A child's bedroom is a place to energize, self-reflect, and feel a sense of belonging. What better way to feel affiliation than to add pieces in their room that show their interests?

A few essential basics for every room are a bed, a study table, and a play area. Kids usually sit on the floor while playing, and having a comfortable carpet is just as important as any other piece of furniture. At Rug Rats, we offer rugs that are not only very comfortable but also quite durable. 

Marvel and Justice League Superheros Rug

We at Rug Rats will provide you with the best quality rugs for children's rooms that can last for years. We can custom-make your orders according to your needs. Choosing the right rug can help set the tone for your kid's bedroom.

You can go through our kids' rugs collection and choose the one you want to order for your child's bedroom, as we offer a wide variety for you to choose from. However, we are open to making a custom design for you.

Our services are not limited to residential customers. We are open to making children's rugs for recreational areas and playrooms. We also make custom logo rugs for businesses, schools, and universities.

Choose the perfect rug for your kids' room

Our custom children's rugs will bring a smile to your child's face! By decorating your child's room with our custom rugs, you can use different images of your child's interests to make the perfect children's rugs. Every child has a personality; hence, with our custom rugs, you can order custom rugs that your children will love. You can customize its design, size, shape, and colors according to your requirements.

A quick tip: Always use an image your child can identify so they can feel a sense of happiness after seeing it.

You can order custom rugs of your child's favorite:

  • Cartoon character
  • Storybook character
  • Toy
  • Animal
  • Game
  • Cars
  • Celebrity or singer
  • Playful patterns and colors
  • Quotes
  • Alphabets and numbers
  • Food items, etc.
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter Rug

Getting rugs for children's rooms that match the overall theme of their room and have their favorite things made on them will give them a sense of belonging in their room. And they would be motivated to spend most of their time there.

Our custom childrens rugs will bring a smile to your child’s face!

Decorate your child’s room using a custom childrens rug. You can use a creative design to make beautiful handmade logo rugs.  Feature images and characters for a personal logo rug that children can identify with.

Ideas for a custom logo rug:

  • Your custom logo rug can be a hero from one of the story books that your child has been reading,
  • A custom Child’s rug could be a popular cartoon television show character.
  • A personal logo rug could be an image of a favorite food or toy.

With Rugs Rats, you can get a logo rug that will fit your child’s decor. A custom rug can create a peaceful, exciting, and learning atmosphere at home.

Find a great child’s rug by visiting our children’s rug products section. Check the children’s logo rug products in our shopping area for durable and colorful rugs with favorite characters or themes.

Benefits of having rugs in childrens rooms

Kids often don't think about their actions' consequences and continue doing what they do. As adults, we are responsible for ensuring their safety by creating a safe environment for them to play in without getting hurt. Hence rugs are a great way to buffer the damage while letting them enjoy themselves and give a focal point to the room.
Rugs can help in the following:

  • Prevent children from getting injured from falling on hardwood floors.
  • Provide a colorful backdrop to play on.
  • Prevent the floor from any permanent damage of spills or stains.
  • Play at a fixed spot rather than making a mess around the room.
  • Insulate sound in the room, as kids can get noisy while playing.

All the kids' rugs are available on our website to order according to your needs. For custom orders, please email us.

Splat Vintage Comic Book Area Rug

Tips for choosing the best rug

Following are the practical tips that you must follow while choosing the best rug for your little one's room:

Choose the perfect size

Try to choose a rug that is not only scaled appropriately for the space but should also be wide enough for your child to sit and play on. At the same time, it should look aesthetically pleasing.

Create a focal point

If the room is already carpeted, you would need a small-sized rug to create an accent that helps you achieve the look you want.

Choose the shape according to the size of the room

Remember your given area while choosing the shape of the kids' rugs, then select the shape accordingly. We offer primarily conventional shapes like rectangles and circles.

Make sure the rug looks aesthetically pleasing

If you want to get a children's rug that covers the entire room floor, get one that covers most of the room but does not press up against the sides of the wall. It will make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Choose bold colors

Feel free to choose bold colors for the kids' room, as this is the only room in the house where you can experiment with colors.

The following is a sample of custom rugs we’ve made for clients:

Customize your rug with one of your designs Request a Free Quote

What makes our rugs unique that you must purchase them?

  • Our rugs are made of a soft, comfortable material to walk on or sit on.
  • They are highly durable and can withstand years of traffic.
  • Clean-up is simple as it can be easily maintained from spills, stains, and wear and tear.
  • We can print any design using any color you ask for; hence the choice is yours to be creative with your options.
  • Using heat printing, you can get any image printed on your carpet.
Pac-Man Game Rug

Enhance the visuals of your child's room with Logo Rugs from Rug Rats

By choosing Rugs Rats, you can get logo rugs perfect for your child's room. Selecting the most suitable option will help create a peaceful learning atmosphere for your child.

Fortunately, we offer a wide range of rugs to choose from; choosing one that best fits your child's bedroom needs won't be a problem.

You can choose a durable and colorful rug from our Children's rugs collection on our website or email us to order a custom rug.

We have several other categories for which we make logo rugs for businesses interested in ordering custom rugs from us. You can check our website for further information.