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Custom Logo Area Rugs-Make Your Business Stand Out!

Custom Logo Area Rugs For Your Business

The marketplace is a competitive playground where businesses continuously vie for consumers’ attention. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain a good share of clients’ recognition with so many players entering the market. 

On such an occasion, what if you can get good publicity at a fraction of your advertising cost? Custom logo area rugs are an effective marketing technique to make your business stand out, regardless if you run a small company or a large enterprise. 

Placing custom doormats in the most-visited areas of your company provides ample opportunity to showcase your corporate identity. Not only can logo rugs create a first and lasting impression of your brand, but they also bring immense benefits to your business.

Nevertheless, custom rugs offer plenty of opportunities to build brand awareness for various enterprises, from stores to restaurants, and offices. Check out below how they can be of more advantage to your company.

Custom Logo Area Rugs Create a Great First Impression

Custom Ferrari Commercial Entrance Mat

As the saying goes, your brand’s first impression will be its last. Your visitors’ first glance will always land at your company’s entrance. Therefore, you only get one chance to make the impression last longer. 

Placing custom door mats featuring the company name and logo at the entrance and exit area introduces your brand and reinforces its seriousness about its services. Moreover, unique taglines on the strategically placed custom mats will enhance the visual appeal of your enterprise or store, making visitors recall your brand. 

But a typical rug won’t do. With personalized door mats, you can customize their colors and design to match the theme and furniture of your storefront. A darker background with a lighter logo will certainly look distinct in your store, instantly grabbing the eyes of your visitors.

Increases Brand Recognition

Businesses spend tons of money yearly on brand advertising to increase customer outreach. Custom logo area rugs can be a welcome addition to your marketing efforts due to their acute visibility.
Keller Williams Custom Doormat
Apart from acting as a welcome mat, they act as your brand’s first point of contact with your potential customers, showing your business ethos. 

Visitors who like what they see may discover your brand’s products or services. Unlike billboards, personalized door mats come at no extra cost, as the space in front of your brand is yours to use. With only a tiny investment, you can increase your customer base. 

Custom Rugs make For an Excellent Product Display

Custom logo rugs also double as a point of sale. You can use them effectively with displays, lighting, and signs for visual merchandising. You can also place custom rugs in product aisles of your store featuring inspiring or critical sales messages. 

DeWolfs Commercial Floor Mat

Custom floor mats can be placed to direct customers towards certain sections or product displays, leading customers to make purchase decisions or buy relevant products. For instance, you can put a mat featuring spaghetti sauce in front of the pasta aisles. 

You can also add unique messages to inspire customers to buy additional products or highlight special offers, giveaways, discounts, or promotional sales. Custom door mats at the checkout counter can also grab attention for last-minute sales. Or you can use them to announce contests or special events.

Use Personalized Rugs For Events

Personalized rugs can be used anywhere at your company’s entrance and exit to your office, sales outlet, pop-up storefront, or events. Furthermore, customized mats allow you to advertise your brand and its services outside the company, such as in exhibitions. 

Romanian United Fund Logo Rug

Displaying logo rugs on your booth in a tradeshow will improve your brand’s efficacy and impress potential customers. You can also customize the dimensions of your custom mat depending on your booth size and decorations. They also make great entrance mats for awards ceremonies and promotional events to market your brand. 

Events typically attract a flock of visitors. So you’ll get a chance to increase your customer base by enticing visitors with a creative booth and visually engaging custom rugs. The logo can be printed as part of a mat or as a separate area rug.

Improves the Cleanliness

Apart from acting as a marketing tool and welcome mat, custom door mats also improve the cleanliness of your company premises. When you place them at the entrance, they ensure your visitors and employees don’t track mud or debris inside. 

PilatSuperScrape Impressions Logo Rug

During a rainy season or while snowing, custom door mats will prevent wetness from trailing on the floors by absorbing moisture from visitors’ shoes. This ensures that your flooring will always remain clean.

Salty Cowboy, Zionsville, IN

Salty Cowboy, Zionsville, IN

Furthermore, you can place door rugs in areas where people stand the most in your company or where there is a queue to provide cushioning for your clients’ feet. 

Custom logo rugs are also easier to clean. You don’t need to wash them regularly, as only vacuuming can work wonders. If there are stains on the mats with a bit of spot cleaning, you can remove them, and they can be as new as when you originally bought them. Spot cleaning will help keep custom logo rugs looking like new.
Minimize Dirt with Walk Off Matting by Clean Link

Multiple Uses For Custom Rugs

Besides placing them on the floor, they also make for an impressive wall-hanging display. This is an excellent option for your business to showcase its assets. 

Semper Fi Logo Rug

A wall hanging comes at an eye level, and that’s why it has more chances to grab the attention of your clientele. Moreover, they will remain clean and retain their integrity for longer as they won’t come into direct contact with foot traffic. 

You can place custom logo rugs with motivational messages in your staff area to keep your employees enthusiastic and charged. They will also act as anti-fatigue mats for your staff whose job keeps them standing for long hours.

Personalized Door Mats Lasts Longer

Custom logo mats are typically made of rubber or synthetic materials. They come with slip-resistant backing to prevent sliding across the floor’s surface when someone walks or stands on them. 

This prevents injury due to an unfortunate incident. Also, logo mats don’t slip even when the floor is wet but can absorb moisture, keeping it dry. 

Commercial Entrance Mat

Moreover, the durability of personalized logo mats ensures they last longer than paper marketing, like brochures, flyers, and posters. You also get the added advantages of retaining your floor’s condition and avoiding maintenance costs with logo mats.

Reduces Noise From Foot Traffic

A big problem with large and empty spaces is that the noise of foot traffic and voices ricochets off the surfaces. This can make your customers self-conscious when they enter your premises. But custom logo mats help cover large spaces and absorb sounds, significantly reducing noise. 

Raising Readers Digiprint Logo Rug

Raising Readers Digiprint Logo Rug

Although carpeting provides a quieter solution, using it to cover the entire flooring is not always practical. Placing a commercial rug in common areas is more straightforward and cost-effective. Not to mention it’s easier to clean rugs.

Build Your Brand Awareness With Custom Logo Area Rugs

Custom logo area rugs are functional and an excellent way to showcase your brand and increase your customer base prominently. Also, they are easier to maintain and will keep your environment safe. Logo mats make a great first impression, creating a warm and welcoming customer experience. 

Porsche Commercial Floor Mat

However, you’ll need to consider the mat size and where you want to place it for customization purposes. Rug Rats can fulfill all your personalization needs by offering high-quality, customizable logo rugs. 

Regardless of your business type, we provide a variety of rug designs, colors, and shapes to choose from according to your requirements. Our commercial-grade logo mats are designed to make your business stand out. 

Rug Rats takes extreme pride in providing our customers with the most bright and vibrant custom-designed rugs and logo mats.

We provide free quotes for custom-designed floor mats for businesses. Send us an email for a custom quote and more detailed information. We look forward to hearing from you!


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