Outdoor Welcome Mats

Outdoor Welcome Mats for the Right Ambiance

Doesn’t it just annoy you when people track dirt into your premises? You spend so much time cleaning your floors, only for visitors to dirty them again. However, there is a solution for that: outdoor welcome mats. 

Outdoor welcome mats give an aesthetic touch to your surroundings and provide a warm and welcoming gesture to your guests, whether at home or the office. 

Replacing your traditional rug with a custom outdoor welcome mat will bring many functional benefits like keeping your premises visually appealing, safe and clean. But before you splurge on welcome outdoor door mats, check out the ideal locations for placing them and what more they offer.

Custom Outdoor Mats are Versatile

Marriott Outdoor Welcome Mat


Exterior welcome mats enhance the look of your doorways and make a lovely addition to the decor of your building. This is especially advantageous if you place a high value on your home or business’s aesthetic and practical appeal. 

Thanks to the distinctive feel of custom door mats, they can blend in with all kinds of environments. You can place them in your garden along the pathways or include directions in the mats to point toward specific locations. 

Another great location to put these custom welcome rugs is your patio. Design them to reflect your personality and create a cozy and homely environment for your guests on a Sunday brunch or barbecue. 

You can also place an outdoor rug outside your shop, office, storefront, or hallways. With eye-catching logos, designs, and creative styles, welcome mats will catch your guest’s eyes, creating a gratifying first impression of your establishment.

Keep Your Flooring In Optimal Condition

Outdoor Welcome Mat

Outdoor Front Door Mat

If your office or business is in an area with increased rain or snowfall, you should place a mat outside your door. Otherwise, visitors or employees are likelier to walk inside the premises with soiled shoes. 

Everything from mud, sand, snow, and even tiny insects can collect at the bottom of the shoes. Suppose your guests walk around your premises wearing them. In that case, it can damage and dirty your floor.

Placing custom door mats outside your building will encourage your visitors to wipe their shoes on them before entering. Your doorway is the primary spot of your company and receives the heaviest foot traffic all day. 

However, with a doormat to cushion the impact of this traffic, your flooring can be protected. A dented or scratched floor detracts from the professional image you wish to portray for your brand and won’t help you with customer engagement. 

However, custom door mats such as Waterhog Logo Outdoor Mats can prevent your flooring from wear and tear as they will bear all your heavy foot traffic. • Waterhog Inlay mats are made of 100% US Polypropylene fabric material and will not fade in the

sun and holds up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, keeping moisture on the mat and off your floors.

Protect Your Indoor Air Quality From Contaminants

Pilates Outdoor Welcome Mat

study suggests that indoor allergens like dust mites and mold are the leading causes of asthma-related diseases. Tiny mud particles get deeply lodged into the carpet fibers when someone treads in your house or office with soiled shoes. 

These particles encourage the growth of mildew and mold that are more challenging to clean. Besides, dirty carpeting is not only restricted to looking repulsive but is also a source of potential disease-causing allergens. The allergens can worsen the symptoms of someone with respiratory disease or other sensitivities.

Also, dried mud is difficult to clean from carpeting. Your carpet cleaning service bill can skyrocket when guests frequently track dirt inside. If you have carpeted floors placing a custo9m outdoor welcome mat at the entrance will prevent visitors from tracking dirt on your carpeting. 

Thus protecting them from contaminants, helping you retain a high indoor air quality, and saving you money on frequent carpet cleaning.

Their fiber neither traps nor releases contaminants into the air, protecting them against mold growth. They are also UV resistant preventing them from fading out from harsh sunlight. 

Avert Slips and Injuries

Borghese Outdoor Front Door Mat

Borghese Outdoor Floor Mat

One of the primary benefits of placing an outdoor welcome rug outside your building is to prevent accidental falls. Rainy weather or snowfall means your visitors will trudge slush and water inside, forming wet puddles on the floors. 

 The water tracked in increases the hazard of slips and wounds. After all, when visiting your establishment, you never want someone to slip and fall.

A wet floor will increase the chances of injuring your guests and leave a wrong impression of your business. However, custom outdoor mats like SuperScrape Impressions Outdoor Logo Mats are made from moisture-absorbing and dirt-scraping material. So placing them at the entrance will help absorb excess water and mud from the shoes, leaving your floor spotless and dry.

Moreover, these high-quality outdoor rugs have an anti-slip backing. Even if someone steps on them incorrectly, they have a good grip that won’t allow them to skid on the surface. Regardless of the type of flooring, they can eliminate the hazard of slips and falls for you, your family members, visitors, and employees. 

Custom Outdoor Mats Help You Reinvent Your Brand

Custom Outdoor Rugs

Custom Outdoor Rugs

Custom welcome mats prevent your branding from going stale. Many businesses need to take advantage of this great marketing technique to spark the curiosity of their visitors and potential customers. 

Add to the elegance of your brand with Piazza Indoor and Outdoor Logo Rugs. They are ADA-compliant, use a master palette of 21 unique colors, and have durable matting that perfectly fits your overall design scheme.

Furthermore, adding a logo to these outdoor custom rugs and placing them strategically at your premises will build brand awareness. Customers will remember your logo and brand on your custom outdoor welcome rugs. 

Entrance Mats are Durable

Custom entrance mats from Rug Rats are made from high-quality material that can accept heavy foot traffic for a long time without wear or tear. Although exposed to outer elements, they have a sturdy design and tightly woven fibers that prevent the penetration of tiny dirt particles. 

Besides, these outdoor rugs have the right balance of heavy and lightweight built, preventing them from being blown away by the wind. Outdoor rugs are also easier to clean. 

You don’t need to wash them frequently. With some spot cleaning, you can remove dirt and spillage stains from the mats, which will be as brand new as when you purchased them. When you wash them, they dry quickly; you won’t fear they’ll get shrunk or wrinkled. 

Moreover, custom outdoor mat fibers can withstand the constant beating of rain and sunshine and won’t become loose in the aftermath.

Design Your Welcoming Outdoor Mats

At Rug Rats, we offer a variety of bold styles, chic designs, and sophisticated color palettes to choose from for designing your custom outdoor door mats. Aside from the visual appeal, our mats are functional and comply with safety standards. 

Visit our website to use our online designer tool and select from infinite design choices for your residential or commercial building. You can place a long-lasting impression of your business in your customers’ minds. 

Or give your home a cozy look with your personality-infused custom door rugs. Contact us with your request, and our experts will find the best match for a welcome mat for your property. Contact Rug Rats today to design your Personalized Outdoor Welcome Mat.



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