Elevate Your Space With a Commercial Entrance Mat

Commercial businesses have an important opportunity to make a great first impression on their customers at their facilities. A commercial entrance mat is one of the simplest ways to keep your business location clean, safe, and professional. How can a custom floor mat for your commercial business make a difference? Keep reading to find out!
Commercial Entrance Mats


A commercial floor mat helps improve safety by reducing the chances of slips, falls, and accidents. Placing one in a high-risk area, like the building or kitchen entrance, helps limit slips.

Imagine all the debris, dirt, and moisture that shoes track in. Without a mat, all that slippery dirt and water ends on the hard floor. Moisture and hard floors are a recipe for a slip-and-fall disaster!

Eye Physicians Commercial Entrance Mat

Protect your customers and your team with a commercial doormat. Everyone can wipe off their feet when they enter, reducing the risk of accidents.

Protect The Floors

Without any coverage, your entranceway will take a lot of wear and tear. With people coming in and out and bringing the outdoors inside on their shoes, the floors may get damaged quite easily.

Whether you own or rent your commercial business space, you don’t want to deal with damaged, scraped-up floors! Keeping the floors in good condition is important for your business image and budget.

Physician Office Commercial Entrance Mat

One simple way to protect your floors is with a business entrance mat. The mat will shield the most susceptible floor (the space by your door). An Entrance Mat also collects dirt and debris to help protect the rest of your floors.

“Wow” Your Visitors

You’ve only got a split second to make a great first impression with customers, business partners, new employees, and other visitors. Creating a welcoming yet professional environment makes your business look credible and appealing.
Commercial Entrance Mat

custom door mat is a cost-effective way to boost your first impression. Make a lasting statement with a logo entrance rug that perfectly suits your space. It’s a simple touch that offers functional and aesthetic benefits. Bring your whole space together and impress your customers with a branded business rug.

Get Your Custom Floor Mat Today!

A commercial mat is one of the best ways to improve your business space. A business mat reduces falls, protects your floors, and adds an important visual element. Overall, it’s a small investment that can amplify your business in numerous ways.

Custom Ferrari Rug

If you want to take your commercial business to the next level, order a custom floor mat from Rug Rats today. We’ll craft a high-quality business logo rug perfect for your space. We offer digitally printed mats and custom nylon carpets or hand-carved wool mats. With over 30 years of experience making custom business mats, you can count on our dedicated team to get the job done right.

We can’t wait to make your commercial entrance mat for you! Start by requesting your free quote today. Then, our experts can get to work designing your custom floor mat! Request your free quote now.

You’ll be impressed at just how budget-friendly and cost-effective a hand-crafted, custom-made logo area rug could be!