

It is no secret that custom bank logo rugs are the best way to project a professional image at any bank.

Custom rugs take an item that is meant for practical functionality and turn it into a beautifully designed branding opportunity for the banking industry. In the world today people have many options for where to keep their money and handle their financial business.

In this competitive market, it is attention to detail that wins over customers. Customers want to work with a professional bank that they can trust. One way to demonstrate that these characteristics represent your bank is to give them a pleasant experience any time that they come to visit you at your location. With custom bank logo rugs, you can be sure that your professionalism is always on display.

Commerce Bank Logo Rug

Commerce Bank Logo Rug

Our logo rugs are ideal for indoor or outdoor placement. We ship nationwide no matter where your bank is located.

The custom logo rugs we make are the highest quality available and produced using one of two methods. These rugs can be digitally printed and then handcrafted with your colors and logo, or use a high-end nylon carpet can be used to completely hand carve your rug. This can all be done within your specific size, design, and material requests. There is no better way to brand your bank than with a high-quality logo rug.

Bank Logo Entrance Mats- Make a Powerful Impression

When you place one of our custom logo mats at your front door it makes a powerful impression on your visitors. When placed outdoors it can provide that finishing touch to your building facade. After your building sign, this is the first thing your customers will see when entering your bank and it helps to build a positive impression as they continue to conduct their business with your branch.

F and M Bank Logo Rug

F and M Bank Logo Rug

When your visitors continue inside and see another custom logo mat this reinforces the branding experience. Visitors will see that there is harmony and an aesthetic unity to your bank’s appearance. To be seen as a professional bank it is very important that your decor and equipment are just as attractive as they are functional. This can be easily achieved when you custom designs your mats and include your bank’s colors and logo. Just send us your logo and any special requests; we can take care of the rest.

Bank Logo Rugs Protect Your Floor

Most businesses and banks already use floor mats at their doors because they have a functional purpose. One of these purposes is to protect the floor. With bank logo entrance mats you can protect your wood, laminate, tile, or carpeted flooring. This reduces damage and increases the floor’s durability. The area of your bank that gets the most traffic is protected under the mat, and the rest of your floor is less likely to be exposed to water or other types of debris.

First Community Bank Logo Rug

First Community Bank Logo Rug

With our logo rugs, you can protect your floor in a way that looks attractive to your customers.  The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends the entrance mat as one of the most important tools for preventative maintenance.

Our high-definition printers have the capability to reproduce images, like your logo, at 10 times the resolution of any other product available. This process creates a sharp and great-looking logo rug every time.

Bank Logo Rugs- Prevent Accidents

The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) reports that about 8 million people are seen in emergency rooms across the country due to slip and falls. The risks of these types of falls are increased during inclement weather like snow or rain. This creates liability for your bank.

When a visitor or employee is hurt on your property you face the very real liability that you could be sued. You can reduce the possibility that this happens with our bank logo rugs. Visitors will have the opportunity to wipe and dry their shoes when they come inside. This can put your mind at ease knowing that our logo rugs are keeping your visitors safe, while also looking great.

IBC Bank Logo Rug

IBC Bank Logo Rug

When our logo mats are there to capture the wetness or debris your floors remain dry and safe. Slip and fall prevention is one of the most overlooked benefits of our bank logo entrance mats.

Steve Spencer a facilities specialist at State Farm Insurance says that a mat program at our entrance minimizes tracked-in debris, prevents slips, trips and falls, and still provides a visually appealing entryway according to an article in

Bank Logo Rugs- Keep Your Bank Clean

You might not know that about 80% of dirt and dust enters right through the front door of a building. A bank logo floor mat creates a barrier against this dirt. Customers do not want to do business in a bank with a dirty floor, but most banks do not have full-time janitorial services. This means that bank employees must do spot cleaning whenever they have time. However, when will they have time?

It only takes one incident of dirt tracked through the lobby for customers to create a negative impression of your bank. You can reduce the risk of this happening, and allow your employees to focus on their actual banking job duties when you use a custom bank logo mat.

Municipal Bank Logo Rug

Municipal Bank Logo Rug

Bank Log Rugs- Free Advertising

Any of your business real estate or property that you can use for branding and advertising is an extremely valuable space. You know you need a floor mat, turn it into a source of free advertising. 91% of customers choose a business based on its appearance. This means that first impressions are crucial in the banking industry. You can give visitors a positive impression from the moment they first arrive with our bank logo rugs.

Southern Bank Logo Rug

Southern Bank Logo Rug

Our logo floor mats are an exceptional way to receive free advertising because they are so eye-catching that they create a lasting impression. After you pay for the initial cost of the rug, you receive the continued benefit without any additional expenses. You have turned your floor into branded signage.

Bank Logo Rugs for Your Bank

Brady National Bank Logo Rug

Brady National Bank Rug

    • Our bank logo rugs serve so many functions that they are the definition of money well spent.
    • Custom logo mats are vibrant additions to your decor and are very durable making them a great investment for many years to come.
    • They are a cost-effective way to promote your bank while also serving a very practical purpose.
    • Your floors remain clean and safe while your brand and logo are reinforced in your visitor’s minds.
    • We provide completely free design renderings for our custom bank floor mats and we respond to all requests within 24 hours. Please contact us today to receive a free quote for your new bank logo rug.

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