5 Advantages of Custom Made Door Mats for Your Business

 Custom-Made Door Mats for Your Business

Whether your business is large or small, the entryway is where you make that all-important first impression by making it a focal point, a point of focus where you showcase a strong personality and highlight personal, corporate, and professional tastes with custom made door mats for your business.
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When it comes to creating a welcoming aura, custom-made door mats can be an excellent addition to your place of business.  Every company wants to stand out from the next one, and suitable door mats can be the final centerpiece that helps you to create the right impression.

Read on to discover a list of five advantages to having custom door mats at your business for a better customer experience.

Bolster Your Brand

Your company logo is the first thing most customers see, so it’s essential to make it clear and present at all times. With a custom doormat, you can have your company’s logo front and center before people even walk through the door.

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Creating strong branding is a crucial component of having a successful business. With your logo featured boldly on your doormat, customers will instantly know where they are and who they are visiting.

If you have a home business, this is a great way to help your customers find you and reinforce the idea that you’re a true professional.

If you are running a small to medium-sized company, then these mats will help customers relate to the nature and mission of your enterprise, which goes a long way toward humanizing your business model; customers want to feel like they are at the core of your mission, and not just a means to an end, and the suitable rugs can reinforce this sentiment.

Custom Made Door Mats for Your Business

Adding your logo to the custom rug will inspire your visitors and boost employee morale. Your employees are human and will, from time to time suffer from the monotony of a bland design and stiff spaces. These mats allow you to elevate the outlook of the workplace, which directly contributes to their morale and enthusiasm. Motivated employees translate into good productivity, which boosts sales and revenues in the long run.

A custom doormat is a perfect way to elevate your brand and keep it at everyone’s mind. From small businesses to government operations, custom-made door mats make it clear to visitors exactly who you are and what you are about.

Demonstrate Professionalism

Choosing custom door mats will create a professional look for your business. This simple, attractive accessory elevates the look of your business and gives the entire space a more professionally-focused look and feel. As a business owner, you want to project a strong image and show the world what your enterprise stands for; the right image can make or break the way you are perceived.

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First impressions are everything; personalized door mats will help you add a relatable touch to your offices. There is a delicate balance between too formal and too casual, so you might want to go for mats that are not overwhelming or intimidating in their designs. A simple, minimalist approach without too much text or complicated patterns would be an excellent way to showcase professionalism through your mats.

A custom mat imprinted with your company slogan or logo lets everyone know you’re serious about your business. Whether it’s your team, clients, or the delivery driver, having this one item prominently in front of your business will show pride and dedication to your work.

These custom welcome mats don’t just look professional. They also help create a warm, welcoming feeling that encourages people to come and see exactly what you offer. A clear, colorful design will make it easier for people to remember who you are and your location.

Customers’ chances of walking through your front doors increase significantly when they have a visual image of who you are. Hundreds of businesses provide the same service as yours, and the right image helps you stay in the memories of those who would like to engage with you in the future. Rug Rat’s customized door mats can be the perfect catalyst for that.

 Protect Your Property

Whether you rent or own your building, door mats help to keep your floors protected. Damaged floors don’t just look unsightly; they also detract from the professional image you’re working hard to portray. They project an image of callousness, which is exactly the kind of business customers may not want to engage with.

Custom Made Door Mats for Your Business

A durable doormat keeps your floors or outdoor entryway looking new. These mats are crafted of durable, high-quality materials that can handle quite a bit of foot traffic and all kinds of weather and wear. Remember, your doorway takes the most significant impact from people stepping into the business or out of it. It, therefore, makes sense for these spots to receive priority when setting door mats in place. Here, you must choose a heavy material to withstand constant foot traffic but not so heavy as to pose problems when cleaning. Additionally, go for mats that do not stain too quickly because the doorway is susceptible to dust, pollen, and many other forms of dirt from the outside.


Without a doormat, your floors could get wet, scratched, or dented over time. Using a custom-made doormat does more than add style and substance to your business. It also keeps it protected and safe from unsightly wear and tear. If you’re renting, having this protection is even more important to prevent extra costs or problems with your property manager later. It also makes it easier for you to compute your renovation costs from time to time. When your overhead is reduced, your revenues are increased.

Offer a Layer of Safety

As a business, you can’t afford to worry about possible liability due to an injury in your building. A mat will help soak up excess water, preventing puddles from getting onto hard surface floors. Wet flooring is a potential trip hazard that can result in serious injury. Indeed, the National Floor Safety Institute reports that slip and fall accidents are responsible for over I million yearly visits to the emergency rooms of hospitals across America every year. This accounts for a stunning 12% of all fatal injuries.

Custom Made Door Mats for Your Business

With the addition of custom rugs at every entrance point, you’re helping to minimize the amount of moisture that comes inside from the bottom of peoples’ shoes. These entrance mats will help to reduce the chances of someone slipping and falling when they come inside.

In addition to adding a layer of safety, the custom personalized door mats also remind people to wipe their feet before entering your building. It’s a great way to emphasize that people are getting ready to come into a clean, professional place with high regard for safety. In addition, when your customers clean up every time they walk in, the accumulation of dirt on your mats is slower, which means that your employees spend less time cleaning up after visitors.

Get Creative with Custom Floor Mats

One of the biggest perks to having custom-made door mats is that you’re able to express your company’s unique personality and creative side. These mats can be made in various sizes and styles, and the customization option allows you to create something unique for your business. Remember, a few tweaks here and there put you on the road to recognition in an otherwise crowded marketplace.

Think outside the box and consider new ways to design custom personalized door mats to make them bold and appealing to your customers. You can add large text incorporating your company tagline or have the mat printed with your business mission statement. Design a doormat with an oversized logo in full color to make an impact. You are looking for patterns that emphasize your uniqueness and encompass the history of the business. This works especially for family-owned businesses, arguably the backbone of American enterprise and zest for innovation. Suitable mats with the right colors, design, and style can go that distance.


Whether you want something dignified and sophisticated, chic and hip, or funky and fun, customizing your doormat will add a bold look to your entryway. Make sure you choose the same design for several mats if you aim for a cohesive and streamlined look throughout the building.  You want the style in your doorways to flow seamlessly into and reinforce each other.

Custom Mats are easy to Clean

As long as you choose the right custom mat for your business needs, one of the main benefits is the ease of cleaning. Some helpful advice for keeping your custom doormat clean are:

  • Vacuum the carpet regularly with a commercial vacuum cleaner to remove accumulated dirt and debris. Blot up the liquid and clean up the spill as soon as possible with the required stain remover.  Do NOT allow any dirt or sentiment to linger for more than a couple of days because this enhances their chances of setting in and becoming stubborn. A cleaning frequency of 2 to 3 days a week is a great place to start.
  • Create a cleaning schedule that fits your business perfectly. Detail cleaning sessions can be carried out over the weekends when the fewest people come to the office, while lighter touch-ups can happen at the beginning or close of working days.
  • Use a suitable carpet cleaner and solution to remove embedded dirt. The proper detergents should have as few chemical components as possible to avoid corrosion. Remember to alternate between vacuuming, steaming, and shampooing, depending on the amount of dirt involved. Of the three, steaming is the best approach to cleaning custom mats because it takes care of embedded and caked-in dirt.

Custom Mats Say Hello in Style

No matter your business type, custom-made door mats can enhance customer experience and give you a professional presence. Choose a mat that boosts your brand and welcomes guests in a cheerful, warm way. Avoid bland, generic rugs because they won’t do much to enhance your brand. Warm colors and patterns are notable for creating a huge visual presence and adding cheer to an otherwise grim environment.

These custom door mats are also a great way to reinforce safety and protect your floors from damage, which makes them a win-win for any business. Choose custom rugs that will elevate your business and make it more functional and unique. Think through your options and work with experts at Rug Rats to arrive at the right combination of hues, shades, designs, and patterns.

Whether you need an indoor or outdoor rug, our company can create a custom mat to your specifications. We can also create outdoor mats that can withstand all weather conditions for extended periods.

Create a custom rug with your artwork, free of charge, by sending us a logo or image file. You can choose your designs and preview them before we produce your custom mat. We stay in touch throughout the process, helping you work through alterations until you get to a design that works best for your business. Before everything goes to print, we ensure it is precisely what you are looking for, making your experience wholesome and satisfactory.

Use the link below to share your ideas for custom rug designs with us. Get a free rug proof or request a quote from us by providing us with your email address.

To learn more about our products, seek answers to any questions, get a free rug quote, or send an email, contact us today to learn more. We always respond and provide the information you need to acquire the perfect rug or mat for your space.


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