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5 Cool and Unique Front Door Mat Ideas

Front Door Mats

Most businesses and homeowners understand the essence of first impressions. Unfortunately, some of them don’t exploit the opportunities to create lasting impressions with the help of additions like front door mats. Your front door is the metaphorical window to the soul of your business, and you need to treat it as such. Your customized front door mat will act as the perfect foreground for your business when you land suitable designs, colors, and patterns.

Here, we explore a few front door mat ideas that could work for you.

Front Door Mats -An Elaborate Branding Message

Front Door Mat

Borghese Outdoor Floor Mat

The power of a brand rests on its ability to create, innovate and stay relevant over time.  A unique brand can stay ahead of the chasing pack just by looking different and promising something out of the ordinary. Many custom welcome mats can achieve that effect, and it is up to the owner of the business to design emblems, logos, and inscriptions that stand the test of time.

The simplest form of branding is the company logo, and whatever you choose has to reflect the values and traditions of the business. The best logos are simple and memorable. It is important to reinvent your brand from time to time while retaining the core recognizable attributes of your business’s crest or emblem. Once you have decided on a logo, have it printed on your front door mats.  At Rug Rats, we will help you create a custom door mat with your logo and motto, the perfect addition to any workplace. When choosing suitable designs, ensure that the elements do not ‘shout’ over each other or crowd others out.  The text should balance color, and textures should bolster the effect of any chosen images.

Mats For Point of Purchase Advertising
Front Door Mat

POP is a popular form of advertising that entices a customer to buy a product.  It is used in many retail stores to point a customer in the right direction. For example, a supermarket chain might place POP tools such as posters close to the cash register and checkout points to pique a customer’s interest, encouraging them to make purchase decisions on a whim. This effect can also be achieved using customized and strategically placed front door mats. For instance, if you offer holiday discounts on specific products, you can have the discount call to action on some of your mats. Be sure not to keep the messaging too specific, as some products are seasonal.

Signage is one of the top POP approaches out there.  It involves using posters, stickers, and symbols to direct a customer’s attention to a product.  Here, you can imprint arrows into a series of mats. These arrows will guide customers to a specific section of the business, and their curiosity will have them looking in that direction. This mystery approach to advertising has made customers buy products they never knew existed and never intended to purchase. Displays on your front door mats will help regulars discover products they never knew you stocked.

Front Doormats For Messaging
Einstein Bagels Corporate Logo Mats

Logos are great because they send a subtle message to the customers about what you do and why you are good at it—subtle messaging marks professionalism, which can be woven into your mats. For example, companies have used simple, memorable slogans that stay in the customers’ minds. Regular phrases such as ‘Home of quality,’ ‘Just Do It,’ and  ‘ Finger Lickin Good’ are some of the slogans used in business messaging that have converted simple Mom and  Pop stores into multi-million dollar enterprises.

Choosing the right colors for your business doormat rugs can also help cement your company into people’s minds.  If your business color is, for instance, corporate blue, you might want to make that shade of blue part of your mats. It doesn’t have to be a single color all through, but the color representing your business needs to stand out subtly, projecting its relevance over others. This way, customers start to relate your business with its color of choice, which is an influential messaging tool.

Front Door Mats As a Marketing Tool

Custom Ferrari Commercial Entrance Mat

Marketing has to be about what a company can provide and the needs such a product can satisfy. If you are selling beauty products, for example, and you cannot promote the items to the customers, then you are not doing much marketing.  Mats are a powerful marketing vehicle because they provide a product promotion outlet. You can use front door mats as a marketing tool by choosing strategic and relevant information to put into them. Before customers become aware of the existence of a product in the marketplace, a business owner has to identify a gap in the market, fill in the gap with a product and aggressively market that product.

Front door rugs discreetly tell the customer that a business has a product they need without necessarily having to push it onto the customer. These mats can convince the customer to make a purchase decision by being present, not intimidating, appealing, and not aggressive.

Photo Mats Add a Visual Touch to Your Brand

Custom photo mats

Custom photo mats


Conventional designs have always emphasized the use of minimal text serenaded by large logos, where the logos act as a centerpiece to the whole ensemble. However, contemporary homeowners and businesses are now adding memorable photos to their front door mat designs. A picture communicates a visual message and is much easier to remember than text. The advantage of using photos is that you have a diverse collection. For instance, if you are a pet lover, you can choose mats that show your furry friend in a specific pose. If you run a family business, you can create a generational montage of the owners of the business in chronological order and imprint them onto your front door mats.

Similarly, the photos on your customized rug can be something you are passionate about. Those who love nature might choose to go with landscape photos. If you are into cars, you can go with a collage of vintage car models that inject nostalgia into your surroundings.

Whether you are a home or small business owner, the front door is a vantage point in your premises. It is the first thing people see when they step in and the last when they step out. This is, therefore, the perfect opportunity to showcase your creative side and build a lasting impression. There are numerous ideas you can tinker with; it all depends on what kind of aura you want to project and how far you are willing to go to achieve the desired outcome.

At Rug Rats, we help you explore various front door mat ideas, helping you to select what works perfectly for your home or business. Reach out to us right away with inquiries, and get a free quote for your customized front door mats.


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