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Generate Revenue with Commercial Logo Floor Mats

Have you given much thought to what’s under your feet lately?

As a business owner, you have a matter of seconds to create the right first impression for potential customers. If you do, up to 24% of your clientele are likely to stay loyal for up to two years!

But if you don’t? Well, a whopping 95% of them are likely to talk about their bad experience.

So where does a commercial logo floor mat come into play? If you’ve already sunken hundreds or even thousands of dollars into marketing strategies that just aren’t working, you might be overlooking one of the most important factors.

What Is a Commercial Logo Floor Mat?

Welcome mats trace their origins all the way back to the 19th century. The earliest floor mats varied in shape, size, design, and material based on their cultural origins.

Nowadays, the design and materials of floor mats depend on their location and purpose. Modern bathroom floor mats are typically absorbent and slip-resistant, while outdoor floor mats can be made from nylon, rubber, and even aluminum.

You might have one in front of your home. But do you have one in front of your business?

Custom Printed Mats

State of Florida Custom Round Logo Mat

A commercial logo floor mat takes this to the next level. Instead of boasting generic designs, these floor mats call attention to your brand.

Create an eye-catching entrance to your business outside your organization or inside your doorway. Think of it as a huge billboard that draws in foot traffic and gets you noticed!

Personalized Door Mats

Alternately, you may not have an entrance big enough for a full-fledged commercial logo floor mat. Have you considered a custom personalized door mat instead?

Einstein Bagels Corporate Logo Mats

Like the commercial logo mats, these mats are sure to capture attention by being printed in full color. Use them to usher guests inside your business, or use them to promote your brand at industry events and conferences!

Personalized Rugs

Another option for your business is a personalized rug. With four main varieties, the customization options are endless based on the shape, complexity, and colors of your logo—as well as the shape, size, and material of your rug.

What’s more, is that we have two ways of designing custom door mats and crafting them to your needs.

The first method involves digitally printing your company’s logo. This approach pays extreme attention to detail, as it uses an industry-leading printer that reproduces digital images over 10 times better than other available printers.

The second involves hand-inlaying and carving the rug into the high-end nylon carpet. Whichever route you go, you can rest assured that we will always adhere to your specific requests.

Entrance Mats
Custom Jewelers Logo Mat

Entrance mats are among the simplest advertising strategies for your business. And with all of the unique customization options available, you’re sure to find the right one to meet your exact needs.

Benefits of Commercial Floor Mats

They’re not just good for generating revenue—although that is a big plus. The right commercial logo floor mat won’t just add aesthetic and monetary value to your business; it will also serve a range of functions that just make sense.

Floor Protection
Custom Restaurant Entrance Logo Rug

What kind of flooring do you have in your business? Is it wood? Laminate? Tile? Concrete? Carpeting? No matter the flooring, your commercial logo mat will keep you covered.

Generally, people walk over all areas of the floor. But the entranceway is what takes the hardest beating to foot traffic.

A floor mat will not only protect this key area of your business, but it will also decrease the exposure to water and other outside debris throughout your whole business.

Reduced Cleaning

Custom Outdoor Rugs

Borghese Entrance Mat

A dirty floor can turn customers away. And with so much dirt, dust, and grime making its way through your front door every day, why wouldn’t you want to help mitigate it?

With a floor mat, you’ll find you won’t have to sweep, vacuum, and mop all the time. This is because floor mats catch and hold dirt at the entrance—before dirt can make its way into your business.

This leaves you more time to focus on what really matters.

Slip Prevention

Country Store Logo Entrance Mat

Country Store Logo Entrance Mat

It’s always a terrible feeling when a guest suffers a slip and falls inside your business. And rain and snow only increase the risk!

Fortunately, one of the most overlooked benefits of commercial floor mats is the safety factor.

Our custom floor mats are made with a Nitrile rubber backing and rubber-reducing edging. Not only does this prevent your mat from sliding around, but it also keeps it flat—allowing guests with wheelchairs or walkers to roll over them smoothly.

With a floor mat, customers have a place to wipe their shoes dry before they enter your business. Not only does the floor mat help increase traction on their shoes, but it also catches and absorbs moisture.

This keeps the hazard at bay and prevents people from tracking moisture—and dirt—around other areas of your business.

Easy to Maintain

Of course, you don’t want to lose sight of the primary function of your doormat, and that is the visual appeal!

You might think that your floor mat is vulnerable to faster age, considering the foot traffic and debris that it will have to withstand.

Not so fast. Prolonging the life of your floormat is easy with regular preventative maintenance. Depending on the material of your rug, cleaning methods may vary. Generally, we recommend using:

  • A standard vacuum
  • Steam cleaning
  • Cleaning spills and stains with a carpet spot-cleaning product

Still unsure? Just ask some of our satisfied customers! We’ve served clients across the nation—ranging from the military, national brands, and schools, to churches, health care facilities, and the hospitality industry.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Your commercial logos deserve the utmost attention. What better way to do that than with a commercial logo floor mat? Make a great first impression, keep your business safe and clean, and start generating more revenue with Rug Rats.

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free estimate on your project. We’ll send you a free rug rendering for approval before your purchase, and we offer free color swatches to get your vision just right.


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