Car Themed Area Rugs

Why Car Themed Area Rugs Is The Perfect Decor Item

Almost 2 out 3 people who attend a car show each year are in the market for a new car. This translates to around 6 million people looking for new cars and potential sales. But with auto shows becoming a more popular option to reach out to new customers, how can you ensure that people are stopping to look at your cars?

1969 Dodge Charger Rug

1969 Dodge Charger Rug

In short, the competition to get new customers at car shows is intense.

What if there was a way to help you stand out while keeping your space safe? One of the best ways for car enthusiasts to decorate their at-home space or in a dealership is to use car-themed area rugs.

Car-themed area rugs are carpets with custom logos that reflect a specific car brand. These come in various styles, from vintage and classic cars to styles to logos for the newest companies.

Beyond looking amazing and letting you pay homage to the cars you love, they also provide an added safety benefit. They can prevent slip and fall injuries and keep your dealership looking clean and professional.

Car Themed Area Rugs: An Overview

Now you might wonder what makes car-themed rugs unique compared to other rugs. The short answer is that they are attention-grabbing and give off an air of attention to detail. For example, if you walk into a Porsche car dealership, will you be impressed by a plain back rug with stains?
Custom Porsche Logo Rug

Most likely not. But a clean HD printed Porsche rug and Porsche door mat gives the entire look of the dealership a clean-cut and professional vibe. The Porsche garage rugs are also easy to clean with either vacuum or steam cleaning meaning they will keep looking professional years after purchasing them.

If you want to make your Porsche dealership look eye-catching and neat, then a Porsche area rug may be the right choice.

These custom rugs also present a unique opportunity at car shows where attention to detail and creativity gets people’s attention if you want to know how to look more polished than the competition, try looking at the wide variety of custom floor mats that give your display a unique unified look that will help you stand out.

These are HD-printed rugs that look crisp, clean, and amazing. If you want one that is fully customizable, there are options. Then we’ve got you covered. You have many options, no matter what kind of rug you want, whether it’s classic, vintage, or custom-made.

Hudson by Italia

Hudson by Italia, shown here at the pre-auction event. A Custom Rug Rug Rats was made to sit under a 1955 Hudson by Italia, which was auctioned at the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction. They only made 25 of these cars!


What Kind of Rug Options Do You Have

One of the most impressive features of a car-themed area rug is how versatile the rug can be. From different sizes to different hanging locations, the possibilities are nearly endless. Endless custom rug customization options make this a great option for any car dealership or home. Whether you need a Corvette area rug or a Porsche rug, we have something for you.

One of the most popular car-themed area rugs is the Mercedes Benz carpet. The Mercedes Benz rugs provide an elegant touch no matter where its placed.
Mercedes Logo Rug

If you have a vintage car dealership or if you happen to love vintage rides, then having a vintage car rug or classic car rug may be a fantastic fit for you.
No matter what car you have your eyes on, there have excellent rug options to fit your taste.

How Rugs Keep You Safe and Reduce Liability

For new or established business owners, one of the scariest parts of owning a company is the fear that an accident may cost them their livelihood or harm their customers. A slip and fall is one of the most common accidents on private property. These accidents can be hazardous for older Americans, with a greater risk of injury.
BMW Logo Rug

These risks can put you in danger of lawsuits or liabilities due to negligence.

These accidents can be costly, especially if they happen on your property. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control, there are over 1 million Americans that suffer from slip and fall accidents every year. Most of these accidents can be prevented with a little precaution. Custom door mats are often one of the best ways to prevent slip and fall injuries.

1968 Ford Mustang GT Rug

1968 Ford Mustang GT Rug

Our available car-themed area rugs provide non-slip backing that frees you from worrying about customers potentially falling.

One of the main problems with these injuries is that they can be difficult to see coming and prevent. But rugs provide an easy way to help people avoid damage and keep you safe if you have any liabilities.

Custom Car Rugs Keep Your Dealership Looking Amazing

Nothing says unprofessional like mud or dirt stains tracked into your dealership or display. The best way to prevent these stains and keep your space squeaky clean is by using car-themed area rugs.
jaguar dealship rug

If your dealership gets a lot of foot traffic, it’s easy to have scuff marks all over your floor that give your dealership an unprofessional appearance. Keeping your carpet safe is a decision that can save you safer in the long run. Having lots of scuffs and dents on your floor may make it more challenging to walk on in the future leading to customers potentially slipping and falling.

If your carpet is routinely scuffed and damaged, then this may be expensive in the long run, and you may have to pay to have the floor waxed, scuffed, and regularly cleaned.

Having a custom rug in place may reduce the damage that foot traffic can cause on your floor and prevent any future damage. If you want to keep your floors safe and stylish, a car-themed area rag may be a great option.

But beyond just looking amazing, custom carpets can keep your dealership sounding amazing. Rugs have the added benefit of reducing noise pollution. Rugs and carpets are a great way to reduce unwanted noise.

Stand Out From the Car Dealership Competition

Having the same look as all the competition is the easiest way to be forgotten. To stick in customers’ minds, you need something that makes your dealership look special. Attention to detail regarding advertising and design means that you automatically get a leg up over other dealerships.
Ford Logo Rug

This also presents a unique opportunity to stand out in an area with many dealerships. Creating an inviting and professional indoor space may make them more likely to visit you than other car dealerships.

Car-themed rugs can help create a more inviting, pleasant shopping experience for car buyers, meaning they are more likely to spend money at your dealership and purchase a car.


Add Some Nostalgia to Your Home

Want to bring a slice of classic Americana to your home? If you’re a classic car enthusiast, the best way to express your love for a classic American ride is to decorate your space with it. Some of the best rug options for those interested in adding classic Americana to their home are the Chevy Bowtie area rug, Corvette rug, or Ford Mustang area rug.
car themed area rugs

These Chevy rugs or Ford mustang rugs provide a great hommage to the classic Americana era. They let you show that you are more than just a driver. They show that you appreciate classic American culture.
Ford Mustang Logo Rug

Maybe luxury is more your style. If showing off your expensive taste is your thing, consider a luxury car brand rug. For example, if you love corvettes and want to show off your fantastic taste in cars with some corvette logo rugs. These corvette rugs are made of high-quality materials, including acid-died nylon yarn.

1959 Corvette Rug

1959 Corvette Rug

These also present the perfect gift opportunity for the car lover in your life. If you have someone who loves cars and is impossible to shop for, consider buying them home decor to help make their space more personal.

Now That You Know the Advantages of Car Themed Rugs, Get One for Yourself

Getting a car-themed area rug is one of the best decisions to make if you’re in the business of selling cars. From spicing up your showroom to helping you stand out at your next car show, car-themed area rugs are an amazing decorative touch. They help improve safety and decrease your accident liability.
Custom Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Rug

Mustang 1965 Convertible Rug

Mustang 1965 Convertible Rug

But car-themed area rugs can be used to do more than provide advertising to your company. These rugs can add some nostalgia to your room or home and provide a great personalized gift for the car lover in your life.

Contact us today if you’ve ever thought about adding a unique touch to your space or showing your love for cars.


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