Make a Great First Impression with Personalized Welcome Mats

If you require personalized welcome mats, you have an extensive range to pick from in our collection. To get the most impressive and functional mat, you should consider several factors. These include the features that make a good welcome mat and the materials it should be made from.  It would help if you also thought about the need for the mats and the target clientele.

Custom Welcome Mats Will Welcome Your Clients

Personilized welcome mat

Law Office Custom Door Mats

Personalized welcome mats allow you to influence your office’s visual aspects in a way that makes clients feel at home. Their stunning range of colors allows you to pick and choose, giving you a perfect look. Always keep in mind that the image you project with your personalized door mats sticks in the minds of those who drop by and determines whether they feel welcome or not. Most businesses go with subdued colors and quietly elegant hues while homes, churches, and beauty parlors are at liberty to experiment with expressive, even screaming, colors. The best approach would be to decide on a theme that reinforces your business’s image as welcoming.

Welcome Mats Make Your Customers Feel Comfortable

Custom Commercial Rugs

Custom Commercial Rugs

Custom welcome mats add a layer of comfort to the scheme of things. If you run a tattoo shop or beauty parlor, for example, you want to create a welcoming vibe. You do this right by going for sublime textures and colors and patterns that a young crowd will love. You want to come across as someone who is in touch with trends and understands your audience’s lingo, personality, and lifestyle.  When your customers come in and want to hang around or even take pictures for their social media, you will go something right.

Personalized Welcome Mats Will Keep Your Establishment Clean
Custom Jewelers Door Entrance Logo Rug

80% of all the dirt in your business comes through the front door. When you acquire a personalized welcome mat, you create a buffer against all that dirt and grime. This allows you to worry a lot less about scheduling regular cleaning sessions as the floor stays unaffected by dust and stains. Instead of customers having to track dirt into the business, they can wipe their feet at the entrance. If you are running a small business with a lean inventory, then these mats save you hundreds of dollars in cumulative cleaning costs.

Personalized Welcome Mats Protect Your Floor
Custom Restaurant Door Mat

The entrance to a building has to deal with a lot of foot traffic. Regardless of the type of floor you have, it will take a lot of beating from hundreds of feet walking in and out, which reduces its lifespan. Custom welcome mats act as a buffer between feet and floor, reducing the impact on your tile, stone, or wooden surfaces. The result is a significantly reduced rate of wear and tear, which results in durability.


Personalized Welcome Mats Help with Accident Prevention

Starbucks Custom Outdoor Rug

Starbucks Custom Outdoor Rug

More than one million people in the US suffer from slip and fall accidents annually. These staggering numbers can be significantly reduced by investing in personalized welcome mats, which increase traction between feet and floor. The custom floor mats also reduce impact in case of a fall, reducing the possibility of serious injuries.

The best personalized welcome mat is made from quality materials, is easy to keep clean, and stays functional. Our extensive range of welcome mats offers you virtually unlimited inspiration as you seek to add a personal touch to your home or office. Get in touch with us today, and we will design a fully customized door mat just for you.