Custom Door Mats for your Home or Office

Do you want a way to increase the professional look of your business as well as make a positive lasting impression? Then you may want to consider investing in custom door mats. Not only do these door mats keep your place of business or home clean, but they also create a lasting positive impression.

New customers and old will become more acquainted with your business’s logo, color scheme, or tagline. Even better, you’ll find that custom door mats give you more options when it comes to the interior decoration of your space. Ready to learn more? Our guide will get you started on the benefits and creation of custom door mats.

Benefits of a Custom Door Mat

Are you wondering whether a custom door mat is worth the investment? Here are a few of the benefits your business can enjoy. Doormats are one of the most ignored aspects of a building when it comes to both safety and design.


Door mats of any size and shape are important for your customer’s safety. When it’s raining, they’ll absorb the water that customers tread inside so that the area by your entrance doesn’t become a slipping hazard. Personalized door mats also absorb the moisture from people’s shoes as well as knock off dirt so that customers don’t slip later on in your business.

Positive First Impressions

A custom-size door mat that matches your brand colors or even features your business’s name or logo creates a good first impression. It shows that you pay attention to those small details and that your customer is walking into a professional establishment. If you don’t believe a door mat creates a good impression, consider what it would look like if you had a door mat that was dirty or unbranded.

Although it’s a small detail, you’re losing out or could be giving your customers subconscious ideas that your business isn’t as professional as it claims.

Brand Awareness

Last but not least, a custom welcome door mat with your logo or business name helps spread brand awareness. New customers will become more acquainted with your particular brand colors or design. Remember that customers will also view your door mat when they’re exiting your business. At this point, you can refresh their memory with your phone number on the mat, website, or even just your logo.

Protect Property

You’ll also want to consider what the floor in front of your entry would look like without a door mat. If you have a carpet, you would need to clean it frequently. Even then, over time the color on the carpet would fade and create a worn, unprofessional look. Tile or wood may have the same issue.

A custom door mat sized for the entrance of your business will help protect the floors over time. When the door mat gets worn and faded, the price to replace it will be far less than the floor itself.

Easy to Clean

Depending on the material you choose, custom door mats can last longer than you expect. They’re also easy to clean and only require a vacuum or steam clean. Plus, you can opt for rugs that are made with outdoor materials that withstand moisture.

Custom Door Mat Jewelers Door Entrance Logo Rug

Benefits of Business Interior Decoration

You can consider your choice of a door mat as an aspect of your business’s unique interior decoration. Whether you’re offering service or selling goods, if customers visit your premises on a regular basis, a focus on interior decoration makes a difference.

Introduce the Wow Factor

People are used to walking into a professional setting and experiencing bland, spare decor. Sometimes businesses don’t have any decor, and the space is completely utilitarian.

You can easily impress customers and differentiate yourself from competitors simply by adding some decor to your office. Along with custom door mats, place rugs down, wall art, and accessorize empty shelves.

Brand Recognition

Interior decoration in general is a great way to increase brand awareness. Decorate your business’s color schemes. If you find that your brand’s colors are too bright or jarring for decoration, you have the option of toning the colors down or simply using them as accent colors.

If done right, a good rug or mat design can become iconic.

Comfortable Environment

If you own a store that sells goods, it’s important that you create a comfortable and welcoming environment that encourages customers to browse. Without any kind of interior decoration, the space will feel cold and inhospitable. Customers may feel afraid that you don’t want them to linger.

Just like a coat rack, a door mat says, “Stay awhile.”


Custom Door Mat Restaurant

Choosing a Custom Door Mat Design

Now that you know all the benefits of custom door mats as well as carefully chosen interior decoration, you may be wondering where to start. One of the hardest parts of investing in a custom door mat is the fact that you have so many choices.


If you’re designing your custom mat with your logo, it’s important to pay attention to the color of the background. Your logo needs to be able to “pop” through the use of neutral colors that don’t compete with the logo itself. Although black and white help boost the contrast of your mat, you’ll need to remember that lint and dirt can show up on both easily.

We recommend a neutral color in the gray family such as charcoal or medium gray. Dirt won’t show up on these backgrounds as easily. Plus, these colors give an elegant touch to any design.


We’re able to work with any design you send to us as long as it’s a high-resolution vector file. If you’re sending in a JPG, 300 DPI to 600 DPI are the best resolutions so that the design prints clearly. Here is a list of the rest of our preferred file formats:

  • EPS
  • AI
  • PDF
  • PSD

We aren’t able to accept web graphics or web graphics that were printed out and then rescanned. We also won’t accept photographs, faxes, photocopies, fabric, napkins, and embroidered patches.

Lastly, remember that you can add information such as your tagline, website, contact information, and more. We’re talented at creating mats that can clearly display words, images, and colors.


One of the best aspects of a custom door mat is that it can be made in any dimensions you require. This is important if you have a large entryway that needs to be covered to account for a large amount of foot traffic. If you have a narrow entryway that’s shaped more like a hallway, we can easily accommodate these spaces as well.

Custom Logo Outdoor Mat

 Cleaning and Maintenance

Custom door mats need to be cleaned and spruced up regularly. As such, the mat should be easy to clean up and keep in great condition. All our personalized door mats are made from a material that does not get scuffed or threadbare with regular brushing or washing. We also go out of our way to make sure that the materials we use do not easily gather dirt.  Minimize Dirt with Walk-Off Matting by Clean Link

Custom Outdoor Rugs

Why do you need custom door mats?

How to Get Started

Are you wondering how you can get started ordering a custom-made door mat? Rug Rats make the process as easy as possible. You’ll never be charged a fee for your emailed proofs.

If you don’t have predesigned artwork, all you have to do is contact us with your ideas.  You can also use our rug design tool.

Whether you’re looking for an indoor mat or an outdoor mat that can withstand any kind of weather, we have the rug materials for you. Once you’re confident in your door mat design, you’ll only have to wait approximately two weeks or less for the mat to ship.

Focus on the Details and Create Positive Impressions

Whether your goal is to protect your floor from dirt or damage, or you want to increase brand awareness for customers, investing in a custom door mat can meet these needs and more. You’ll also be creating a comfortable environment for your shop that encourages customers to wipe their feet and stay awhile.
Custom Front Door Mat

Without the use of a custom door mat, your business may not appear as professional. You’ll need to clean your floors more as customers track in water and dirt.

Even worse, people who walk on tile with wet shoes are prone to slipping and making your company liable for the resulting injuries. You won’t be able to enjoy the increased brand awareness that a door mat with your logo printed on it can bring.

Ready to begin ordering your custom door mat? You can email us your design or send us your idea; we’ll create a design for you free of charge. At Rug Rats Fine Carpets and Rugs, we’re used to working for a variety of industries and creating rugs and mats that match everyone’s needs.

Contact us for a free rug or mat quote today!