Custom Doormats: Make a Statement Without Saying a Word

You’ve probably heard the adage that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is also true for customers and clients entering your business. A custom doormat will make a statement!

Waterhog Inlay Custom Doormat

The first impression of your business can be formed in a customer’s mind in just seven seconds. So, what can you do to ensure your customers get a quick positive first impression of your business?
One option is to add custom doormats to welcome your customers and clients. Are you wondering about the benefits of a doormat custom-made for you?

Read on to learn more about the benefits you should consider custom doormats for your business.

Business Branding with Custom Doormats

Keller Williams Custom Doormat

A custom doormat helps promote your business branding. Many believe, incorrectly, that branding is merely the identification of your logo and colors associated with your business.
While using your company logo and colors can be an important part of branding, it’s actually much more than that.
With the societal importance of social media, consumers are now bombarded daily with brands. Your brand becomes one way your customers can quickly identify you as a business they know and trust. A brand allows you to stand out in a crowded field of competition and be recognized. Your customers can see your brand on the custom doormat as they enter and immediately have a connection with your business and what you do.

Business Messaging

As part of your business branding, you want to include messaging. Business messaging can happen in a variety of ways. Custom doormats help you to promote that messaging.
Perhaps as part of your branding, you not only use a logo but also use a slogan. Use your custom doormat to include that slogan so your customers immediately see it and associate it with your business.
Messaging can also be more subtle. Whether you want your business to be associated with the utmost professionalism or fun, your custom doormat can help with messaging about your business model.

Make a Strong First Impression with Custom Doormats
Bump N Grind Collision Custom Doormat

The importance of making the first impression was already mentioned. Of course, you want your staff to work to create those strong impressions. But your custom doormat can work on your behalf before your customers ever get human interaction.
A strong first impression helps to build a level of trust for the customer. The business is converting professionalism, competence, and reliability by making that solid first impression.

Marketing Tool

Golds Gym Entrance Logo Rug

Golds Gym Entrance Logo Rug

Undoubtedly, the online world in which we live impacts consumers and their shopping habits. Yet, 65% of Americans prefer shopping in a physical store versus online.
Your welcome mat is an important marketing tool for your brick-and-mortar location. With so many digital marketing messages, you can’t miss any opportunity to market your business.
In addition to branding, the custom doormat allows you to market to passersby, who will see it and connect it with your business and what you do.

Custom Sizing

Borghese Custom Floor Mat

A customized doormat can be created to your specifications, no matter what your entryway looks like.
A doormat can be created in just the shape you want or need. This can accommodate the area or the branding you wish to convey. If you have an unusual entry, a doormat can get shaped to fit just right.
Custom doormats can also come in the size you want too. Maybe you want a custom size to fit inside a vestibule; it can be done. Perhaps you want a size that will truly show off a logo for your business.

Beauty Bar Salon Logo Mat

In today’s litigious world, all businesses need to be concerned with their customers and employees’ safety. It’s one of the realities of doing business in today’s times.
Most small businesses can’t afford the risk of liability if someone falls or gets injured entering their business.

How can you help promote a safe workplace? One way is through the use of custom doormats. Custom doormats can keep water and moisture at bay on your floors, helping to prevent the possibility of a slip and fall accident.

Keep Your Business Clean
Custom Rugs For Country Clubs

A clean and well-kept business matters to both you and your customers. You might not be able to control what happens outside, but you can control how much dirt and water comes inside.
Doormats allow your customers to wipe off dirt, water, and snow from their shoes before tracking them into your business. The doormats are easy to maintain and keep clean for you, preventing unnecessary cleaning on the inside.
Customers often base that important first impression on cleanliness, so using the doormats to keep your entry tidy is important.

Greet With Style
Family Dental Logo Rug

A welcome mat allows you to show your business has personality. Anyone can roll out a carpet for people to wipe their feet on. When you go to the trouble of making sure your business has a custom doormat, you up the stakes in the style and personality department.
You’re showing your customers that your business pays attention to the little details that matter and that you’re willing to do the same for your customers, too.

Get Custom Doormats Today

The initial purpose of a plain doormat might have been to keep shoes from carrying dirt and moisture inside. You can see that a custom doormat can do so much more for you and your home or business.
Get our personalized service throughout the order process and delivery. Consider throwing out the welcome mat with a custom doormat. Contact us with questions about our custom doormats and get your order started today.


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