Air Force Base Logo Rugs Travel With You

Rug Rats is proud to offer Air Force personnel and their families Air Force base logo rugs that commemorate the great Air Force bases at which they have gallantly served.

Air Force Base Rug Collage

Currently, we have worked with the following Air Force bases and hope to add in the near future:

Langley Air Force Base Logo Rug Langley Air Force Base (Langley–Eustis Air Force Base) logo rug
Shaw Air Force Base Logo Rug Shaw Air Force Base rug
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Logo Rug Seymour Johnson Air Force Base rug
Minot Air Force Base Logo Rug Minot Air Force Base rug
Macdill Air Force Base Logo Rug Macdill Air Force Base rug
Goodfellow Air Force Base Logo Rug Goodfellow Air Force Base rug

Further, we can create a custom United States Air Force (USAF) military rug for you, highlighting any Air Force base you desire. We can also make customizations to the Air Force base rugs listed above. We can add family names like, “The Smith Family,” to your custom rug.


We can also add sentimental expressions like, “Our Hearts Never Left,” or “We Salute You.” Some of our Air Force patrons like to add popular creeds and slogans to their rugs. Examples include “Cross into the Blue,” “Integrity first,” “Do Something Amazing,” and “Aim High! Fly, Fight, Win!” but we can add anything you want.


Patrick Air Force Base Welcome Rug


Air Force families know the drill. They serve their country where they are most needed. In doing so, they make an Air Force base their home, sometimes for many years, but then duty calls them elsewhere and they must pack up and soldier on. Saying goodbye to good friends and taking with them fond memories of the base itself, as well as the surrounding community, they leave a little piece of their heart at every place they are stationed. All along the way, they collect momentos of these special places that they can place in their new home to maintain continuity.



An Air Force rug that specifically salutes a specific Air Force base is a good way to keep the time you spent at that base active in your memories and close to your heart. This can be particularly comforting to the spouse and children of Air Force men and women who actively service. No other job requires more of one’s family than the duty of a serviceman or woman.

Our Air Force base station rugs are made of the highest quality materials on the market. They hold up to a great deal of traffic. Even if you have children and pets, you can expect them to look great for many years. We print all logos and words are a very high resolution so the resulting image is as striking to the eye as the immaculate United States Air Force Service Dress Uniform!


Our colors are also true to life. We can match the official ultramarine blue and the golden yellow of the United States Air Force precisely. However, we can also add borders and other design elements that will help your Air Force military base rug blend in with your home decor. Further, we are not limited to square and rectangular-shaped rugs. We can provide circular or oval rugs. We can cut rugs into “odd” shapes to accommodate any space.



Each unit at each Air Force base also has its own slogans and logos. For example, the 17th Medical Operations Squadron at Goodfellow Air Force Base has a beautiful logo featuring a medical red cross and a majestic raptor soaring over the mountains. It also features the creed, “Unity, Vigilance, Endurance.” This would make a beautiful Air Force rug that anyone would be proud to display in their home or office.

US Air Force Logo Rug

If you have special artwork for an Air Force division or Air Force base in which you have served, we can turn that artwork into a rug. These make wonderful gifts for your loved ones who serve so diligently. Displaying this type of rug shows that loved one how proud you are of them and the service they provide to our country. It also instills pride in that person’s family, including the extended family when they come to visit.

If you have a special Air Force project in mind, give us a call or shoot us an email so we can discuss the details. If you want to keep your project a surprise, let us know and we’ll be discrete if we need to call back. Remember, we can use any artwork and any words you want. We can also make suggestions if you need help with the aesthetics of your Air Force base rug design.

Contact us with your ideas on a US Air Force Base Logo Rug.


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