Contemporary Rugs are inspired from the decorative arts and art inspired themes.   Modern and Contemporary rugs provide today’s colors for art-inspired floors.  Contemporary area rugs pay homage to the modern artists, but each of their designs are new.

Contemporary Rugs

Modern Rugs are a hot item in any room.

Modern Rugs are focal point or conversation starter. Modern & Contemporary Rugs are  available in hundreds of custom styles, from eye-popping designs to Kandinsky-inspired modern art masterpieces!

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At Rug Rats we take pride in the professional custom rugs and logo  mats that we create.  Our rugs and mats are handcrafted and completely customized. 

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“There is something fairly timeless about these geometrically abstract rugs. They proved to be popular not only in the 1930’s, but throughout the rest of the twentieth century and into the twenty first. In fact, these designs have proved the test of time so that abstract rugs are proving to be as popular today as they were originally in the 1930’s”  John Hopper – from The Textile Blog