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The Two-Mat System: A Dynamic Approach to Keeping Facilities Dirt-Free

Keep your Workplace clean with a Two Mat System

Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment within facilities is crucial for various reasons, including health and safety, aesthetics, and overall productivity. One innovative and effective method gaining popularity is the Two-Mat System. This system strategically places two different mat types at facility entrances to prevent dirt and contaminants from entering the premises. In this article, we’ll explore the principles behind the Two-Mat System and its numerous benefits for facility cleanliness.

The Two-Mat System Explained:

  1. Exterior Scraper Mat: The first line of defense in the Two-Mat System is the exterior scraper mat. These outdoor scraper mats, such as the Waterhog Impressions or SuperScrape Impressions, are designed to aggressively scrape and trap large debris, mud, and dirt from the shoes of incoming individuals before they step inside the facility. The exterior scraper mat is placed outside the entrance and is typically made from durable materials like rubber or coarse fibers. The key features of the exterior scraper mat include:
    • Sturdy construction to withstand heavy foot traffic and varying weather conditions.
    • A textured surface that effectively removes debris from shoe soles.
    • Easy to clean and maintain to ensure long-lasting effectiveness.
      The two most effective outdoor scraper mats are the Waterhog Mats and the SuperScrape Impressions mats.  For a larger outside area, we use the Piazza style mats.
      Waterhog Rugs
  2. Interior Absorbent Mat: Following the exterior scraper mat, the second component of the Two-Mat System is the interior absorbent mat. This mat is strategically placed inside the facility entrance and is designed to capture finer particles, moisture, and contaminants that may have bypassed the exterior scraper mat. The interior absorbent mat typically possesses the following characteristics:
      • Absorbent materials like nylon, microfiber, or carpet to capture and retain moisture.
      • Slip-resistant backing to prevent the mat from shifting or causing accidents.
      • Regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.
        The indoor absorbent mats we use are the Digiprint style mat and the Prestige style mat.


Digiprint Logo Rug

Benefits of the Two-Mat System:

  1. Enhanced Cleanliness: Using an exterior scraper mat and an interior absorbent mat, the Two-Mat System significantly reduces the amount of dirt and contaminants entering a facility. This results in cleaner indoor spaces, promoting a healthier and more pleasant environment for occupants.
  2. Floor Protection: The system helps protect interior flooring by preventing abrasive dirt and debris from scratching or damaging surfaces. This can lead to reduced maintenance costs and increased longevity of flooring materials.
  3. Improved Safety: With the exterior scraper mat removing larger debris and the interior absorbent mat addressing moisture, the Two-Mat System improves safety by minimizing slip and fall risks. This is especially important in areas prone to wet or inclement weather.
  4. Cost-Efficient Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of the mats are simpler and more cost-effective than repairing or replacing interior flooring. The Two-Mat System thus offers a proactive approach to facility maintenance about how Iowa State University used the Two-Mat system in the Memorial Union to cut the amount of dirt that makes it past the entrance by 70%.


The Two-Mat System represents a dynamic and effective strategy for maintaining cleanliness within facilities. Combining the strengths of an exterior scraper mat and an interior absorbent mat enhances cleanliness and contributes to floor protection, safety, and cost-efficient maintenance. Implementing the Two-Mat System is a proactive step toward creating a welcoming and hygienic environment for facility occupants.

Contact us for recommendations on creating a Two Mat system for your facility.  We look forward to working with you!


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