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5 Cool and Unique Front Door Mat Ideas

Custom mats ideas

Create Your Own Front Door Mat
Custom mats ideas


Nothing beats the elegance that comes with a front door mat that has the personality of the owner. A personalized welcome mat is the ultimate manifestation of the maker’s personality and intricate creative edge. Here, you get to go for the colors that appeal to you the same time weaving inspirational logos, words, or patterns into every fabric of your new creation. You can let loose and allow your unique touch to come out in a way that reinforces your design idea.

Mix and Match to get the Perfect Custom Mats
Custom Jewelers Logo Rug

Whether making your custom mats or having someone create them for you, mix-and-match is one of the ideas you should pursue. You are looking to switch things up by having contrasting colors work together for effect. Go for mixed designs that bring neutrals and cool and warm colors together in a complex design. Greys, for instance, will take the scream off some of the warm colors out there, and the result is a mat that stands out without being too loud. Neutral colors can also be mixed with cool hues to be about a mix-and-match that is quite subdued.

Use Layers to Bring out the Best in your Custom Door Mats
Custom Shaped School Mascot Logo Rug

Layered custom door mats have become a bit of a fad these days. Get a small mat and place it on top of a bigger one, and you will be amazed by the transformation you see. Ideally, people used to do this when they felt that their old doormats had become too zany and out of place. In modern times, this accentuates the aura of your entryways. Layering is an art in itself, so you need to have the perfect contrast of colors to create the right foreground and backdrop.

Custom Welcome Mats and Graphics are a Funky Match
Custom Porsche Logo Rug

Your custom welcome mats are like the cover of a book in that they give people a glimpse of what the inside of your home or office looks like. There is, therefore, a need to make sure the graphics you engrave into your mats are catchy without being obnoxious. Some people have been known to weave emojis into their mats, one of the more creative ways to break the ice. Others will go for funny images of pets or even family members. Others weave in quirky messages like ‘hey there, is it me you are looking for?’. Yet others have gotten away with pirate themes, messages, and symbols. Whichever way you choose, make it punchy, and your visitors will be supremely impressed.

Use your Custom Logo Mats to Send Light-hearted Messages
Custom Bistro Entrance Logo Rug

Custom logo mats are all about messaging and impressions. The right logos are simple and direct. They can be symbols or words. For symbols, go for something with commercial or sentimental relevance. As for messages, it’s about making your guests feel at ease in your home, so why not go for light-hearted puns and jokes? It doesn’t need to be a top-of-the-drawer Dave Chapelle or Richard Pryor one-liner; far from it. It can be something along the lines of ‘We are just pretending not to be at home, ‘Nice shoes’, ‘You better have pizza’, The neighbors make better food, and a lot more. Some people will have one message at the part of the mat facing the door and another at the part facing away from it. This way, there is a message for people coming in and another for people heading out.

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