Why Your Home and Office Need Personalized Door Mats

Keller Williams Custom Doormat

Personalized door mats are often the first thing customers see when entering a business. They help create a professional appearance for your shop or office space while promoting your brand and allowing employees to feel pride in their workplace.

What about your home? You can use custom door mats to welcome loved ones, neighbors, and other visitors into your living space. Every part of your home should have a touch of your personality, and doormats are a great way to make that happen.

Entranceways are also high-traffic areas, so you need door mats to protect your floor from unnecessary wear and tear. Customized mats require an upfront investment, but they will save you money over time as you pay less to maintain your tile, hardwood, and carpeting.

Types of Custom Door Mat Personalization

There are five primary ways that you can personalize a door mat:

  • Color – You can choose the color of the text and images printed on your custom rug as well as the background color. Some custom doormats will have borders or other elements that may also come with color options.
  • Print – From logos to monograms, you get to choose what design is presented on your door mat. The professionals at Rug Rats can work with you to select the right fonts and images to bring your doormat to life.
  • Material – The material used to create your custom door mat will determine its functional use and appearance. Some materials are better at wiping feet to prevent dirt, snow, and other outside elements from entering your workplace or home. Other materials have an elegant appearance that fits more upscale brands and houses. Cost is also a factor when selecting the material.
  • Size – It’s difficult to find a large custom floor mat that fits your entranceway perfectly. That’s why we allow you to customize the size of your custom rug to ensure a great fit. You won’t have extra material bunched up against a wall, which could create a tripping hazard in some cases.
  • Shape – Most store-bought doormats or rectangular, but what if you want a round, oval or custom shaped logo rug? Personalizing a logo rug is the only way to get the exact shape you want.

If you want to personalize a custom logo rug, but aren’t sure how to determine the best design or pick the right colors, our professionals are here to help. We have an eye for the finer details and take the time to fully understand what you want to achieve with your doormat. The right design options will create an amazing rug that fits your space perfectly.

Independence High School personalized door mat

Why Do You Need Personalized Door Mats?

We’ve talked about the importance of using door mats to protect your floor and bring personality to your space, but why is personalization a big deal? Customizing your doormat is the only way to add that extra touch of personality. You determine what message you want to send and then create a design and select colors that fit that message perfectly.

Personalizing your custom door mat will set your home or business apart from the neighbors. You’ll stand out with a unique door mat that no one else can duplicate. It’s the final touch for an amazing porch or outdoor living space as well, so think about the décor of your entranceway when imagining the addition of a welcoming custom rug created for you.

Think Outside the Box for Brilliant Business Welcome Mats

You brand everything for your business, right? From your letterhead to an email address and business cards, you know the importance of using your logo, slogans, color scheme, and other branding elements to expand your professional reach. A personalized custom door mat is just one more opportunity to utilize that branding scheme.

Military Logo Door Mats 

Think of a military logo doormat as a welcoming committee. If you are managing a recruitment office, a custom door mat adorned with the logo of your branch is an excellent way to welcome prospective recruits to your office, as well as ensure that they’ve arrived at the right location. 

US Air Force Personalized Door Mat

Church Logo Door Mats

Creating a custom church logo rug emblazoned with the logo of your church, synagogue, mosque, temple, or other places of worship allows your space to remain pristine and free of debris. Additionally, by placing a door mat at the entry, your staff will be able to spend less time cleaning and caring for flooring. Our doormats “trap” grime and moisture, safeguarding interior floors. 

Aesthetically, a custom rug highlights the attractiveness and warmth of the entrance to your place of worship. 

Bible Baptist Church personalized door mat

College Logo Door Mats

For many young adults, the four years spent in college are some of the most challenging, exciting, inspiring, and rewarding times. What better way to commemorate those years than by placing a spirited college logo doormat at the entrance to your dorm room? As mentioned above, the custom welcome mat will keep your space clean but more importantly, it highlights your school spirit. If you are part of a sorority or fraternity, consider placing a custom doormat at the entrance to your house. 


University of Arizona Logo Rug

College logo door mats can and should be utilized by staff in student unions, offices, sports facilities, libraries, and administrative buildings. The practical uses speak for themselves – however, instilling a sense of pride in students across campus is the primary purpose of a college logo doormat. 

Best Designs for Your Organization 

While you may want to use your logo and/or a slogan associated with your business, think creatively to come up with the best design for your goal. Maybe you can alter the text font or shape of the business logo rug to create a unique appearance that grabs attention.

You want your door mat to collect moisture and dirt from the bottoms of shoes entering your business, but you also want it to tell the world that you’re a professional company that deserves respect. You send that message by creating a door mat worthy of that respect and so much more.

Creative design elements are what make the difference between a boring door mat most people walk right over and a mat that stops visitors for a second of admiration.

Custom Welcome Mats for Your Home

How do you design a door mat that fits your doorway as well as the personality of your household? Start by answering a few questions:

  • What dimensions would best fit your door?
  • What colors would look best with the surface you will place your door mat over?
  • Do you need your door mat to fit with a particular home style or decorative theme?

With that information in mind, sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Think about the ideal entrance to your home, visualizing the door mat in your mind. Try to write down the design elements of that mat or sketch it out. That’s your starting point for creating a unique doormat that elevates the appearance of your home.

Monograms are one of the most popular doormat alterations, but there are many ways to create a monogram. You may also have a more creative idea that works with the style of your home and your decorative preferences.

Customized Door Mats as Gifts

Once you understand the power of adding a personalized mat to your home or office, you will want to share satisfaction with others. You may not know the perfect dimensions, colors, and designs for someone else’s work or living space, but there are ways to customize a doormat for someone special:
I Love Quilting Rug

  • Go the humorous route. Find an inside joke or funny slogan to create a doormat that serves as a party or gag gift. Your recipient may choose to place it at a side or back entrance rather than on their front porch, but they’ll appreciate the laugh and your effort to create a unique gift that could only come from you.
  • Use a simple monogram or business logo. Every home and business can use a good doo mat with these basic personalization elements.
  • Ask for guidance. That takes the surprise out of your gift, but it allows your recipient to get exactly what they want.

If you have questions about customizing a doormat, contact us. We can guide you through the process of designing door mats and rugs to ensure your goals are met.



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