Custom Rug inspired by carpet in Arizona Biltmore

Custom Rugs Add Personality to Your Home or Business

Custom Rugs  add some personality to your home or business. Your company’s branding in your work is a proven strategy to cultivate a work environment that is welcoming, professional, and proud. With our custom rugs, we are able to help change your house, your cabin, or your workplace right into a unique home or professional [Read More]

DeWolfs Custom Business Logo Rug

Logo Door Mats for Companies Provide Brand Recognition

Logo door mats for companies small and large ia a great item to represent your brand to any potential customers walking into your store for the first time. You’ll notice that just about every successful brand, from small mom and pop shops to the largest companies out there all frequently use custom door mats. But Why?For a [Read More]

Jedi Order Logo Rug in Room

The Force Awakens at Rug Rats | New Star Wars Rugs

Star War RugsThe force is strong and there is no way you can resist it! You be proven worthy as a Star Wars fan with all your collectibles, clothing apparel and toys! The force is WITH you when you have your own Star Wars rugs.Decorate your room, den or office with these Star Wars custom made rugs and show how much you are [Read More]

US Armed Forces Logo Rugs

Custom Military Logo Rugs and Mats

Custom Military Logo Rugs and Mats Custom Military Logo Rugs and Mats, men and women in the military have sacrificed their lives for our country.  They have worked hard, used their skills and defended us from all local and foreign threats.  It is not easy to be in the military.  You need to have amazing physical skills, [Read More]

Rug inspired by Vintage 45 records

Unique Ways Rug Rats Works with Designers and Decorators

At Rugs Rats Fine Carpets and Rugs we know that rugs can make all the difference in creating a cohesive flow to your home or business.   Custom Rugs are a unique and memorable way to represent your style in an unforgettable way, bring your room or entryway together, as well as to promote your business’s brand.Rugs Rats Fine [Read More]

Einstein Bagels Floor Impressions Mat

Business Door Mats | Customers Appreciate Custom Made Rugs

 Business Door Mats     Customers Appreciate Custom Made Rugs, have you ever thought of how to make your customers feel more welcome in your office, shop or business?     Customers love to feel that they belong, that they are doing business with someone who is professional and efficient.     Customers also love visual [Read More]

Rug Inspired by Arizona Biltmore

Custom Rug Designs | By Rugratsva

Custom Rug Designs by Rugratsva, we are dedicated to delivering new and innovative Rug Designs to the Interior Design Industry. Rugratsva understands the language of design, our innovative Custom Rug Design collections are inspired and customized for your needs.Interior design | Custom Rug designs The Art of Interior design [Read More]

Military Bears

Thank You to the Military for Your Support of Rug Rats

From all of us here at Rug Rats Fine Carpets and Rugs, we are incredibly grateful to the U.S. military members who tirelessly dedicate their lives to protect our security and freedom.  You are true heroes, who exemplify courage, strength and dignity beyond words.Thank You to the Military for Your Support of Rug RatsMany of [Read More]

Custom Church Logo Rugs and Mats

Custom Church Logo Rugs and Mats

Custom Church Logo Rugs and MatsChurches serve their congregations day in and day out. Often times their doors and arms are wide open past office hours and throughout the weekends.  Churches are a place where you can find solace and a unique sense of belongingness.  It is where everyone is welcome and every single soul has [Read More]

Four Sororities Founded at Longwood University

Why Fraternities Use Greek Symbols

The Phi Beta Kappa Society, founded on December 5, 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia was the first fraternal organization in the United States of America, established the precedent for naming American college societies after the Greek-letter initials of a secret Greek motto. The group [Read More]