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Outdoor Floor Mats

Outdoor floor mats to add a touch of luxury to your surroundings

The floor is always a focal point for any home or business. People instinctively find themselves looking down as they walk into buildings, and this presents a perfect opportunity for you to impress. Outdoor floor mats are a great way to draw even more attention to your outdoor decor by infusing them with a sense of personality and purpose. These outdoor logo mats can transform any bland-looking floor into a marvel of picturesque scenery.
Borghese Outdoor Floor Mat

An ideal fit for both businesses and homes

Big companies, government offices, military installations, regular Mom & Pops and homes all need to impress. Companies want to project a crisp image that appeals to their customers. Government institutions want to project a no-nonsense image. Homes want to put out welcoming messages. With outdoor floor mats, you get this done by simply going for the right colors, designs, and shapes.

Marriott rug

Outdoor logo mats of this variety can elicit modesty, showcase class and taste, and convert outdoor seating areas into spaces of endless beauty. To make things look even better, you can have your logo mats measured for the specific shapes of the rooms they are meant to occupy. Geometrical designs work well in rooms with few edges, while rooms with sharp physical features accommodate softer mellower pieces.

Mats for every available outdoor space
Custom Outdoor Custom Logo mat

Patios, side decks, and pathways get a lot of use around the home, so why not make them a little more interesting? Just imagine the cheer a nicely designed outdoor floor mat would bring to that patio you have been trying to upgrade. If you have murals or other items of décor up on the patio, let us design mats with contrasting or matching hues to create focal points and backdrops. If you have a garden, let us trick it out with the best mats and see your little backyard source of pride turn into a paradise of beauty and color.
Lobby Custom Rug

For businesses, it’s all about the idea of repetition. When customers walk in, your outdoor floor mats are the first thing they see. When they walk out, they are the last thing they see. This creates a great psychological branding tool for businesses. You want to stay on everyone’s minds, and there is no better way to get it done. You are also looking to stand out, so why not put some work into getting the best logos, insignia, or business mottos available out there? With Rug Rats, you get outdoor floor mats that present you to the public in a friendly, appealing, and professional manner.

A blend of durability, functionality, and safety
Winsor Over Peachtree Outdoor Floor Mat

Outdoor floor mats need to be strong enough to repel the action of sun, snow, and rainwater. At Rug Rats, we design them to withstand these elements and pass the test of time. We use intricate fibers woven in tight patterns to prevent rainwater from entering your mat. Our materials have qualities that make it hard for the sun to penetrate the fibers and loosen them. These timeless pieces are also designed to trap dirt and grime, making them highly functional. Additionally, the sturdiness of our mats means that they can take in a lot of foot traffic while significantly reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Let us do it for you!

At Rug Rats, we have been crafting outdoor floor mats for decades. Our team has the experience, skill, and finesse to get things right for you. We blend colors, patterns, and shapes to get the right outdoor floor mats for your home or business. Our prices are competitive, and our methods are tested and perfected.
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Sandy Henderson is owner of Rug Rats Fine Carpet and Rugs, a small town business with a national presence. Sandy was drawn to materials and design and wanted to explore how we can take charge of the beauty and happiness of our own homes. She earned a degree in Clothing and Textiles, from historic Longwood College (founded over two hundred years ago as a teachers’ college in Farmville, Virginia). Sandy now draws on her 36 years in the custom rug business to help clients all over the US with their custom & logo rug decisions.