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Here at Rug Rats, we have perfected the art of designing great custom carpets for our customers. We have a wide range of colors, fabrics, and patterns to draw from. Our professionals have a sharp creative edge and will provide precisely what you are looking for.

Custom Carpets

Custom Mission Style Rugs

So, what is the difference between custom rugs and custom carpets?

Contemporary Handtufted Custom Rug
The terms custom rugs and custom carpets are used interchangeably, but while there are similarities, there is also a big difference between the two. Both are relatively big pieces of cloth made from materials such as wool, cotton, silk, or synthetics. They are also used for decorative and functional purposes. Custom carpets and rugs come in a range of patterns and designs. This is because different manufacturers use different materials and have distinct ideas of what these decorative pieces should look like.

US Marines custom carpet

US Marines Logo Rug used for a wall hanging

 In the Middle East, the making and use of custom carpets and custom rugs is an art that cultural and regional palettes contribute significantly to. Rugs are traditionally smaller than carpets, with the biggest ones measuring about 6.5 feet. Most rugs cover about 40 square feet. Additionally, rugs sit in the middle of a room or close to furniture (beds, tables, sofas) while carpets are used to cover the totality of the space in a given room. Custom carpets are also a lot less mobile than rugs.

Art Custom Rugs

Art Custom Rugs

While most custom carpets are used as floor coverings, there have been instances of them gracing walls as decorative pieces. The Russians have used carpets this way for centuries now. Generally, hand-tufted rugs, are considered a luxury and come in quite expensive. The good news is that there are machine-made varieties available on a budget.

Custom carpets for homes and businesses

At Rug Rats, we design carpets for homes, businesses, hospitals, and churches. There is a range of styles available that will highlight your core message and help various features of your custom carpet stand out.  Some customers simply want a building’s name printed into a carpet while others go the extra mile to have their address embedded. Still, others require photographic quality logos inlaid. We can do this with ease as our professionals have the requisite technology and skillset.

Business Logo Mats

At the moment, we use high-definition printed technologies to come up with the ideal custom carpets for all your needs. This approach is lauded for its ability to conjure very fine features for every carpet while at the same time making the production of 3D graphics a reality. Here, you get to select up to 150 colors and a wide range of custom sizes.

Why Rug Rats is one of the leading carpet suppliers

We know that you are not just looking for a generic piece that you could get in any store in the country. We understand your need for an intricate design that reflects your style, needs, and preferences. Buyers have very specific requirements, and we are more than happy to listen and act. We have been in the custom carpets business for over three decades, so you know we will get it right. Our carpets feature logos, text, insignia, and any other customizations requested by the customer.
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At Rug Rats, your search for the right carpet comes to an end. Our designs are unique, the materials are spectacular, and the customers always walk home satisfied with the custom carpets they get.