Custom Mission & Prairie Style Rugs

Characterized as casual, comfortable and minimal, Mission Style can trace its origins back to the 19th century. The style was highly popularized by icons and pioneers of the Mid Century Modern Design Today, more and more people are falling in love with Craftsman, Bungalow, Mission, and Prairie style interior designs. If you’re missing out on this quick rising trend, there’s some great news for you. Rug Rats allows you to enjoy the Craftsman lifestyle that will evoke solidity, class, and comfort in your home. Don’t worry; we’re not talking about expensive, earthy home makeovers with rustic furniture and stained glass. How about starting off with something a little more subtle and affordable? Here’s our top collection of custom mission rugs based on the Prairie School, Craftsman and Usonian designs.

Guggenheim Inspired Handtufted Custom Rug

The design for this particular petite loop pile, hand-tufted area rug is inspired by the Guggenheim Museum Building. This custom mission rug portrays the cylindrical nature of the Guggenheim. And the fact that even though the museum’s exterior looks like individual cylinders, it’s actually one continuous spiral on the inside. This rug fits perfectly in both homey and professional settings.

Mission Style Hall Runner

Hall runners work great at accentuating hallways and softening up narrow spaces. If you’re searching for something unique in your home, how about mid century modern rugs? In addition to being a great fit, the linear pattern makes your hallway look longer and wider than it actually is. The dots, circles, and shapes also help break down the lines and add a touch of color to the brown rug. This rug is inspired by an Otto Prutscler Fabric design.

Prairie Triangles Living Room Custom Rug

For some reason, the Prairie style is perfect for creating borders on your favorite rugs. No matter what material or color you want to go with, the Prairie triangles create an attractive border that you could get lost staring at. The design includes horizontal lines, hipped shapes and modest use of color. This rug is perfect for the study or as a subtle centrepiece in your living room.

Mission Style Geometric Custom Rug

This stylebrings essential elements of style and architecture. . In addition to the usual geometric shapes all through the rug, Rug Rats got a bit creative with this one. We included angled lines and unique, false borders on either side. To keep in line with the professional and classy look, you’ll notice that no flashy colors have been used.

Custom Rug Inspired by Swatch of Wall to Wall Carpet Saved During the Arizona Biltmore Renovations

Crowned The Jewel of the Desert. The Arizona Biltmore was opened in 1929. In 1979, The Arizona Biltmore underwent multimillion-dollar renovations under new ownership. This unique, hand tufted rug is a tribute to the 1950’s Arizona Biltmore wall to wall carpet.

Prairie Triangles Hall Runner

The border design for this hall runner is very similar to our previous prairie style living room rug. The only difference is the deeper contrast created by using more color for the double triangles. You will also notice the use of shorter and more curved lines as opposed to the straight, geometric lines that comprise the prairie school style. An excellent choice for bringing your hallway to life.

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