Add pizzazz to your home or office with a modern art rug

Danny Simmons Art Rug

Art Rugs

However, we can also create a custom art rug for you based on the original artwork you provide or other artwork you select. Regardless of which you choose, your art rug is sure to be a conversation starter as soon as your guests step through the door!

Matisse and Kandinsky Custom Rugs

Matisse Wine Press and shaped Kandinsky Style Custom Rug

Chic and trendy, these modern art rugs work very well in urban settings. However, they can also be part of the eclectic decor of any home or office. They liven up any room and provide a stylish way to connect rooms such as placing an art rug in a long hallway. They can also create a cheerful positive atmosphere even when the weather outside may be dull and gray.

Modern Art Rugs

There’s also the psychology of these modern art rugs to consider!
Do you want to inspire more creative energy and creative thought? Do you want to lower stress and inject more joy into your life? If you answered “yes” to either or both of these questions, let these carpets work their magic!

Sam Vani, Andy Warhol, Pierre Matisse Inspired Custom Rugs

Sam Vani, Andy Warhol, Pierre Matisse Inspired Custom Rugs

Modern art rugs provide stimulating geometric designs, bright and lively floral images, and patterns that influence our mental processes and physiology in very positive ways. A 2006 study, conducted by psychology researchers at the University of Westminster, showed that cortisol levels dropped quite significantly after viewing art in an art gallery for thirty-five minutes.

Picasso and Matisse Inspired Custom Rugs

Picasso and Matisse Inspired Custom Rugs

Studies involving brain scans have also shown that the pleasure and reward areas of the brain are stimulated when viewing modern art. Thus, casually viewing modern art makes us feel better and lowers stress! Unwinding after a stressful day in a room featuring an art carpet could even help you sleep better!

Custom Valmier and Matisse Inspired Rugs

Custom Valmier and Matisse-Inspired Rugs

Does your business have a waiting room? Add a modern art rug to break the monotony of waiting for your clients or patrons. Putting in a custom art rug can establish your business as a unique and highly memorable place. This will make people subconsciously want to return.

Custom Valmier and Matisse Inspired Rugs

Custom Valmier and Matisse-Inspired Rugs

Has your child created an artistic masterpiece? Instead of simply hanging it on the refrigerator, why not create a durable rug featuring the art? It can be placed in your child’s bedroom or proudly displayed in a common room for all to see. This is sure to be a boost to your child’s confidence and a unique way to say, “We love you and we’re proud of you!”

Matisse Inspired Custom Rugs

Matisse-Inspired Custom Rugs

Can we also say, “Move over dull and drab “neutral” carpets!” It’s time to make a bold and beautiful statement! Replacing an old rug with a modern art carpet can be the easiest way to completely make over a room because they completely change the ambiance. Just think what your spouse or family will say when they walk through the door and see the new rug! The new-look art rugs provide can be a nice way to celebrate a birthday or mark another special occasion.


Picasso's Yellow Belt, Kandinsky's Black Relationship, Miro's Femme Assise

Left to Right – Picasso’s Yellow Belt, Kandinsky’s Black Relationship, Miro’s Femme Assise

Many modern art rugs that Rug Rats creates are printed with the highest possible resolution. This creates crisp vivid images that truly pop. We can also create any combination of colors as electric as the brightest rainbow or as subdued as a mellow dream! Just let us know the feeling you want to invoke with your custom rug.
We also hand tuft in fine wool or these contemporary art custom rugs.  These rugs have a deep rich pile and are very elegant.
Contact us today so we can talk about what type of modern art rug you’d like. If you have something custom in mind, just let us know. We can always provide suggestions too if you’d like. On the other hand, if you have something concrete in mind, we can provide precisely what you want so you can fully realize your artistic vision.

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