What do you do with those odd-shaped or sized rooms and floor segments that are impossible to cover with store-bought rugs? You can clutter those areas up with furniture or shelves that you don’t need, or you can invest in custom-size rugs personalized with the design of your choice.

What Is a Custom Size Rug?

Custom rugs are created to meet the specific needs of the buyer. When buying custom size rugs, you get to determine the exact specifications, including:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Image
  • Material
  • Shape

Custom Porsche Logo Rug

If you need an irregular size that isn’t available in most stores or online, you can order a custom rug with the exact dimensions needed to fill your space. Our rugs are superior in quality, so you can expect them to hold up for years even when placed at entryways or in other areas with heavy foot traffic.

Common Uses for Custom Size Rugs

Custom rug sizes allow you to fill those difficult rooms or spaces that aren’t easily covered by standard rugs or door mats. Our customized commercial rugs are designed to fill spaces with high-quality material in the shape, size, and color of your choice. It’s the perfect way to put the finishing touch on any room of your commercial or residential property.

Businesses often purchase custom-size rugs to infuse their property with strong images of their brand. If you want a rug that matches your company’s color scheme, we’ll make sure that your custom rug is a perfect match with bold colors that don’t fade even when placed in areas with heavy foot traffic. You can also add your logo or perhaps a catchy slogan that fills a designated space while infusing the area with your brand image.

Custom-size rugs look great in storefronts, service-based businesses, private homes, upscale rental properties, and many other commercial environments. If you’re struggling to fill a space due to an odd shape or you just want something that stands out without cluttering the walls, a rug designed to your specifications may work.

Our Made-to-Order Process

Our custom-size rugs are designed to meet the needs of each client, following a proven system that delivers satisfying results in a reasonable amount of time.

The process always starts with a free quote. We listen to the details of your project and gain a full understanding of what you want to achieve with your space. Our design professionals then walk you through the following process to create the perfect custom-size rug.

  1. You select a design for your custom rug. Our design experts are always available to help you settle on a design that will fit the space you want to cover while fulfilling your aesthetic vision. You can also look at our custom rug galleries online, using the images as creative inspiration for your own design.
  2. You provide the specs and graphics for your custom rug. When ordering a rug customized with a logo or artwork, please provide a file in one of the following formats: EPS, AI, PDF, PSD, or JPG. We cannot use photographs, faxes, photocopies, fabric, napkins, embroidered patches, web graphics, or screenshots. We cannot enlarge small logo files. All Files must be a resolution of 200 dpi (dots per inch) or larger.
  3. Our design team provides a rendering of your custom rug design plus samples of the material and colors. The rendering allows you to see what your rug will look like before we start production. The samples ensure the colors are as expected. You can adjust the design as needed to ensure the perfect rug is produced. There are never any surprises when you get the final approval of your design and colors.
  4. We make your custom rug to the exact specifications ordered. The time needed to create a custom rug varies, depending on the materials, design, size, and other factors.
  5. We ship your rug to your doorstep. You can quickly slip it into place, transforming any room of your property instantly.

Selecting a Size for Your Custom Rug

The second step in our made-to-order process is to provide the specs for your rug. Determining the exact size and shape of the rug is critical. You need to measure the space and write those numbers down so that our design team can ensure your custom-size rug is a perfect match for your space.

Custom sized rugs for churchesIf you don’t want to fill a specific area perfectly, you should still measure to determine the right size for proper fit. For instance, when placing an oversized rug in a large entryway, you want to make sure it’s large enough to welcome your guests without overpowering the surrounding area.

Even if your goal is to fill a large space with a rug that will attract the eye of visitors, take the time to measure. We can’t create a perfectly sized rug if we don’t know the exact dimensions needed.

Request a Quote

When you’re ready to order custom-size rugs, contact us online to request a quote. You don’t need to wait until you measure the area. Give us a good guess on the size of the rug needed, and we’ll deliver a quote that shows how reasonable we are on pricing.

You can always give us exact dimensions later as we move through the ordering process. Understand that the final price may change if the dimensions change from the original quote.

We pride ourselves on high-quality rugs, speedy answers to questions, and reasonable prices. Don’t assume that a large custom rug is out of your budget until you go through our free quote process to see how we can help you.

Why Do I Need a Custom Size Rug?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions at Rug Rats. Many new customers love the quality, look, and feel of our custom rugs, but they aren’t sure how they might incorporate a unique rug into their commercial space or home. We touched on some of the most common uses for custom-size rugs above, but let’s take a moment to go into more depth on why you need a rug customized to your space.

  • Professional Branding – It’s not always easy to incorporate elements of branding in your office décor without it looking forced or unprofessional. Custom rugs have a prestigious look while putting your brand on full display.
  • Professional Aesthetics – When used in commercial spaces, custom-size rugs can elevate a room from ordinary to eye-catching. They can give even small businesses or newly opened services a look of authority. When you respect your space, clients, employees, and visitors will respect your brand and office in return.
  • Floor Protection – Custom rugs placed near doorways and in areas of heavy foot traffic can protect flooring from outdoor elements. Whether it’s mud and dirt on shoes or snow and rain shaken from umbrellas, a large rug will collect the debris so that it doesn’t dirty up your space. You will spend less money and time cleaning your floors when a large custom rug is placed in just the right place. Protecting the floor is also important if you’re renting commercial space and don’t want to pay to fix flooring flaws when you move out.
  • Specific Sizing – Stop searching for odd-sized rugs at box stores. Just order a rug with the exact size and shape that fits your space. You’ll spare yourself a few headaches while getting back to more important work quickly.
  • Unique Colors/Designs – It’s difficult finding rugs in box stores when you have a specific color or pattern in mind. Whether you’re a business searching for a rug that represents your brand color scheme or a homeowner trying to incorporate a specific accent color in the bedroom or living room, you’ll get exactly what you need when you allow Rug Rats to match the colors for you.
  • Decorative Aesthetics – Homeowners and property managers often need to match their rugs to patterns or colors used in their room décor. A rug that’s slightly off shade can stand out and ruin the aesthetics of an otherwise perfectly designed space. The ability to specify dimensions, colors and patterns on demand is priceless.

custom sized rug for a beauty salon

Customized rugs aren’t for every business, commercial space, or home. They’re invaluable when you want to create a highly polished, professional aesthetic or the perfect home interior design. They’re also unbeatable when it comes to branding and filling in oddly shaped rooms and areas that seem impossible to cover with standard rugs found in local stores.

Are you ready to design a custom size rug for your business, rental property, or home? Contact Rug Rats today for a free quote. Let’s get the made-to-order process started.