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Do You Need Tips on Selecting an Area Rug?

Would you like an area rug that identifies your decorating plan or one that sustains the interior decor? Are you searching for vibrant or subdued colors? What shape best suits the space?  Is your space formal or casual?  These are some considerations in selecting an area rug for your home and decor.

With these ideas under consideration, why don’t we search just a little deeper to look around the fantastic arena of color, design, and texture? You will discover useful suggestions about every subject, together with room-by-room measuring suggestions and custom-sizing alternatives in selecting an area rug.

Make color meet your needs in selecting an area rug


Custom Matisse Inspired Rug

Custom Matisse-Inspired Rug

Color can be a challenging and complicated medium. Practically nothing can alter the appearance of an area more than color. From fresh paint to floorcovering, it’s what holds the area collectively. Actually, some take into account that color is the crucial component that will make or break a room’s style.

Because an area rug makes up nearly 30 % of the room’s color, you should figure out the function it represents with your decorating approach. In case your area rug will be the dominant aspect, select an area rug with unique color mixtures. Use tones in the area rug to pick paint and accessories; then have these color styles in surrounding areas with matching other area rugs.

If the area rug is likely to perform another function, then ensure that is stays relatively neutral. It may still be patterned, but also in understated shades that enhance other home furniture and textiles within the room. Maybe you could choose to make use of your area rug as a background for other furnishings, picking out a textured rug—with a ground color somewhat brighter or deeper than your walls— will make it quietly mix into the décor.

The Effectiveness of Pattern in Selecting an Area Rug

Choosing the proper area rug is definitely an individual one with regard to the pattern. Regardless of whether the rug is classic or modern, what is important most is just how the pattern enables you to feel. The most effective design usually echos the character of the owner.

Custom Floral Dining Room Rug

Custom Floral Dining Room Rug

Patterned area rugs provide an atmosphere of luxury and closeness to bigger areas. Additionally, they offer instant character and individuality, enabling you to produce a particular style. A floral area rug might bring up an English country garden, though a contemporary area rug produces a modern feeling. Combining patterns may be challenging. Keep in mind, that if your patterns are associated by type, color, or feel, this mixture is more prone to be successful.

When utilized with each other properly, supporting patterns are fantastic at identifying areas. Rely on them to produce conversational areas in big rooms as well and to split off a dining room. Never be reluctant to utilize patterns beneath tables in which spillages will probably happen. Patterned area rugs are superior to solid area rugs at hiding spots and unsightly stains.

Create Texture for Your Floor by Selecting an Area Rug
Color may be used to attain excitement and impact, but there is certainly nothing like texture in an area rug to enhance an area that is lacking in the pattern. The texture is about how a thing can feel if you touch it. Almost everything in your house is really a textural contribution—be it hard, smooth, nubby, or sleek. An area designed with stainless furnishings, glossy fresh paint, and stone floors may be referred to as “hard-edged and cold”. Comfortable, textures, including wool, are associated with comfort and ease of home.

Custom Wool Wilton Area Rug

Custom Wool Wilton Area Rug

Mixing textures might help balance an area. Neat materials including natural leather, glass, and rock could be balanced out using the comfy textural of an area rug. A wool loop area rug could be combined with a rich wall color to create warmth in a space that does not get much sun.


Sizing your area rug

Figuring out the correct dimension for any area rug is equally as significant as choosing the best color and design. To begin, basically measure your space; then follow the tips for measuring an area rug below to get the best fit for your area rug. Remember that we provide custom rugs for hard-to-fit areas.

Dining Room Area Rugs

In the dining area, determine the width and length of the dining room table. The area rug has to be big enough to permit chairs to be pushed away from the dining table without falling the area rug. A basic rule of measurement is to leave 24″ of the rug showing behind the back chair legs. This will leave enough room to pull out the chairs.

Living Room Area Rugs

The basic guideline for sizing an area rug would be to allow for 12 to 18 inches of floor to “frame” the area rug. For any smaller space, one foot might be plenty of space. One big area rug is best suited within a big room since it doesn’t visually separate the area. Nevertheless, when the area has lots of furniture groups, each could be arranged with area rugs suitable in color and size, although not always coordinating.

Bedroom Area Rugs

In bedrooms, a single big area rug is luxurious, however, the bed will go over the majority of it. Smaller and equal-sized area rugs utilized all around the bed are an alternative choice. The soft convenience of an area rug is most delightful when getting in and out of bed.

Carpet Runners

In halls, the length is optional. Consider placing a runner area rug so it doesn’t stop in the center of a door. In a really lengthy hallway, a number of small rug runners could work. They don’t have to match in size but should match in style and color.

Custom Area Rugs

Do you want an area rug style specifically suited for your home? We are able to modify the colors, the types of materials used, the size and style of the design, or even the shape and size of your custom size rug.

There are actually countless colors to use, and we can complement the color you provide us, whether it’s a textile, a color swatch, or perhaps an art. Shapes can be used and rugs can be made to fit wall to wall.

We can provide a small sample to ensure that you are pleased using the colors and particulars prior to purchasing the custom area rug.

At Rug Rats, we are proud of the customized area rugs that we produce. Our custom-made rugs are handmade and totally personalized.

Free estimates are accessible for all of our made-to-order rugs—contact us today!
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