Our custom children’s rugs will bring a smile to your child’s face!

Decorate your child’s room using a custom logo rug. You can use a creative design to make beautiful handmade logo rugs.  Feature images and characters for a personal logo rug that children can identify with.

Ideas for a custom children’s logo rug:

  • Your custom logo rug can be a hero from one of the story books that your child has been reading
  • A custom Child’s rug could be a character in a popular cartoon television show.
  • A personal logo rug could be an image of a favorite food or toy.
  • Send us a picture, fabric, wallpaper, or anything from your child’s decor. We can make you the perfect rug to compliment

With Rugs Rats, you can get a logo rug that will fit your child’s decor. A custom rug can create a peaceful, exciting, and learning atmosphere at home.

Find a great child’s rug by visiting our children’s rug products section.  Check out the children’s logo rug products in our shopping area for durable and colorful rugs with favorite characters or themes


The following is a sample of custom children’s rugs we’ve made for clients:

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