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Custom Size Area Rugs Add Personality to Rooms

Limitless Possibilities With Custom Size Area Rugs

Many people do not realize the creativity and quality that can be displayed in custom-size area rugs.

Matisse Rugs

Matisse Inspired Custom Rug

A rug does not need to be a boring eyesore that only takes up space on your floor.

When cutting-edge technology is blended with artistic talent, a custom rug can be a dynamic representation of your business or personality. It can be a transformative piece of décor that brands your space and makes an impact on your visitors. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities available with a custom area rug.

Custom Rugs: For Your Business

If you have reviewed the Rug Rats website, you have probably seen that we provide high-quality custom-made rugs for different types of businesses, all across the nation.

The benefits that custom area rugs provide for businesses are tremendous. They are usually the first thing a customer notices when they walk in the door, and they set the tone for the entire customer experience. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. A personalized door mat at your entryway helps you to put your best foot forward right from the start.

DeWolfs Custom Logo Mat

DeWolf’s Custom Floor Mat

Custom rugs can also be used in employee office spaces with a bold message that reminds employees on a daily basis what their mission is. This can be a small custom door mat at the main doorway, or a large personalized rug that covers most of the room.

Your rugs can be custom designed to convey any message that you desire.

Corvette Dealership Custom Logo R

Corvette Dealership Custom Logo R

Custom rugs can accomplish all of this while also serving a functional purpose that keeps your business clean and your customers and employees safe. The versatility of these custom rugs is truly amazing. A custom rug is one investment you can make in your business that you will never regret.

Custom Rugs: For Your Home

You do not need to own a business to take advantage of the benefits of a custom rug. A custom area rug is a wonderful addition to your room or home.

Just like for a business, a special custom-made rug can display your personal brand or personality. They can also pay tribute to your favorite hobby, like being a Star Wars enthusiast, or represent the pride you have in your current or former military service.

The options and possibilities for rug themes are truly limitless!

Fly Navy Wings Rug

Your custom rug will be a focal point for everyone who enters your home. Even children can choose their own special shapes and designs to decorate their rooms.

Their rugs can be themed to represent their tastes and preferences, like superhero rugs or princess rugs.

Captain America Round Rug in Child's Room

Captain America Round Rug in Child’s Room

The head of the household can also have a custom rug for their bedroom that sets the tone of peace and tranquility. The living room can have a centerpiece rug that is inviting and decorative while the rug at the main door can be a bit tough, dark-colored, and welcoming.

Custom Rug Inspired by the pattern of the carpet in the Overlook Hotel in the Movie The Shining

Custom Rug Inspired by the pattern of the carpet in the Overlook Hotel in the Movie The Shining

Baby rooms can have custom rugs designed to bring warmth and comfort to the baby’s environment. These are just some of the ways a unique custom rug can be used in a home.

Pink Snowflake FROZEN Rug

Pink Snowflake FROZEN Rug

A custom rug is also an excellent gift that will be appreciated for a lifetime. There is no better way to commemorate a marriage, new home, baby, anniversary, or any other special event. A specially made rug is truly a piece of history that can be treasured forever.

Custom Rugs: For Your Teams and Schools

Nothing demonstrates school or team pride like a custom rug. In fact, no locker room is complete without one, just ask the Hampden-Sydney College basketball program.

Hampden Sydney New

Hampden Sydney Basketball Locker Room Logo Rug

A custom rug can make any college sports program look as good as the top collegiate programs in the country. If you want to compete with the best you must look like the best. This is easily accomplished with a custom rug.

WHK Elementary School Logo Floor Mat

WHK Elementary School Logo Floor Mat

Sports teams are not the only ones that can benefit from a custom rug or custom floor mat. Every school spends a great deal of time trying to generate pride from their students, staff, and community. A custom rug manifests this pride by blasting your school’s colors and logo to everyone who passes it.

University of Richmond Spiders Logo Rug

University of Richmond Spiders Logo Rug

Alumni, staff, and local businesses can even display your school-themed mats at their homes and businesses to further reflect school pride. This turns the larger community into ambassadors for your school.

Custom Rugs: Only Limited by Your Imagination

A custom rug is truly a work of art that blends technology and handcrafted detail. This is what makes every rug so unique and special. The technology consists of cutting-edge computer and printing hardware that allows for the reproduction of artwork in high definition with extreme detail.

Art Deco Radio City Music Hall Custom Rug

Art Deco Radio City Music Hall Custom Rug

This artistry gives every rug a personal touch and creates the opportunity for a variety of shapes and sizes. You are not limited to just typical rectangles and squares. With a rug that can use every color, display any image, and come in any shape and size, the options you can choose are really only limited by your imagination.

Get a Custom Rug From Rug Rats

Rug Rats is a top location for custom rugs. If you have an idea for something especially unique and different, we can put it into the rug of your choice.

Whether you need a custom rug for your home, office, or a gift for a friend, check out our free quotes and contact us for more information. We provide all artwork renderings free of charge and respond to every inquiry within 24 hours. Our rates are competitive and our reliable experts are ready and available to work with you to ensure your maximum satisfaction. Please contact us today.

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At Rug Rats, we take pride in the custom rugs that we create.  Our custom rugs are handcrafted and completely customizable.

Free quotes are available for all our custom rugs.
Send Rug Rats an email for a custom rug estimate and more information.


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