Custom Logo Floor Mats

Custom School Entrance Mats Improve Campus Buildings

Custom logo school entrance mats offer a perfect way to improve any campus building’s entryways

  • Making it possible to enhance a comfortable, pleasant welcome to site visitors, employees, and students with pride, showing your school colors, mascot, slogan, logo, or insignia.
  • Brightening, personalizing, and adorning entrances with your school’s logo
  • Unleashing and endorsing school spirit by featuring a favorite wording, message, objective statement, or founding date or by remembering a dignitary, instructor, or benefactor.
  • You are exhibiting school achievements by detailing awards received by educational and sports competitions.
  • Offering a chance for a class, school, or group giving project.

Custom logo school rugs are durable, long-lasting, and have an extended life while minimizing grime and the wearing of existing flooring and offering security underfoot. A reducer edging all around these custom logo mats allows easy access for wheelchairs, carts, walkers, etc.

Custom logo rugs with school logos can be bought in any size, with a variety of 54 colors for your personalized school design. By going to our Rug Quote web page, you can send us your proposed design, to consists of dimensions, text, logo, insignia, brand, or mascot. We will e-mail you a totally free digital scale sketching for you to review. This will allow you to picture and examine your school logo mat design prior to manufacturing.  You are welcome to make any modifications and/or corrections and we can provide an edited scale sketching, totally free at no obligation.

Check out our Logo Rug Design Search Tool to get ideas on your school entrance mat.

Below are only several examples of a large number of school floor mats we have created for schools over the years.

School logo entrance mats



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