Custom Size Door Mats For Your Home or Facility – Stunning Resolution

Custom size door mats make a GREAT first impression on your business or home.

As we all know, first impressions matter! This is why so many real estate agents suggest upgrading the front door if you want to sell a house and get more for it.

The custom-size door mats at Rug Rats are ten times the resolution of most door mats on the market. With their eye-popping character, they will definitely be noticed and we can put on any image and or wording you want to make it a one-of-a-kind original customized just for your business or organization.

DeWolfs Custom Logo Mat

DeWolf’s Custom Floor Mat

For businesses, your logo and or any icons associated with your business can be incorporated into the design of your personalized custom-size door mat.

You can use your custom logo business mat to highlight your products or reinforce your commitment to superior customer service.

  Custom Size Door Mat Examples

Do you sell wedding cakes? You can feature a picture of one of your beautiful decadent cakes along with your business name on a personalized logo mat. You may need to make that mat extra tall for that tall cake!

Cake Emporinum Logo Rug

Cake Emporium Logo Rug

A daycare center can develop a kid-centric motif on a logo rug that will also make parents feel more comfortable leaving their children there. You can adjust the size of your mat to accommodate any space.
Day Care Custom Logo Rug

An animal shelter or veterinarian could feature adorable pictures of dogs and cats along with the hospital name for a special-sized veterinary entrance logo rug

Indian Prairie Animal Hospital

Indian Prairie Animal Hospital


A dentist can put smiles and a toothbrush along with a dental slogan and the dentist’s name on a dental office door mat to give their customers a red carpet feel in the waiting room.

Dentist Office Logo Rug

Dentist Office Logo Rug


Don’t forget about your back and side entrances too! In fact, you may want to have a unique custom-size door mat for each entrance to accommodate those particular areas perfectly.

Custom-size door mats for the home aren’t just for the front entrance! They can add a touch of beauty and grace to your patio or deck while also eliminating a great deal of debris tracked in from the yard. This is perfect if you have a large family with lots of kids and or pets.

Welcome Dog Rug

Welcome Dog Rug


Do you have a theme in your gardens, such as songbirds, sunflowers, frogs, roses, or cherubs? If so, we can customize your door mat to match and accentuate this theme. Of course, a custom size door mat in the front makes a great first impression on all visitors.

Waterhog Inlay Logo Rug

Waterhog Custom Outdoor Rug

Custom-size door mats also make wonderful gifts.

Custom logo mats are the perfect housewarming gift, especially for couples who have just bought their first home.

University of Virginia Rug

University of Virginia Rug

For Mother’s Day or mom’s birthday, you could offer a “We love you Mom” custom mat adorned with her favorite flowers or other decorations.

Does your husband or dad have a workshop? A customized mat would make the perfect gift to add ambiance to the shop while also helping to eliminate debris in other parts of the home. A custom logo rug would make a perfect father’s day present!

Chevy Logo Mat in a Man Cave

Chevy Logo Mat in a Man Cave

Custom Size Doormats are Practical

While custom door mats can be visually stunning, they also serve several important practical purposes. They reduce the amount of dirt and grime that is tracked into your business or home. This reduces the amount of labor needed to clean your floors.

Custom door mats also reduce the wear and tear on your indoor rugs. Indoor air quality is drastically improved by reducing the chemical toxins tracked on the soles of shoes. Additionally, custom mats greatly reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents, especially when it is wet outside.

American Collectors Custom Logo Entrance Mat

American Collectors Custom Logo Entrance Mat

Overall, custom-size door mats significantly improve a business or home, both aesthetically and practically.

Do you need a custom-sized doormat for your office or home?  Send us your design or logo. We off free e-mail rug proofs and the very best logo rug prices you will find online. Quick turnaround on orders.  Custom logo mats are received in 2 weeks or less from the time of order. Contact us today.


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