Real estate rugs, your branding message for all seasons

Real estate companies exist in an ultra-competitive space, so businesses have to find a way to stand out. There are numerous ways to make sure you stay in the minds of your potential customers, and some of them are more effective than others. You want your business to be seen in a certain way, and you have the opportunity to shape your perception in the eyes of the public. Custom rugs are one of the popular ways of subtly announcing your arrival in the marketplace, and our real estate rugs are designed to help you achieve a crisp image.

Keller Williams Rug

Draw attention through the thoughtful placement of your Real Estate Rugs

Long and Foster

Your real estate offices play host to many customers and potential. There is no better way to welcome them than by placing real estate rugs at vantage points on your business premises. One of the most obvious places is the entrance because it announces you to the world. You could also place these logo rugs in the hallways and around your desk. We can make your logo rug according to the space it is expected to fit, so don’t worry about having to move things around to fit our custom pieces.

Coldwell Banker Logo Rug

We allow you to choose colors, logos, and insignia that are reflective of your brand.  When your customers walk in, they not only get impressed by the dash of color but also carry a memory of your business in their minds. Some real estate offices will hang custom rugs on their walls, and if this is done right, the results are a breathtaking addition to existing office décor.

Wow your audiences at open houses and showings

Real estate branding goes beyond what you can do at the office. As a real estate agent, you have numerous open houses and showing events. This is the ideal opportunity to showcase the power, creativity, and finesse behind your brand. Seize it and place branded rugs in the houses you are showing. Potential buyers will love to step into the soft fabric of your rugs and when they do, they will inevitably be reminded of your brand.

Century 21Rug

At Rug Rats, we design custom real estate rugs to draw attention to your business. Choose colors with great lettering, bold tones, classy logos, and captivating hues to make sure that those who walk into your house showings get a clear message that you are chic, professional, and more importantly, dependable.

Gift your customers with eye-turning rugs

Customers are your most valuable asset, so why not pull out all the stops to put a smile on their faces? Have us create some rugs for you so you can gift them to those who have been a source of business over the years. When your customers hang these rugs around their homes or offices, chances are that those who walk in will ask questions, and they are more than likely to be referred to you. This way, you get to help your customers live in cozy surroundings while getting some free advertising out of it.

ERA Real Estate Logo Rug

Real estate rugs send a strong message to your customers, and the message is that you care, are dependable, and are professional. At Rug Rats, we work with you to get the logos, colors, fonts, and messages just right for your business. We use our expertise to allow your branding strategy to burst to life, and we take a great deal of pleasure in seeing your message get across. Our rugs are made out of fine materials that are not only durable but also easy to clean and maintain.

Reach out to us right away and lets us help your real estate business thrive.

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