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Custom welcome mats: A firm favorite for homes and offices

Hardwood and laminate flooring sales are booming throughout the US, and why wouldn’t they be? They’re gorgeous! Hardwood flooring sales account for about $893 million, while the laminate flooring market is worth about $645 million.
If your business uses these styles of flooring, you’re making an excellent choice. However, there are still issues that you need to contend with- namely, the fact that your flooring will undergo quite a bit of wear and tear in a short timeframe.

Beauty Salon Custom Welcome Mat

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Custom welcome mats can help save your floors and ensure that they last for many years. Read on to learn why this is the case!

How Do Custom Welcome Mats Save Your Floors?

Using custom door mats at the front of your store, restaurant, or office building is a great way to reduce damage to your property. They protect your space and customers by providing a buffer between feet and floor. Read on to learn how front door mats can benefit any commercial venue!

Custom Welcome Mats Stop Dirt and Grime From the Get-Go

When people come into a building from the outside, it’s natural that they may have some dirt and grime on their shoes.

While homeowners can ask that guests remove their shoes, this isn’t possible in commercial settings. It’s widely considered unsanitary and unsafe (because of slip-and-fall accidents and the possibility of stepping on sharp objects.) It’s smart for businesses to institute a ‘no shirt, no shoes, no service policy.

Providing customers with a personalized welcome mat gives them a place to wipe their shoes’ bottoms to ensure that they don’t track mud (or worse) into your store.

This is essential because dirt and dust contain clay, sand, oils, dyes, and dead skin cells. Tracking this onto most types of hardwood or tile causes discoloration.

Over time, it can even work through cracks between tiles/wooden planks or the grain of hardwood. It will be nearly impossible to remove without refinishing your flooring, which is a process that costs quite a bit of money.

Dents and Scratches have Become a Thing of the Past

Many of the particles on the bottom of people’s shoes are coarse and hard. When one of these coarse particles ends up rubbing against a wood floor, it’s natural that scratches will appear.

These scratches are ugly, but even worse, they can make it possible for water to seep into your wood. Water damage causes mold (and the many health ramifications of mold), so you’ll need to replace your flooring entirely if this becomes a problem.

The same applies to those with pebbles or sand embedded into the bottoms of their shoes. Rocks will come off the shoe on the welcome mat and, therefore, won’t dent your flooring.

You Can Use Any Type of Flooring

Everyone knows that not all flooring was created equal. Some varieties of wood and tile are harder and more durable than others. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop us from using the softer types in some places around commercial venues- they are gorgeous and natural-looking!

Because custom door mats eliminate the particles that cause scratching and denting, you can feel safe using softer varieties of hardwood and tile. It will still be weaker than harder options, of course, but the floor will be protected by the mat and, therefore, unlikely to be destroyed.

No matter what type of custom mat you choose, it will protect hardwood and tile flooring of any density and composition.

A Custom Welcome Mat Prevents Accidents

A custom welcome mat doesn’t just save your floors- it also protects your customers.

People fall a lot more often than you would think. 30% of injuries that land people in the ER result from slipping and falling.

Customers are more likely to fall when entering a commercial space than anywhere else in the store. This is because they aren’t used to the floor’s texture yet. Their shoes haven’t gotten the traction they need to remain upright without slipping.

A custom door mat puts something textured under people’s feet to ensure they don’t slip. If people do fall, custom welcome mats are softer than hardwood or tile and will lessen the impact of hitting the ground. There will be far fewer serious injuries.

Door Mats Save Money (Which You Can Reallocate)

There are many ways that doormats save money. You won’t need to repair or replace your floors nearly as often as you otherwise would. There will be no need for frequent resanding and repolishing due to scratches. Best of all, no injured customers will file slip-and-fall lawsuits against your business.

The money you save here can be reallocated into innovation and core product development, but it can also be funneled into making your floors even stronger. You can get safety coatings that make more traction when people step on them, thereby increasing the friction of shoes against floors.
You also can invest in sealant that prevents your floor from being scratched by shoes or dented by people dropping objects onto it. In a nutshell, giving you additional funds is another way custom door mats save your floors!

Why Custom Welcome Mats?

Alright, so door mats are a fantastic way to keep your floors safe and make them last for a long time. But why are custom welcome mats the right answer? Couldn’t you use any old mat that you find at the store?

Let’s take a look!

Custom = Quality

If you go to the store and choose any old welcome mat, it’s unlikely to be of very high quality. Sure, you can order one offline for $20, but will it be a high-quality, long-lasting rug? It’s more likely that the rug will have a hole within the month or that the rubber that secures it to the floor will come off, rendering the mat useless.

Custom welcome mats are made to order and are, therefore, of a higher caliber. They’re made of the finest materials. Plus, since they’re custom-made, you know that your mat is being created with the best methods to make it long-lasting and completely functional.

Because of this quality, custom mats will remain effective for years. They also come in whatever color you want, so you can choose a black, brown, or dark blue as the primary base hue. This will cover up the dirt and grime that people wipe onto it their shoes so that you don’t need to shampoo the rug every day.

More Mats? No Problem!

Most commercial venues have multiple doors through which customers and employees can enter and exit. If you want a custom door mat for each entryway, that isn’t a problem. You can upload your design and ask for multiple identical rugs to be printed.

You also can get custom floor mats in different shapes and sizes. This is especially handy if your doors or entryways are different sizes from one another. You can get the perfect rug to fit in your space without worrying that it will be too big or too small to function appropriately.

You Can Grow Your Brand

Another reason personalized doormats are a great choice is that they help grow your brand. When people walk into your space, the welcome mat sets the tone for what’s to come. Since you can have your store’s name, logo, and other brand information (slogan or contact info) printed onto your mat, people will know exactly who is giving them the products they buy and love.

If people like your products and take pictures of them for later, your welcome mat will likely end up in the background of the shot. People will then remember where they took the picture and be more likely to return to get the product they liked but didn’t want immediately.

Finally, it will also grow your brand by making the interior of your store consistent. Your branding information will (hopefully) be in other parts of the space, and a custom logo mat will create a more cohesive interior design.

Get Cracking!

Now that your know-how using a front door mat can save your flooring, it’s time to start.

Contact us to talk about our many varieties of custom welcome mats. Our professionals know everything about the designs and materials you can choose from, which makes them uniquely able to help you find something that meets your practical and aesthetic needs.

We’re excited for you to reach out!


About the author - Sandy Henderson

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