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Car Dealership Custom Logo Rugs Stand Out

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Car Dealership Custom Logo Rugs

Car dealership custom logo rugs help dealers stand out. The National Automobile Dealers Association reports that there are currently almost 18,000 auto dealerships in operation within the United States. New and used car sales, as well as parts and service sales, generate $862 billion per year. This is clearly a very big business.

Corvette Dealership Custom Logo Ruf

Corvette Dealership Custom Logo Rug

With so much competition for all of these consumer dollars, how can your dealership remain competitive? The simplest answer is to make sure that you are building a consistent and trusted brand. This draws in new customers and ensures repeat business. A custom floor mat with your dealership name and logo can be catching and help with branding.

Advertising Is Expensive

Traditional advertising can be very expensive. Most dealers spend $350 to $600 per retail unit on advertising. This is usually for things like direct mail, television, and radio advertising. This is money that needs to be continually re-invested to continue to achieve results.

Porsche Door Mat Logo Rug

Porsche Dealership Logo Rug

Unfortunately, getting a new customer to walk through your doors can all be sabotaged if they aren’t walking into the right environment. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

If you don’t want to waste those advertising dollars you must make sure that it counts. A custom welcome mat can help with that first impression forever customer that walks through your doors.

Car Dealership Custom Logo Rugs- Keep ahead of Competitors

When customers walk into your dealership they need to feel relaxed and comfortable. This puts them in a buying mood. They should feel like they are walking into a professional environment. You want them to trust you and your service. That is the power of car dealership logo rugs.

These custom logo rugs positively reflect your brand and provide the “wow factor” to new customers.

Cadillac Dealership Custom Logo Rugs

Cadillac Dealership Custom Logo Rugs

You are giving customers the experience they do not get with your competitors. Your dealership stands out and makes an excellent first impression. These are important factors in the sales environment.

Quality Car Dealership Custom Logo Rugs

Our custom car dealership logo rugs include a unique design that represents your dealership’s name, colors, and logo. We print our custom rugs on high-quality HD digital printers with the capabilities to print at 10 times the resolution of other printers. This produces crisp, clear, and eye-catching images in vivid detail.  Every logo rug gets this same VIP treatment!

Jaguar Dealership Custom Logo Rug

Jaguar Dealership Custom Logo Rur

Our logo rugs are useful both indoors and outside and are fully customizable. You choose the size, shape, and high-quality material and we will take care of the rest.

Car Dealership Custom Logo Rugs – Keep Your Dealership Clean And Safe

Studies show that 80% of dust and other debris are brought in right through the front door. A dirty showroom is a turnoff to customers. They want to do business in a clean and professional environment.

Car dealership logo rugs provide a place for customers to wipe their feet so they do not track dirt and mud onto the sales floor. This also reduces your salespeople’s need to sweep and clean the floor giving them more time to focus on selling.

Jeep Dealership Logo Rug

Jeep Dealership Logo Rug

Our custom logo rugs also protect your floor’s surface preventing damage and unnecessary repairs. They create a barrier between hard shoes and the surface of your floor. Custom floor mats help the floor to last longer. A one-time investment in a custom rug can save hundreds or thousands of dollars in long-term floor repairs.

Reduce tracked-in dirt, control slips, trips, and falls, but still offer an aesthetically attractive entry using a custom logo door mat. Look at this write-up about Minimize Dirt with Walk-Off Matting by Clean Link.

Finally, these rugs also keep your customers safe. Over 8 million people are rushed to the emergency room every year due to slip and fall accidents. This is a liability for dealership owners.

When placed at the entryway of your dealership our logo rugs prevent these types of incidents. They ensure your customer’s traction is never compromised by providing a place to wipe their feet. Our custom rugs look amazing and keep customers safe.

Car Dealership Logo Rugs for Your Dealership

Ford Dealership Logo Rug

Ford Dealership Logo Rug

The car dealership industry is extremely competitive. You need to take advantage of every opportunity to stand out from the competition. You can easily accomplish this with one of our custom rugs.

As you can see in the examples above, these logo rugs are both functional and welcoming ambassadors for your dealership. They ensure your brand is consistent while making an excellent first impression on new customers. You can transform your ordinary floor into a custom billboard.

Check out the Car and Vintage Car Logo Rugs we have in our shopping cart.

GMC Dealership Logo Rug

GMC Dealership Logo Rug

When you contact us you can always expect a response within 24 hours or less of any inquiry.

Our artwork design renderings and mock-ups are always completely free. You have little to lose by seeing what we can offer.

Contact us today and discover the many ways that your dealership can benefit from our high-quality car dealership logo rugs.


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