Custom Door Mats for Military Squadrons, Barracks, Battalions and Groups will be an all-in-one Welcoming Committee

Military logo Rugs

Custom Military Door Mats
Custom Military Door Mats

Custom door mats with military themes are all the rage now. These logo rugs work in all types of spaces to great effect. Whether you are thinking about getting these types of personalized door mats for squadrons, barracks, or battalions, they will fit right in with what you already have in a room.
US Air Force Logo Rug

Custom logo rugs are a classy addition to existing decor and a testament to your exquisite taste. You don’t have to be in the military to use military logo rugs; these custom rugs work just as well in offices and homes.

An Avalanche of Choices in Military Custom Door Mats

Custom military door mats might just be the most popular floor coverings out there. These custom logo rugs come with an insignia that identifies the specific branch of the military they are based upon.

Military Rug Collage


You could go with personalized rugs with Air Force, US Coast Guard, US Marines, Army, or Navy themes, and the result will still be amazing. The range of choices available here at Rug Rats gives everyone out there the opportunity to cover their space with the custom welcome mats of their dreams. These custom logo rugs are colorful, classy and made to fit.

The Perfect Welcome Custom Door Mats



When people walk into your space, they need to see you owning that space. They need it to stand out and reflect your persona. And military logo rugs do just that. These sharp logo rugs are a great addition to your rooms and will serve as a powerful statement of style. Military themes project personality and authority, and this is what our custom rugs do. They fill your surroundings with a sense of purpose and are the pieces you want to show off to family and friends. Additionally, these custom logo rugs are easy to clean, nonslip, and highly resistant to wear and tear.

Personalized Military Floor Mats Create a Focal Point in a Room

US Navy Shaped Rug for a Conference Room

US Navy Shaped Rug for a Conference Room

These custom floor mats do not simply fade into the background; they stand out and can act as the centerpiece of your space. The insignia and the colors on them demand and command attention, and you need to let them do precisely that. These custom military logo rugs are the perfect welcoming committee in any kind of setting, and they stand out with an air of unfaltering authority.

Custom Logo Rugs Made Just for You

344 TRS Logo Rug

344 TRS Logo Rug

Here at Rug Rats, we do not just make military logo rugs; we tailor them to YOUR taste. If you need colors, patterns, designs, markings, or even insignia added to your custom door mats, we will be glad to oblige. We know that most people love military themes because they symbolize patriotism, a spirit of sacrifice, and bravery, and are more than glad to highlight that in our products.


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